Use of Transformational Mantra

By George A. Boyd ©2003

The principle underlying magical rites and ritual invocation is the skillful use of the transformational, or bija mantra.

Meditation students who take the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the Accelerated Meditation Program are introduced to bija mantra as a method to unfold spiritual evolutionary potentials. Lesser known is the targeted use of bija mantra to work out specific karmic issues.

This targeted use of bija mantra is shown in the table below, comparing it to other modalities that affect a range of changes in human beings.

Modality Treats
Medication or Nutrition The biological substrate [by interacting with cellular receptor sites and biochemical pathways]
Acupuncture Etheric blockages [by opening the channels of the meridians or nadis]
Psychotherapy The emotional and experiential matrix of an identified problem
Counseling and Education Inability to function effectively [by building the individual’s response and resource network and by giving him or her knowledge of potential solutions. Education may give the individual the knowledge and skills to needed achieve his or her goals].
Prayer and Affirmation The lack of perceived personal efficacy [by invocation of spiritual and Superconscious agencies, creating new patterns in the subconscious and Superconscious mind]
Reflective Meditation and Discernment Ignorance (Avidya) arising from lack of knowledge of the nature of the Soul
Transformational Mantra The karmic substrate underlying the condition