What’s An Ascended Master?

By George A. Boyd ©2022

Q: In the New Age teachings, they talk about Ascended Masters. What is an Ascended Master?

A: People experience Ascended Masters in different ways on the Psychic Realm:

  • They receive a telepathic message from the Ascended Master, and this being identifies that it is coming from him or her.
  • They see the form of the Ascended Master in dreams or meditation.
  • They receive a channeled message from someone who claims to be a mouthpiece for that Ascended Master.
  • They read about Ascended Masters in books.

An Ascended Master is a form that dwells on the Fifth Subplane of the Second Planetary Initiation. They exist in three types:

  1. A Soul that has opened to that level and animates this form.
  2. A Master in the Hierarchy of Light’s reflected form.
  3. An individual who has tuned up their vehicles of the personality, so that they dwell as an Ascended Master, after undergoing the Sixth Initiation.

The first form is not a genuine Ascended Master. This form grants certain knowledge and abilities, but it is not the full stage of Mastery.

The second form is a genuine Ascended Master, and they can minister fully to from this form to those undergoing the Second Planetary Initiation and the First Esoteric Initiation.

The third form is the attainment of conscious immortality. Only very rare beings have undergone this inner transformation that leads to conscious ascension—this form is not awakened until the Master has completed full spiritual development in every world of the Continuum.

Communications from the Ascended Masters in the Psychic Realm may be distorted or misunderstood, as those sojourning through this realm may not have developed the requisite discernment to clearly grasp what the Master has conveyed. Sometimes, outright fantasy may be wrongly attributed to the Master, when the aspirant warps the message during reception.

To learn more about gaining discernment in the Psychic Realm, we recommend our book, The Psychic Realm: Finding Safe Passage through the Worlds of Illusion.

To actually spiritually evolve to the Fifth Subplane of the Second Planetary Initiation—if you have not reached this stage already—you need to learn how to transform your Soul to this level where you can actually behold these beings carrying out their ministry to those in the Second Initiation and the First Esoteric Initiation. You can learn how to transform your Soul in our intermediate meditation classes, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program.

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