Reflections on Spiritual Growth

By George A. Boyd © 2017

Q: What is spiritual growth? This term is used quite widely, and I’m not sure people have really identified what this actually is—every group seems to have different criteria for what marks spiritual growth.

A: Spiritual growth occurs when your spiritual essence unfolds closer to its Source: it moves along the track that connects it with its origin. This spiritual essence in different groups is construed to be a nucleus of identity, the spirit in one of the twelve domains, or an ensouling entity; sometimes it is even a seed atom in a particular vehicle of consciousness.

In the Mudrashram® system of Integral meditation, we measure this growth on three poles: the movement of your ensouling entity on the 1st Pole, the spirit coordinated with the Soul at that level of the Continuum in the channels of the Nada on the 2nd Pole, and the vehicles of consciousness of the Superconscious mind on the 3rd Pole. When all of these align to the same nodal point, we say you have achieved balanced spiritual development.

The changes that occur as a result of that transformation are the outcome of spiritual growth, and this is what people point to when they say someone has made spiritual growth. So we can say:

  • Someone’s consciousness has expanded
  • They have a deeper intuitive knowledge and wisdom
  • Their sphere of love and compassion has become larger
  • They are able to demonstrate new abilities and powers; they have the capacity for greater service
  • They have purified more of the karmic accretions within them, so they have greater purity
  • Their spirit has grown in love, wisdom, purity, and devotion
  • They demonstrate new, spontaneous virtues
  • They demonstrate greater energy and vitality
  • Their awareness can open to deeper layers of the mind

The point is that real spiritual growth is contingent upon actual transformation. Not imagining you are in Heaven, or what Heaven might be like after you die. Not floating in some altered state of consciousness. Not simply praying for Grace, but not going anywhere. It means your Soul actually moves—and as the result of this movement, these other changes that groups use to verify spiritual growth is taking place, arise.

Q: Mudrashram® works at the cutting edge of spirituality. Do groups that work at other levels of the Continuum and bring about transformation to the spiritual essence(s) they unfold—does this also produce spiritual growth?

A: Yes, it is spiritual growth. It’s just not at the cutting edge of spirituality. There is measureable progress towards the origin at that level, which gives rise to the different outcomes that are produced when that spiritual essence moves.

Q: On the Mudrashram® website, you have this phase at the bottom of your pages, “Giving you the keys to unlimited spiritual growth since 1983.” What is unlimited spiritual growth?

A: It means that the spiritual essence that unfolds is not stopped somewhere. For example:

  • If you unfold the seed atom in your Psychic Vehicle, it can only go to the flame of the Mother Father God at the top of the Psychic Realm.
  • If you unfold your Moon Soul or Christ Child nucleus of identity, it can rise to Mastery in the form of a Saint, but it can only go to its origin in the First Esoteric Initiation.
  • If you unfold your Solar Angel nucleus of identity, it can rise to Mastery in the form of an Ascended Master, but it can only unfold to its origin at the top of the Second Planetary Initiation.
  • If you unfold your Cosmic Consciousness nucleus of identity, it can rise to Mastery as a Yogi Preceptor, but it can only unfold to its origin at the top of the First Cosmic Initiation (Kaivalyam).
  • If you unfold your Cosmic Soul Awareness nucleus of identity along with the spirit on the fourth segment of the Nada, your Cosmic Soul Awareness can rise to Mastery as a Light Master, but it can only unfold to its origin at the top of the Cosmic Tree of Life at the highest Plane of the Second Cosmic Initiation; and your spirit at this level can return to its origin in the heart center of the form of the Light Master.
  • If you unfold your Astral Soul through a transformational method or Light Immersion from a Cosmic Master, it can rise to Mastery as a Cosmic Master, but it can only unfold to its origin at the top of the Cosmic Sphere in the Light of Brahma Jyoti.
  • If you unfold a Supracosmic Seed Atom on one of the 64 active Supracosmic Paths, you can drop this seed atom into its origin at the top of that Path and allow the radiant Light of the Guru Power to flow through you, but you can’t move beyond that stage. If you are fortunate to select the Path on which your Supracosmic Soul dwells, your Supracosmic Soul can unfold in synchrony with your Supracosmic Seed Atom, you can rise to Mastery in the Light at the top of the Supracosmic brain chakra, but you cannot progress beyond this level.
  • If you open the channels of the Nada in which the spirit dwells on one of the Transcendental Paths that are aligned with your Axis of Being (T1 to T5), and unfold the ensouling entity on this Path, your spirit can only ascend to its origin and the ensouling entity can only go to that level from which the spirit originated, as state we call Sat Guru Bhagwan.

In unlimited spiritual growth, you are not stopped. You finish your spiritual work at the Subtle, Planetary, and Transplanetary. Then you shift up into Cosmic work and finish it. You then complete your work at the Supracosmic level, and you’re able to lead your Supracosmic Soul to Liberation. You complete one Transcendental Path aligned with the Axis of Being, and then you awaken on the Bridge Path. From here, as you rise into Multiplane Mastery, you gain the ability to open every Path and liberate every spiritual essence within you.

There’s nothing left undone. There’s no stopping. Eventually, you eradicate the karmic darkness in all aspects of the Continuum.

This is what we teach you how to do in our intermediate classes, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program. We show you how to generate this transformation that moves you forward in a balanced way, so you don’t lose your human grounding.

So it’s unlimited. You finish everything and rise to Multiplane Mastery.

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