Our Coaching Membership Program

Name of Coaching Program Information Cost Purchase
The Life Coaching Program
The Life Coaching Program The next step for a practical meditation consultation. It provides a coherent program to actualize your personal vision and life goals by strengthening the will, enhancing the intuition, sharpening the intellect, creatively utilizing the imagination, focusing the energy of desire, improving the memory, and through self-programming successful behavior and healthy habits. $1997
The Cult Recovery Coaching Program
The Cult Recovery Coaching Program Getting over it and getting on with it. This will show you how to reintegrate yourself into daily life after involvement with a cult, how to re-own your authentic values and goals, and how to rediscover your Self. In short, you have wasted enough time on the waters of oblivion, and it's time you get your life back! We show you how. $1997
Dysfunctional Family Coaching Program
Dysfunctional Family Coaching Program Letting go of your past and embracing your own life. This program will help you explore the issues that are holding you back and empower you to move forward in your life. $1997
Addiction Recovery Coaching Program
Addiction Recovery Coaching Program Learning to live your life without your addiction controlling you. This program will lead you to the core of your addiction and empower you to make new, life-changing choices. $1997



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