How Thought Streams Affect Others

By George A. Boyd © 2021

Q: How do thought streams influence others?

A: Thought streams are at the body of the Occult Hierarchy’s influence on humanity and the activity of Occult initiates. Thought streams may play a role in the adoption of conspiracy theories, and the hypnotic influence of cultic groups and leaders.

Thought streams have three parts:

  1. Transmission
  2. Reception
  3. Implementation

Thought stream transmission occurs when it originates from a source; it becomes a field which others are immersed.

Thought stream reception takes three forms:

Ensouling entities are immersed in the field of the thought stream transmission; it surrounds them in the astral environment in which they dwell, which we call the Plenum.

The spirit or the attentional principle may receive a telepathic impress from the thought stream transmission; they may feel it is important enough to implement.

The ego receives the communication of the thought stream through a verbal or visual means; the content of the thought stream may contain material that activates the emotionalized contents of the personal unconscious and motivates fear, worry, or anger. This level of message may stir others to take action on the message.

Thought stream implementation is a spectrum ranging from no implementation to complete dedication of life and mind.

  1. Notices content of the thought stream message, but does not enact it
  2. Thinks about the ideas of the thought stream message, but does not enact them
  3. Forms an emotional reaction to the ideas conveyed in the thought steam message, and may communicate them to others; they may argue with others in an attempt to change their beliefs; judges others are wrong if they don’t believe the content of the thought stream message
  4. Changes behavior based on the ideas of the thought stream message; may make new choices
  5. Generates rules, policies, or laws based on the thought stream message
  6. May attempt to actively influence and convert others to believe in the ideas of the thought stream message through giving talks, interviews, writing articles and blog posts, authoring books, or disseminating these ideas through social media
  7. Dedicates one’s life and resources to living the ideas of the thought stream message and spreading this message to others

Sources of Thought Streams

In Advanced Webinar 28, we describe the role of the thought streams emerging from the Occult Hierarchy as follows:

“When we study the Occult Hierarchy, and look at the work of the Occult Adepts and higher Occult Initiates, we find that Occult Adepts of certain degrees upon each of the Seven Rays are responsible for certain “projects” that are carried out in humanity. Some of these projects seem relatively benign; some bring great evil in their wake.”

“Each of these projects engages groups of Soul Sparks, who are carried on its powerful magnetic thought forces to enact its commands and suggestions. In some of these projects, the aim is to empower and liberate the free will of Soul Sparks from the influences that attempt to restrain their pleasure and their freedom; in other projects, certain individuals may be raised to the heights of worldly power, and enabled to rule over others with an iron fist.”

Other sources of thought streams—as we described in the article, “Levels of Thought that Impact Human Life”—include:

  1. Intuitive impressions from the Psychic Realm
  2. The voice of Wisdom
  3. Revelation of truths from the Revelatory Mind of the Holy Spirit
  4. The voice of the Mighty I AM Presence
  5. Ministerial thought, reflection on seed thoughts
  6. Illumined Mind, downpour of knowledge
  7. Attunement – intention driven thought to produce purification, healing, emotional release, counsel, and guidance, illumination and revelation, and initiation, imbued with the Divine Light
  8. Soul Realization (Enlightenment) – the experience of the Soul beyond thought

While many thought streams are neutral or even positive—many thought streams that come from the Lower Astral Plane, that convey conspiracy theories, or that entrap people in the toxic belief systems of spiritual cults, hate groups, or terrorist bands—are not.

If a thought steam is negatively impacting you, and you are beginning to act under its influence, there are several things you can do.

What You Can Do

There are seven key steps for dealing with thought stream influences. These include:

  1. Become aware that the thought stream is influencing you.
  2. Notice specifically how the thought stream is affecting your choices, your thinking, your values, your beliefs, your emotions, and your actions.
  3. Decide if you want to continue to act under its spell. If you decide you want to free yourself from its influence, you need to make the choice to walk away.
  4. Actively inventory how the thought stream is affecting your choices, your thinking, your values, your beliefs, your emotions, and your actions—and explore your alternate options.

Draw a line on a sheet of paper to divide it into two columns.

On the left hand side, write down the verbatim content you have learned as part of the thought stream’s influence on your life and your mind.

On the right side, write down what you can choose, think, believe, feel, or do instead.

  1. Extract yourself from involvement with the group that disseminates this material:

  • Get off their mailing list or email list.
  • Cancel your account on the social media platform that distributes this material, or un-friend them on Facebook.
  • Stop listening to radio shows or podcasts that promulgate these messages. Stop watching television programs or Internet videos that spread these views.
  • Do not go to their lectures or meetings.
  • Avoid contact with the people in your life who share these distorted messages; if you cannot avoid contact, assertively tell them that you do not want to hear about these topics anymore
  1. Commit to the alternate options you identified in step four. Live intentionally, mindfully, and thoughtfully. Identify who you are and what is your purpose for living, and align your choices, thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your authentic Self.
  2. Continue to monitor whether you are still acting under the influence of the thought stream messages in some aspect of your life, and root out these beliefs, so you can free yourself from any residual impressions from this source.

Those of you who have been acting under the hypnotic spell of these thought streams for a long time are impacted in a similar manner to someone who has been involved in a religious cult. We invite you to explore our Cult Recovery Coaching Program if this immersion in these thought stream influences has adversely affected your life. You may learn more about the dynamics operating in cultic groups in our book, Religions, Cults, and Terrorism: What the Heck Are We Doing?

Reflections on Power

By George A. Boyd © 2018

Q: I have come across a list that Hubbard posits are the twelve conditions of life. It struck me that Hubbard places power at the top of his twelve conditions. One list of these conditions, as Jenna Miscavige-Hill remembers them in her book, Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology™ and My Harrowing Escape are:

  • 12 – Power
  • 11 – Power change
  • 10 – Affluence
  • 9 – Normal operations
  • 8 – Emergency
  • 7 – Danger
  • 6 – Non-existence
  • 5 – Liability
  • 4 – Doubt
  • 3 – Enemy
  • 2 – Treason
  • 1 – Confusion

How do you view this formulation?

A: Hubbard’s highest position on the twelve conditions is power, and the ability to increase one’s power. The application of power takes the following forms:

  • Earth – the exploitation of its resources to gain profits
  • Animals and plants – exploitation of living creatures to fulfill human needs and to make money
  • Religion – development of a religious cult; exploitations of followers for money and sex; and to fulfill the leader’s narcissistic desires to be loved and worshipped
  • Body – Control of the bodies of others through intimidation and demands for obedience; those who are disobedient may be subject to violence, torture, imprisonment, or death
  • Intimate Relationship – Enslavement of his or her partner; control through emotional and physical abuse; using partner for sexual gratification and fulfilling of his or her needs
  • Customer relations (sales) – Views others as sources of money, he or she uses any means fair or foul to make the sale—lie, cheat, and deceive if necessary—the only thing that matters is to meet and exceed sales targets and enrich his or her self.
  • Career – Become an autocratic boss who drives employees to meet goals; readily fires those that he or she doesn’t like; uses employees for sex; frightens and intimidates them to demand their loyalty, obedience, and silence
  • Finances – Achieve money at all costs through any means fair or foul; use legal loopholes and surreptitious means to hide money from taxation
  • Organization – The leader has absolute control over the organization through policy and direct command; no dissent is tolerated
  • Government – The government is a dictatorship; the leader exerts control over all aspects of the country through the military, police, and secret police; the leader suppresses any dissent of criticism; he or she may muffle the press, imprison or disappear those who do not obey his or her directives
  • Perceived enemy – Destroy the enemy without mercy; ruthlessly pursue the enemy until he or she is utterly vanquished; crush the spirit of the enemy so he or she will be obedient and servile

Q: Then gaining power is not the highest aim of life?

A: This perspective of placing power, as his highest objective, places Hubbard in the same mindset as the Occultists and dictators of the Lower Astral Plane. It is not surprising, that those who adopt this mindset often turn religion into a cult, with their central aim to exploit others for money; those who enter the political arena with this mindset become demagogues and authoritarian leaders.

If we view the keynotes of each level of the Continuum from the Middle Subtle to the Soul Plane in the Planetary Realm, we find that Hubbard’s call to power is most typical of the Lower Astral Plane:

Level of the Continuum


Middle Subtle

Obedience – Following cultural norms, and religious and moral precepts

Lower Astral

Power – Gaining power and wielding it over others; forcing your will on

Subtle Illumined Mind

Protection from dark forces – Using Soul force to counter dark magic

Biophysical Universe

Harmony – Living in harmony with the earth and cosmos

Abstract Mind Plane

Control of mind – using mind to control athletic performance, make discoveries and innovations in science, augment creative expression in art, pursue truth through philosophical inquiry, to overcome personal obstacles, and to manifest what you desire

Psychic Realm

Development of psychic powers and metaphysical ministry – activate your psychic
abilities and use them to help others

Wisdom Plane

Development of wisdom – gain wisdom, practice forgiveness and understanding

First Exoteric Initiation

Faith and love – establish faith in God and follow his guidance; read the
scriptures; express love, charity, and kindness towards others

First Mesoteric Initiation

Devotion and purity – draw nigh to God’s presence; develop virtue and holiness;
minister the Holy Spirit to others

First Esoteric Initiation

Knowledge of the Mysteries – gain insight into symbols and archetypes; identify
the hidden truths and teaching substanding ancient faiths

Second Initiation

Power united with love – activate the Mighty I AM Presence, speak the Word
with love to set others free, to empower them, and to motivate them to achieve their highest potential

Third Initiation

Love united with wisdom – develop the innate abilities within each person,
make the personality into an instrument for the Soul, align your life to carry out your Soul’s purpose and to fulfill your Divine Plan (spiritual destiny)

Fourth Initiation

Illumination, Grace, and Compassion – receive the Light of Illumination to remove
ignorance and gain enlightenment; become an instrument for the Grace and compassion of the Masters; express your highest genius to uplift humanity

Fifth Initiation

Mastery – Gain mastery over each vehicle of consciousness and use your love,
wisdom, and power to serve others spiritually

We suggest that gaining power as your ultimate aim— as Hubbard advocated—is not a very uplifting or noble goal. We encourage you to examine the keynotes for each stage of your spiritual journey and aim to incorporate each of these higher objectives and fulfill the high calling of your spiritual destiny. Renounce the will to power; embrace love and service, and you will become an instrument of the Light.