The Seven Faces of Destiny

© 2003 by George A. Boyd

Destiny includes those factors of the unconscious that you do not control that operate to shape the issues of your life. This karmic template is handed down to you at the time of your birth and includes the blessings and adversities of your fate. Some of these factors are shown below, separated by the band of their activity:

Band Destiny Factors


Genetic constitutional conditions, chronic health issues.


Energy reservoir, needs for sleep, appetite, strength of habits, sexual predisposition (heterosexual, homosexual, autoerotic, etc.).


Predestined relationships: parents, siblings, reunion with friends or loved ones, spouse; baseline ability to cope with stress or adversity; predisposition to mental illness.


Intelligence factors, ability to remember and learn, genius, retardation.


Control of patterns of behavior, addiction, obsession.


Introversion/extroversion, ability to actualize dreams and desires,ability to obtain loving relationships, marriage, children, wealth, career success, fame, wisdom.


Affiliation with a particular spiritual path or religious group,initiation by a spiritual Master, strong attraction and fascination with a certain religious or spiritual group.

Some traits of destiny are shaped by the body into which you incarnate. Some arise because of the particular family and neighborhood in which you are born. Other traits come from the re-emergence of issues from former lives. Some are based on the level of your spiritual and vehicular development from former lifetimes, which bring to you innate gifts and abilities; wisdom, judgment and discernment of opportunities; and virtues and vices.

Destiny can be read in the left front quadrant of the causal body, in the throat center of the spiritual body. It appears as a form within, with karmic accretions at the following centers, shown on the table below:

Center Factors



Perineum/sex organs

etheric factors

Solar plexus

emotional factors


mental factors


volitional factors

Left hand, right arm, front left side of the neck

self factors

Right hand, right arm, rear right side of the neck

spirit factors

These predestined factors may be partially captured in structured intuitive readings like palmistry and astrology, but are subject to wide variations in the interpretive ability of the psychic readers. You may directly read destiny factors for yourself if you can access your causal body at one of its octaves.

Some people castigate themselves unmercifully or think poorly of themselves because they cannot control those factors.

It is important to recognize in what ways destiny is working in you and focus your efforts in those areas in which you have liberty and work to capitalize upon your strengths.

Trying to change factors over which you have no control is both a waste of time and effort and is essentially an exercise in futility.

In recognizing that an aspect of your nature has been predestined, it is best to accept it and learn to live with it.

Destiny has three modes:

  1. One-time events – these include accidents (retribution for deeds in past lives), one-time meeting with a loved one or spiritual leader, time of your birth, time of your death.
  2. Episodic events – these are working through relationship issues with relatives, friends, spouses and spiritual teachers; working out emotional illness, phobia or addiction. Episodic events begin with your first encounter with a person or a tendency within yourself, have a distinct time or operation and then complete. An example is a person coming into your life, having a relationship with him/her over a period of time, and then ending your relationship through involuntary separation. Another example is the overcoming of an addiction to alcohol or drugs.
  3. Chronic events – these are genetic or constitutional factors that operate throughout your lifetime, or are behavioral or emotional patterns that you are never able to change. These can be conditions like cystic fibrosis that you have to cope with your entire life; or chronic conditions like diabetes that have an onset, then continue for the rest of your life. Another example is chronic, lifelong depression or schizophrenia.
  4. Please note that destiny is not forever ineradicable: advances in science and technology and in medical and psychological treatments can eradicate some physical and emotional destiny factors that were, in other epochs of history, predestined factors.

    Predestined factors of today, with future advances, will not be destiny karma of tomorrow. Certain diseases, which were in the past death sentences, are today completely curable.

    Initiation by a spiritual teacher can mollify or even dissolve certain destiny karmic factors. In rare instances, one’s karmic life path can be radically altered by great Initiates. For example, the transformation of Mary Magdalene, upon meeting Jesus, from a courtesan to a saint. Religious conversion can activate new aspects of your nature and act to suppress former tendencies operating in your life.

    Many destiny factors are episodic. You work through them and they are dissolved: they do not return. You overcome an addiction to smoking cigarettes and it never returns.

    It is important that you be clear about what makes up your destiny and what doesn’t.

    False assumptions that something is predestined may hinder your progress in some aspect of your life.

    Try to move the boulder: you may find that it will move despite your disbelief. Only when you are sure that it cannot be moved, then go on and look for another door.