What Program Is Best for Beginners?

Several of you have asked us, “what is the right program to begin studying with us?” Some of you are not sure which program is the correct one for you, given your preferences, background, and needs. We have three introductory programs that might be right for you, and some of you might be advanced enough to jump right into the Accelerated Meditation Program.

What are your options for beginner’s programs?

  1. The Introduction to Meditation Program – This is best for you when you want a structured program of study, starting at the waking state of consciousness and moving progressively up through each vehicle of consciousness. This one is available online as independent study, or with the assistance of a coach. You can also study this privately offline with one of our certified Introduction to Meditation teachers.
  2. The Foundations of Practical Meditation Program – This is a new program that focuses just on relieving stress, and helping you find balance and serenity in your life. You don’t do consciousness study, you don’t explore the layers of the mind: you simply focus on techniques that help you relax, center, and get back into control of your life. It is only available offline with one of our certified Introduction to Meditation teachers.
  3. The Meditation Consultation – Choose this option when you have a single issue you want to work on, and you are not interested in a complete program of study. Our master teacher does these; our certified Introduction to Meditation teachers have now been trained to do these for you, also.

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