What the Dysfunctional Family Recovery Coaching Program Covers

The Dysfunctional Family Recovery Coaching Program is designed to help you overcome the consequences of growing up in a family that did not provide you the love, nurturance, guidance, and support to allow you to become a fully functioning adult. Depending on the type of dysfunctional family you grew up in, you were neglected, abandoned, abused, molested, humiliated, shamed, make to feel unworthy. You have still not worked out these core wounds received at the hands of those who were supposed to care for you and guide you safely to the shores of adulthood.

You trusted them, and they betrayed you. You looked up to them, and they abused you. You yearned for their love, and they were cold and cruel. You relied on them for guidance in solving problems and handling the issues of life, and they could not solve their own problems. You looked to them for models of success, and they were failures in their lives and relationship.

The way out of this horror story you have lived is to deconstruct the patterns of dysfunction, and discover who you are again. We will do this one piece at a time, to allow you to remember, decompress, and take back, that which was stolen from you.

The course comprises 30 modules, each of which has study text, an assignment you will do, and a feedback sheet. You will send your assignments and feedback sheets to your coach in advance of your next coaching session.
There is in addition, a full length, in-depth webinar on recovering from a dysfunctional family to augment your coaching sessions.

There are nine coaching sessions. You will schedule each session about 3 weeks apart. We’ve designed this course so you can complete it in 27 weeks.

Your Coaching Component

The coaching sessions include:

Coaching session


Modules Covered

What the Coaching Session goes




Assessment of where you are today, how growing up in this family has impacted your life, your development, and your acquisition of skills




Identifying the signs of dysfunction and trauma, and dealing with trauma




Making the choice to recover from your past




Learning to trust your own faculties and your self again




Empowering your ability to set limits, to stop running away, to claim your own life, to be your authentic self, and to construct your own resonant values




Learning to empower your Self and take charge of your life again




Reconnecting with your spirituality, finding your inner compassion and wisdom




Realigning with your ability to love and forgive, to discover your purpose, and to finally release the pain and trauma of this experience




Course review and next steps

What’s Included in the Course

There are 30 modules that aim to help you take your life back. These modules include:

Content of the Module


1.      Assessment:discovering how being in a dysfunctional family has impacted your life

This will enable you to clearly see what the impact of growing up in this family has been on your life, your relationships, your career, and your sense of efficacy, meaning, and value

2.      What developmental challenges have you mastered?

This will clarify what steps you missed in growing up and will point you to corrective experiences that will help you overcome these deficits

3.      What adult skills have you learned?

This will enable you to be clear about what adult life skills you are missing and
what you have to work on to be a fully functioning adult.

4.      The signs and symptoms of growing up in a dysfunctional family. Which do you have?

This will allow you to notice the ways growing up in a dysfunctional family has affected your behavior and ability to relate to others. You will explore ways to begin to heal these dysfunctional patterns.

5.      If you have been traumatized or abused, admit it. How has it changed you?

You will uncover the trauma you have experienced and face it. You will discover how it impacts your functioning today.

6.      Process your abuse or trauma. Where did it originate?

You will learn methods to work with your trauma and begin to resolve it.

7.      Be willing to release the pain and misery of having undergone the abuse or

You will come to a place where you can finally let this go and get on with the business of creating your own life.

8.      Re-creation: What will you create in your life instead?

You will make new choices to have a life of fulfillment and happiness instead of misery and victimization.

9.      Extricating your self from the web of lies. What is really true?

You will begin to discover what is true apart from the lies you were told and you will come to rely upon your ability to test reality again.

10.   Trusting your senses again.

You will learn to trust what your own senses tell you and get rid of the filters you constructed growing up.

11.   Trusting your feelings again.

You will get rid of the “should” and “wrong” messages of others and you will begin to be able to feel what you feel, and own your own feelings again.

12.   Trusting your reason again.

You will begin to think for yourself again and disassemble the faulty logic taught to you in your family, and get your bearings again.

13.   Trusting your gut level intuition again.

You will begin to reject the messages of fear and shame, and you will reconnect with your intuition again.

14.   You have the right to set limits.

You will define appropriate limits for each person in your life.

15.   Overcoming the lies within: your defenses.

You will look at the ways you are defending against the truth and you will remove the veils upon the naked truth.

16.   Overcoming the drive to escape: facing the nightmare.

You will examine the ways you are trying to escape the pain of your past and you will stop running away.

17.   Making a commitment to your self: reclaiming your own life.

You will make a commitment to live your own life instead of living the life dictated to you by your patents and relatives.

18.   False roles: emerging as your authentic self.

You will discover how to find your true Self behind the masques you wear. You will discover safety in being your genuine Self.

19.   Discovering your values and letting go of false values you have learned

You will uncover what your values are and stop living others’ values that are not right for you.

20.   Setting goals for your life and making them real.

You will learn how to set goals and empower your will, so you can make your dreams real

21.   Educating your self about recovery from a dysfunctional family.

You will create a plan for continuing education to continue to heal and improve yourself.

22.   The gentle art of checking in with yourself: self-care.

You will activate your intuition and use it to care for the wounded and vulnerable parts of yourself.

23.   Empower your self: you create your destiny. What will you create?

You will get into touch with the empowered core of your personality. You will gain insight into how your thoughts and choices create your personal destiny.

24.   Awakening to your spirituality: discovering your essence

You will learn to reconnect with your Higher Self, and invite it to be an ally in your recovery.

25.   Seeing those you who have harmed you as ignorant and wounded: awakening compassion

You will tap into the unconditional love and forgiveness of your Higher Self and you will awaken your native compassion for yourself and others

26.   Assessing the lessons you have learned from this experience

You will listen to your inner voice of wisdom that will help you make sense of this experience and integrate it

27.   Discovering your ability to love and forgive

You will reawaken your ability to truly love others and yourself, and to forgive yourself and others

28.   Aligning with your purpose: choosing growth and actualization

You will discover your purpose for living and you will commit yourself to growth and actualization.

29.   Offering all upon the fire of sacrifice: giving yourself permission to be free

You will find the place within where you can release the past and free yourself to finally live your own life.

30.   Course review and your next steps

You will go back through all of the lessons and decide upon your next steps for recovery and in your life.

If you implement what you learn in this program, you will begin to overcome the damage that growing up in a dysfunctional family has produced in your life. You will grow. You will expand your capability. You will get your life back. You will function at a higher level.

What You Must Bring to This Course to Succeed

  1. Prioritize doing your assignments and feedback forms and submit them two days before your coaching session is scheduled.
  2. Show up for your coaching sessions on time and be present for the whole session.
  3. Remove distractions during your coaching session so you can completely focus and make progress.
  4. Use your coaching session as a catalyst to help you to change.
  5. Send your inner critic on a vacation. Be willing to experience new things, practice new things, and take new perspectives.
  6. Be willing to fail and make mistakes. It will take practice to enhance your skills to the level that they will fully serve you.
  7. Be open to receive feedback, and new information.
  8. Make a commitment and hold the unwavering intention that this program will change your life for the better; then, make it so.

To enroll in this program, go to the sign up page.