The Seven Covenants between the Divine and Man

By George A. Boyd © 2018

The promises of the Divine to mankind are called covenants. In the Bible, these are listed as the Covenant of the Law and the Covenant of the Blood. In actuality, there is a Divine promise for each stage of spiritual development. These seven covenants are described below, and matched to the stages of the Path.

The Covenant of the Law was predicated on the karmic principle of “as you sow, so shall you reap.” Here man is fully free, but also fully responsible for the consequences of his actions. One is bound to the endless cycle of births and deaths. This stage is called “on the wheel.”

The Covenant of the Blood was based on the idea of that the Divine can forgive violations of the underlying moral laws of the Universe. It looks to a purification and dissolution of the karmic impediments to dwelling in the Light Stream or Planetary Life (the Spirit). It produces atonement with the Christ Life within, and constitutes the rebirth or resurrection experience of the 1st Initiation. Due to God’s mercy and sacrifice, the necessity for some future births is canceled. This stage is called “Stream Winner.”

The Covenant of Fire constitutes the ability to actively process, recreate, and transform karmic potentiality through the active reception of the Light as well as through the ministry of the Light to others. One gains the power to “speak the Word” and to so program the forces of the subconscious and Superconscious mind to conform to the image of Perfection, the “I AM Presence.” It corresponds to the work of the 2nd Initiation. This is the “Once Returning” stage.

The Covenant of Compassion evidences the redirection of thought and will energies in the direction of world service. It is through the radiation of pure thought and Buddhic Illumination that the subtle karmas of the astral and causal/mental Planes are evaporated. It corresponds with the work of the 3rd and 4th Initiations. This is the “Not Returning” stage.

The Covenant of Inner Divinity occurs when you step beyond the operation of the karmic laws into the world of Being. This is the Soul Plane, Nirvana, and constitutes the 5th Initiation, the stage of the “Arhat.” One becomes the embodiment of Divine Love and Perfection, replete with the powers to operate on the inner Planes.

The Covenant of Grace Divine reflects the ongoing communion with the Lord and the knowledge of His will and purposes. It begins with the choice to act as a conscious coworker with the Almighty, and to minister His Love and Grace through the disciplic relationship with others. This empowerment bestowed by the Divine allows you to establish the disciplic relationship with others. This is the stage called “Bodhisattva.” It is the mantle of the Adept, the Master, and the Guru.

The Covenant of Surrender is marked by the vanishing of the individual Soul into the limitless Ocean of the Divine. This is Liberation, and constitutes the relinquishment of all activity in Creation. A further work at this stage made possible through the active intervention of a Perfect Master or Sat Guru is the manifesting a Ray of the Infinite Life for the benefit of all Creation. This stage is called Buddha, Divine Incarnation, or Avatar.

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