Cult Recovery Coaching Information

What the Cult Recovery Coaching Program Covers

The Cult Recovery Coaching Program is designed to help you extract your life from the programming you received in a cult. For most of you, this will be recovering from a religious cult. For others of you, you may be seeking to overcome the damage to your life that occurred while you were involved in a political cult, a hate group, or even a terrorist group.

You went into this group with many hopes and dreams. “Finally, someone who understands what I’m looking for… I’ve found my tribe…” you may have thought. And this group grabbed hold of your hopes and dreams, and subtly seduced you, so you lost control of your thoughts, your beliefs, your values, and your personal goals. You were programmed to follow the group’s agenda and the wishes of the leader. Many of you have been lied to, betrayed, violated—even molested or physically injured—and you were made to feel like you were the most evil person on earth if you ever entertained the idea of leaving.

The way out of this horror story you have lived is to deconstruct the programming of this group, and discover who you are again. We will do this one piece at a time, to allow you to remember, decompress, and take back, that which was stolen from you.

The course comprises 29 modules, each of which has study text,an assignment you will do, and a feedback sheet. You will send your assignments and feedback sheets to your coach in advance of your next coaching session. There is in addition, eight webinars to augment your experience of this course—you will listen to one of these webinars before each of your first eight coaching sessions.

Your Coaching Component

The coaching sessions include:

Coaching session


Modules Covered

What the Coaching Session goes over


1 hour


Assessment: identifying what happened to you and what you want to achieve with your cult recovery program


1.5 hours


What led to your involvement in the cult?


1.5 hours


How did it change your mind and emotions? What was its impact on your personality?


1.5 hours


What were the social dynamics of the cult and its impact on you?


1.5 hours


Healing your mind and your life: taking the first steps to coming back


1.5 hours


Re-owning and re-creating your life on your own terms


1.5 hours


Getting back in the world: taking the steps to get your life working again


1.5 hours


Finding meaning and healthy spirituality


.5 hour


Course review and next steps

What’s Included in the Course

There are 29 modules that aim to help you take your life back. These modules include:

Content of the Module


1.      Assessment: discovering what the cult has done to your life

You will know where you are so you can be clear about what you need to do to recover from cult involvement

2.      Identifying where you were before you started the cult

You will identify the mindsets and personal issues that made you join the cult in the first place

3.      Discovering your reasons for joining the cult

You will go deeper into the thoughts and choices that led you to become involved in the cult

4.      Uncovering your dreams and desires that the cult exploited to get you to join

You will know what motivated you to join the cult and how you were manipulated

5.      Going over your conversion experience

You will clearly identify into which mindset or altered state of awareness the cult induced in you, and led you to re-identify with this state

6.      Examining perceptual change

You will clearly identify what are the markers of the altered state of consciousness into which you were inducted

7.      Examining belief change

You will discover how the cult changed your beliefs and you will identify your beliefs as distinct from the cult programming

8.      Examining values change

You will uncover the values the cult inculcated in you and you will re-discover your own authentic true values

9.      Examining goals change

You will find out how the cult rewired your personal goals to act on the group’s agendas and to fulfill the needs of the leader, and you will determine what are your genuine personal and spiritual goals

10.   Examining how the cult exerted influence on you to make you want to stay in the group

You will identify the group pressure and manipulative tactics that were used to trap you in the group

11.   Examining what skills you learned in from the cult

You will examine if you gained any useful skills that you can utilize in your life apart from the cult

12.   Examining what you sacrificed to be in the cult

You will clearly identify the costs to your life from being involved in this cult

13.   Examining your alternate life scenario

You will explore where you would be today if you had followed an alternate track and continued living your life without getting involved in the cult

14.   Examining what lasting value you gained from the cult

You will honestly evaluate whether your cult involvement in any way has positively impacted your character, your ability to be responsible, your ability to live with integrity, and to be able to make what you envision come true

15.   Letting your heart heal: the emotional impact of being involved in the cult

You will let the floodgates of emotion open and you will allow yourself to feel the grief, anger, and betrayal you feel about what the cult did to you

16.   Really getting the impact of how the cult has damaged you

You will stop denying the truth and let yourself feel the impact that the cult has had on you

17.   Identifying what you need to rehabilitate your functioning

You will look honestly to see exactly what you must do to get your life back and begin to recover from the lost time and learning that you missed while you were involved in the cult

18.   Identifying your resources available to you to help you make these steps

You will identify the support people and organizations that will help you rehabilitate your life

19.   Planning: identifying the actions you need to take to reconstruct your life

You will develop a coherent plan to address each of the deficits that your cult involvement has produced in your life

20.   Re-visioning your life

You will create your own goals on your own agenda—not the cult’s and the cult leader’s

21.   Re-creating your life

You will set these goals into motion to produce change and growth

22.   You will heal the negative messages the cult has instilled about your body and ego

You will re-discover self-love and self-care, and have compassion for your needs

23.   You will heal the negative messages the cult has instilled about your sexuality and appetites

You will own your authentic sexuality and find an optimal healthy way to nurture your body

24.   Re-educating yourself outside the indoctrination of the cult

You will identify what you need to learn to augment your knowledge, to find answers to your deepest questions, and to gain the knowledge you need to advance in your career and your life

25.   Dealing with your issues with employment and finances

You will find an authentic vocation that honors who you are and you will learn to reprogram the distorted messages you have received from the cult about money

26.   Finding a way to give back and serve others without enslaving yourself in a cult

You will identify how you can make a difference in the lives of others and impact the world in a positive way without enacting the agendas of the cult

27.   Discovering a resonant spirituality

You will explore your own sense of the sacred and connection with the cosmos and arrive at an authentic sense of spirituality that comes from your own realization—not programmed into you by the cult

28.   Discovering your cutting edge: your path and your purpose for living

You will decontaminate your intuition from cult messages and you will listen to your deepest truth about what is your Path and Purpose

29.   Complete review of the program — how can you optimize what you have learned?

Synthesize what you’ve learned in this coaching program and chart your course to implement what you have gained have a more fulfilling and rewarding life apart from cult influence

If you implement what you learn in this program, you will begin to overcome the damage that your cult involvement has produced in your life. You will grow. You will expand your capability. You will get your life back. You will function at a higher level.

What You Must Bring to This Course to Succeed

  1. Prioritize doing your assignments and feedback forms and submit them two days before your coaching session is scheduled.
  2. Show up for your coaching sessions on time and be present for the whole session.
  3. Remove distractions during your coaching session so you can completely focus and make progress.
  4. Use your coaching session as a catalyst to help you to change.
  5. Send your inner critic on a vacation. Be willing to experience new things, practice new things, and take new perspectives.
  6. Be willing to fail and make mistakes. It will take practice to enhance your skills to the level that they will fully serve you.
  7. Be open to receive feedback, and new information.
  8. Make a commitment and hold the unwavering intention that this program will change your life for the better, then make it so.

To enroll in this program, go to the sign up page.