What Is Dynamic Rebalancing?

By George A. Boyd ©2018

Q: What is dynamic rebalancing and how does it affect my Kundalini syndrome?

A: Dynamic rebalancing can lower your Kundalini if it is fixed in a higher center, and bring it back down to ground. When premature spiritual awakening and unfoldment of higher octave spiritual essences beyond your cutting edge of spirituality is generating Kundalini syndromes, for many individuals dynamic rebalancing can bring this misaligned center back into alignment again.

The three most common types of spiritual imbalances that we have seen among people, who have come to us for help with their Kundalini syndromes, are:

  1. Moving the Mighty I AM Presence nucleus of identity and its encapsulating Solar Angel form out of alignment with the axis of being through the use of decrees and attunements from Ascended Masters or their advanced disciples [About 5% of those who have contacted us since 2006, reported Kundalini problems of this type.]
  2. Moving the Cosmic Consciousness nucleus of identity out of alignment with the axis of being in the First Cosmic Initiation through use of Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Yoga, and other transformational techniques, and also through the reception of Shaktipat or Diksha from Yogi Preceptors and their advanced disciples [About 35% to 40% of the those who have contacted us described syndromes of this type.]
  3. Moving the Supracosmic seed atom, on one of the 64 active Supracosmic Paths, off of its ground state through use of mantras, Kundalini Yoga, and other practices that awaken and unfold this essence, and also through the reception of attunements from Supracosmic Gurus [About 55% to 60% of those who have contacted us recount syndromes of this type.]

To understand what dynamic rebalancing is, you need to first understand that behind the ensouling entity and each form that this ensouling entity inhabits, there is a field of darkness that we call the unconscious mind. This unconscious mind contains desires and unconscious impressions that are called stored karma.

As the ensouling entity unfolds, it clears a segment of this unconscious mind, as it moves along its track through this band of the mind; this same process occurs behind each form or vehicle of consciousness that is associated with that ensouling entity. The Divine Light that generates transformation purifies, transmutes, and integrates the material in the unconscious mind; the consciousness of the ensouling entity expands, together with augmenting its intuitive wisdom, its scope of unconditional love and compassion, and its abilities.


An easy way to visualize this is to imagine an abacus, with the beads aligned at a certain distance from the right hand side. When the ensouling entity and its vehicles of consciousness unfold in a balanced way, it is like moving all of the beads the same distance from the right side of the abacus—there is a straight line from the top bead to the bottom bead.

In imbalanced spiritual development, the vehicles of consciousness from one or two levels are unfolded without the others—you can imagine one or two rows on our abacus are moved to the right without the others.

When this occurs, there are a variety of changes that occur:

  1. Changes to identity – shift from identification from the ego, the Self, and the Soul to identifying as this spiritual essence.
  2. Changes in perception – shift from awareness of your body, your life, and your personality suffused with the Light of your Soul to viewing the mind and cosmos from the vantage point of the spiritual essence that you have moved off the axis of being.
  3. Changes in thinking – shift from thinking about tasks, projects, and goals, and reflecting on your personal and spiritual experience at the level of the Soul to reflecting on experiences of the spiritual essence you have awakened and learning about the teachings that are anchored in that level of the Continuum—these may take the form of inner intuitive revelation or study of the books and scriptures that have come from this band of the Continuum.
  4. Changes in emotions – shift from feeling your genuine human feelings to dissociation, detachment, and deadening of emotions; in some cases, you may experience a rapid change of your emotions from joy to despair (lability); when you advance in this experience to a certain stage, you may begin to live in an altered state of consciousness where you appear to be always happy and cheerful—but in truth, you are no longer feeling what you are experiencing in your human nature.
  5. Changes in energy – shift from the grounded state of the Kundalini where it operates in the background to energize the vehicles of the personality and the Soul to enable you to perform the roles of daily life and to express the gifts of your Soul to a hyper-awakened state of the Kundalini, where it remains fixed in the essence you have activated, and does not come back down
  6. Changes in volition – shift from using the will to guide behavior from the personality and the Soul to beginning the guide the personality from a higher octave of the will; to those observing you from the outside, it appears you are in a state of trance; you may follow prescribed monastic routines and directions from your spiritual leader instead of making your own decisions; you may find it increasing difficult to make any decisions for yourself.
  7. Changes in your body and senses – shift from observing the environment and feeling the sensations of your physical body to projecting mental activity onto the environment (hallucinations) and feelings of pain and pressure in your body from the energetic imbalance that the raised Kundalini creates.

To rectify this imbalance, certain Initiates who have reached stages of spiritual Mastery in the Transcendental Sphere have the ability to work with the Lords of Karma to transfer some of your stored karma from further up your karmic stream to fill in behind the spiritual essence you have moved out of alignment. This pushes this spiritual essence back to where it is aligned with the axis of being, and places some of your upstream karma as an insulator and anchor to hold this spiritual essence in place.

For many people—not everyone—dynamic rebalancing will shift you back into your normal awareness again, and the Kundalini will go back down to its ground state again. This method can be used when the imbalance is not too severe; typically it can work with people who are at stage-four imbalance or below. [See the article, “The Cutting Edge of Spirituality” to understand what are the criteria for stages of spiritual imbalance.]

Q: How this possible? The law of consequences, or law of cause and effect—how is stored? This doesn’t make any sense to me.

A: There are three ways we interface with karma.

  1. The dynamic aspect of karma, which is the consequences of your thoughts, words, and deeds that impacts your life, the people around you, and the world. Your choices or decisions generate this type of karma. This is the type of karma to which you refer.
  2. The stored aspect of karma, which is the impressions that make up the unconscious mind—consisting of unmet desires and fantasies, fears, unfinished issues, and latent personal and spiritual potentials—is commonly formed in conjunction with the execution of your choices.

Consider the decision to take something that does not belong to you. You may steal the item and rationalize taking it, but at the unconscious level of your mind, you may feel guilt over doing something you know is wrong. You set up the karmic patterns that will lead to some type of retribution in the future. So in doing this deed, you add to this storehouse of karma in your unconscious mind.

This aspect of karma layers behind your ensouling entity, your spirit, and your vehicles of consciousness—transformational meditation and Light Immersion dissolves, transmutes, and integrates this type of karma.

This type of karma, which is like a form of dark matter within the mind, can be transferred from one level of the mind to the other. This is the type of karma with which we work in doing dynamic rebalancing.

  1. Your interaction with karma using your attentional principle, spirit, or ensouling entity comprises the third type of karma. This “inner action” or “inner work” enables you to dissolve karma and transform your spiritual essences, and to consciously move forward the wheels of spiritual evolution. This interface with karma is at the root of meditation practice.

Q: It sounds to me like dynamic rebalancing will erase all of my spiritual progress on that Path.

A: That is correct. But if your “progress” on this Path has created your Kundalini syndrome and other symptoms characteristic of spiritual imbalance, interferes with your personality functioning, and might increase in severity if you continue further progress on this Path—is it in your best in your best interests to continue in this pursuit?

You need to weigh the pros and cons of moving this wayward essence back into alignment, before you make this decision.

  • Are you willing to live with these symptoms you are experiencing, or do you wish to ameliorate the symptoms and lose your spiritual progress?
  • Are you willing to reverse the progress you have made, or are you unwilling to lose the time and effort you have put into developing this essence?

These are not simple choices. But we stand ready to assist you with dynamic rebalancing if you believe that this is for your highest good.

Q: Does this mean I’ve chosen the wrong Path?

A: Let us give you some analogies that might help you understand what has happened.

If you were driving in New York City, and you discovered that you had gone the wrong way for many miles, would you just continue on the road you are going, or would you turn around and plot a new course to your intended destination?

In effect, this is what you’ve done. You’ve opened up a track into your higher mind that is not aligned with your axis of being, and you are doing something counter to the spiritual destiny plan behind your Soul at the cutting edge of spirituality.

It’s like God gave you an assignment to go to Detroit, Michigan, and you went to Tallahassee, Florida instead. You might have enjoyed the journey, but you might have done something that is completely unrelated to your core spiritual purpose and plan.

Q: How is dynamic rebalancing done?

A: We schedule a Skype session [or other visual format, such a Face Time or a webinar meeting]. We answer your questions, do the attunement—and typically—we may also train you in grounding the Kundalini.

Q: What does this service cost?

A: Since 2006, we have offered this service to the meditation community on a donation basis. Those who wish to donate after receiving this service may do so at