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About Tax and Postage

If you live in California and are ordering our books, you'll need to add 9.0% tax. if you're not in California, you don't have to pay the tax.

Pay Pal will automatically add this in for you, but if you are mailing us a check, you'll need to include this in the amount you're sending us.

You'll need to include postage for us to mail it to you. If you order via Pay Pal, it will automatically calculate your postage. If you're mailing us a check or money order, you'll have to add it.

If you are in the USA, you have the option of getting books either book rate (media mail) or USPS priority mail. Book rate, for those of you who are in the USA, is $4.50. If the weight of your orderis over 10 pounds, you should include $9.00 for postage.

If you want the faster delivery, we will send your order via priority mail flat rate box. We list the prices in the box below.

Priority Mail Flat Rate Domestic Canada Other International
Large $17.90 $55.75 $80.50
Medium $12.65 $42.25 $61.75
Envelope $5.75 $20.55 $24.75

If you are ordering by Pay Pal, it will automatically charge you for medium flat rate. Rule of thumb: 10 pounds and under, medium. Over 10 pounds, large. Single small books, we can sometimes fit them in a priority envelope. If that occurs, and you have paid for the more expensive rate, we will refund the amount you overpaid.

We are pleased to announce the publication of our new books by George A. Boyd.

We now have a shopping cart available through PayPal. If you wish to order our books using your PayPal account, you can now do so. You will continue to enjoy the discount if you are a member.

You can also get any of our books by sending your check or money order payable in US funds to Mudrashram Publishing, and mail it to Mudrashram Publishing, Post Office Box 1424, San Jacinto CA 92581.

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To see the table of contents and view the cover image, click on the order button below any book that interests you. This will take you to the order page. Click on the information button on the order page next to the book you have selected, and you can view the cover page and table of content there.

Ordering by Pay Pal

You can now order these books directly from Mudrashram Publishing, which now has its own web site. To order one or more of these books for your personal library using Pay Pal’s secure server, go here.

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