Satsang Program

The word satsang means keeping the company of truth. Satsang is inspired spiritual discourse, or the guidance of the spiritual teacher.

Our Satsang program began in January 1999 and continued for the entire year. This program came as a response to the need of George’s advanced meditation students to have an opportunity for intensive meditation practice.

This course focused on learning how to more clearly perceive their inner vehicles and exploring the Great Continuum of Consciousness in much greater detail.

This program also introduced George’s meditation students to the practice of meditating on the Guide (Guru Dhyan Meditation).

Guru Dhyan Meditation

Guru Dhyan means to contemplate the Guide form of the spiritual teacher. Swami Charan Das taught this meditation to George’s advanced meditation students in the first class of the Satsang program.

Once they successfully were able to meditate on his inner form, Swami Charan Das led them through their inner vehicles of the Conscious, Subconscious, Metaconscious, and Subtle and Planetary bands of the Superconscious mind with each successive group—and ultimately led them up to through the Higher Octaves of Being—the Transplanetary, Cosmic, Supracosmic, and Transplanetary bands.

Satsang program participants were also given a notebook with study materials for each session so they could better understand the level which they experienced in meditation that day. New materials were given out at each class.

To further augment their experiential immersion, Swami’s inspired discourses were taped.

These tapes were shared with the core meditation group members, who used them to review the group’s spiritual explorations of each meeting.

The original core group expressed interest in resuming this program. We continued with this program beginning in Winter 2001 and completed the last class in March 2002.

The Satsang Program Today

You will benefit from this innovative, ground-breaking work by reading some of the materials created for this group. You will find them in our Library. They will be marked excerpted from the Satsang Program.

The entire Satsang Program is now available as The Satsang Program Home Study Course, replete with the original text of the study materials. The original 16 compact disks with guided meditations, and supplementary materials are now only available online—for the original by-mail version is now out of print.

Prerequisite for this course is the completion of the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the Accelerated Meditation Program.Those who have completed one of these courses can access the Satsang Program Home Study Course through their completer page. Those who have completed the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation will similarly find this program on their completer page.

George in Meditation in 1993

“The ability to commune with a Master Guide is one of the accelerating factors in meditation.”

“You may attempt to meditate on your own, but when the guide shows you—takes you in full consciousness to the inner Planes—your meditations move to a whole new level.”

“We have introduced Guru Dhyan meditation to help you make this jump to the deeper communion of meditation…so you can know the inner teacher… so you can travel with the inner teacher… and you can ultimately receive guidance directly from the inner teacher.”