What Does the Addiction Recovery Program Cover?

What the Addiction Recovery Coaching Program Covers

The Addiction Recovery Coaching Program is designed to help you overcome the mental and emotional consequences of a variety of addictions—such as chemical, food, gambling, or sexual—and enable you to begin to get your life back. This program is designed for those of you who are advanced enough in your recovery program that you are ready to take on the core issues that are at the bottom of your addiction.

If you have an addiction that has a physical withdrawal syndrome, you need to have this medically managed first, before you will be ready to work on the deeper layers of your addiction that hold these behavioral patterns in place. In this coaching program, you will go layer by layer until you find the core that holds this addiction in place— and with the support, and help of your Higher Power—these life-destroying patterns can be released.

You will not overcome your addiction solely as an act of will. Some of you will need medical management. Some of you will need the services of a psychotherapist. Some will benefit from counseling from an addiction specialist, or attending a support group with others who are also struggling with your addiction. Those of you, who are ready to peel this onion of your addiction to its core, will likewise benefit from the coaching modules of this program.

The course comprises 30 modules, each of which has study text, an assignment you will do, and a feedback sheet. You will send your assignments and feedback sheets to your coach in advance of your next coaching session. There is in addition, a full length, in-depth webinar on recovering from an addiction to augment your coaching sessions.

There are nine coaching sessions. You will schedule each session about 3 weeks apart. We’ve designed this course so you can complete it in 27 weeks.

Your Coaching Component

The coaching sessions include:

Coaching session


Modules Covered

What the Coaching Session goes over


1 hour


Identifying the scope of your recovery, your recovery plan, and clarifying what is your addition


1.5 hours


Examining the impact of addiction on the different facets of your life, part one


1.5 hours


Examining the impact of addiction on the different facets of your life, part two


1.5 hours


Exploring the defenses by which you protect your addiction and keep it a secret


1.5 hours


Asking for help and finding inner and outer resources


1.5 hours


Learning to take responsibility for your addiction and for the harm you have done to others


1.5 hours


Connecting with the power that is capable of healing your addiction


1.5 hours


Redeeming the experience of your addiction and using it to help others


.5 hour


Course review and next steps

What’s Included in the Course

There are 30 modules that aim to help you take your life back. These modules include:

Content of the Module


1.      The modalities of recovery: which have you experienced?

This will enable you determine what methods you have pursued to try to overcome, and to identify which have been helpful and effective

2.      The mandala of recovery: looking at your whole addiction

This will allow you get a sense of the layers of your addiction and what you will need to do to ultimately resolve it

3.      Types of addiction: What is your addiction?

This will help you to become clear about what is the real nature of your addiction; whether you have multiple addictions running simultaneously; and what you have to take on

4.      What is the impact of your addiction on other people?

The allows you to see how your addiction harms others around you

5.      What is the impact of your addiction on your body and your health?

This lets you discover how your addiction has affected your health

6.      What is the impact of your addiction on your behavior and your life?

This shows you how your addiction affects your behavior, and how it has changed your life for the worse

7.      What is the impact of your addiction on your career?

This will reveal how your addiction has insinuated itself into your career and affected your ability to keep a job and advance within it

8.      What is the impact of your addiction on your education?

You will see how your addition has interfered with your ability to learn and gain the knowledge and skills to advance in your career

9.      What is the impact of your addiction on your finances?

You will take account of the amount of money you have wasted on your addiction and what you might do with your money instead

10.   What is the impact of your addiction on your emotions? What defenses have you erected to protect your shame and pain?

You will start to feel your feelings again and notice how you have defended yourself about feeling

11.   What is the impact of your addiction on your mind? On your ability to remember, to think clearly, and to reflect on meaning?

You will get back in touch with your ability to think clearly and honestly about your addiction and your life

12.   What is the impact of your addiction on your volition, your ability to control your life?

You will become clear on what you control and what you do not.

13.   What is the impact of your addiction on your morality? How have you violated, silenced, or modified your values to make it OK for you to engage in your addiction?

You will get back in touch with your sense of truth and be able to tell the truth again.

14.   How has your addiction impacted your spirituality?

You will learn how to get back into touch with your spirituality again.

15.   How have you hidden or protected your addiction?

You will look at the ways you are defending against the truth and you will remove the veils upon the naked truth.

16.   How have you used the power dynamic to protect your addiction?

You will examine your arrogance and intimidation and find a way to again treat others with kindness and respect

17.   How have you lied to yourself about your addiction? How have you lied to others about it?

Your will uncover the truth and you will stop lying about and trying to hide your addiction

18.   What is the total impact of your addiction on your life, personality, and your spirituality? Is this worth continuing?

You will activate your intuition and your will get a global sense of all of the ways your addiction is affecting you. You will be able to make a choice about whether to continue it.

19.   Are you wiling to ask for help? Who can you ask?

You will look into your resources and identify who can help you.

20.   Are you willing to tell the truth about your addiction? How will you tell your story?

You will create a story about the part of your life in which you were addicted. [If you belong to a recovery self-help group, you may consider telling your story.]

21.   Are you willing to let go of your addiction? Are you willing to have it removed from you?

You will uncover what holds your addiction in place, and you will gain understanding about what enables issues to release.

22.   Can you make the choice to be free and work to remove your addiction?

You will identify the actual process of removing this issue. You will identify what you can do and what your Higher Power needs to do.

23.   Are you willing to reform your character and remove the addictive traits that keep your addiction in place?

You will examine how addiction has warped your character, and you will set into motion a process to rehabilitate your character.

24.   Are you willing to make amends for the injury you have caused other people?

You will identify who you have harmed, and when it is appropriate, you will apologize and make amends to them.

25.   What can you do to ensure that you do not engage in your addiction for today?

You will develop a recovery plan designed to prevent relapse.

26.   What role does contact with a Higher Power play in helping you control your addiction? How do you enhance that contact?

You will explore methods of meditation and prayer to enhance your contact with your Higher Power?

27.   What would it be like it if you were healed from your addiction? What would it be like to be free?

You will examine the space in your mind where you are liberated from your addiction. You will visualize living your life without your addiction.

28.   Can you summon the power within to create an inner revolution to overcome your addiction?

You will identify the inner power that heals and transforms you, and you will invite this in to heal your addiction.

29.   How can you be of service to those who share your addiction?

You will identify how you can give back to others who are in bondage to the same addiction(s) as you.

30.   Course review and your next steps

You will go back through all of the lessons and decide upon your next steps for recovery and in your life.

If you implement what you learn in this program, you will begin to overcome the damage that practicing your addiction(s) has produced in your life. You will grow. You will expand your capability. You will get your life back. You will function at a higher level.

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