Welcome to Our Meditation Room

By George A. Boyd © 2004

Meditation means focusing your attention in specific ways to accomplish discrete objectives. For example, focusing your attention by one method will help you to relax, through a different technique it will help you to get into touch with the intuitive wisdom of your Soul, and through another style you can become aware of your spirit.

Meditation comprises a variety of techniques.The meditation we teach is not just mechanically doing a mantra, or watching your breath. Instead it teaches you to coordinate your meditation techniques so you can make real inner progress, progress you can see, feel and touch.

What We Believe About Meditation

We believe that you need to understand what each meditation does, when to use it, how to use it correctly, and when not to use it.

Meditation can take you into altered states of consciousness, but we believe that you should not remain in those states for extended periods of time.

We believe that you don’t have to be mystified to learn meditation. You don’t need to wear special clothes, mystic talismans, and do exotic rites and rituals. You just have to sit in a comfortable pose on a chair, a couch, or on the floor, and go within.

We believe that you should not become a slave to anyone to learn meditation, and that your autonomy and dignity as a person and a spiritual being should always be respected.

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This is picture of George giving a sitting during the
Mudrashram Master Course in Meditation