Understanding Nodal Points and Nuclei of Identity

Nodal Points

A nodal point is a discrete location on the path of the ensouling entity where the ensouling entity dwells. The ensouling entity only dwells in a nodal point; karmic accretion keeps the ensouling entity from moving to the next nodal point on its path.

We can use a couple of analogies to describe a nodal point.

Each nodal point is like a radio signal on the FM dial: between each station is static, and radio stations broadcast only at exact frequencies. These exact frequencies are like nodal points.

In a flute, notes are drilled at specific locations to create a correct note. The note is not correct if it is drilled anywhere else; it must be in exactly this location. This hole in the flute is like a nodal point: it occupies an exact location on the Path and is tuned to a precise vibration.

If you could listen to these nodal points that you have opened on the Path, you would find they make a beautiful, celestial harmony.

Philosophers and sages who have heard these lyrical harmonies of the path have referred to them as the Music of the Spheres.

Every note reveals a new world, a new perspective from which the ensouling entity beholds the phenomena of the outer and inner universe.

Nuclei of Identity

In our Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation, we describe nuclei of identity as follows:

"A nucleus of identity is an inner center that is often mistaken for the ensouling entity. It is a mental center as opposed to a spiritual essence, but it has the qualities of intelligence, discernment, understanding, perception, and retention of knowledge."

"In Yoga Philosophy, a nucleus of identity may be said to possess ahamkara (mental identity), buddhi (intelligence, discernment and understanding) and manas (perception and retention of knowledge. It needs to be distinguished from Atma, the overshadowing ensouling entity in which dwells the atom of the Divine Presence."

"However, in many spiritual and religious traditions, an individual becomes identified with the nucleus of identity instead of the ensouling entity. This is because spiritual practices used by some groups selectively focus the practitioner's attention upon the nucleus of identity."

"It is important that you recognize the major nuclei of identity that operate in Planetary, Cosmic and Supracosmic bands of the Great Continuum of Consciousness. These are shown in the table below."

Our Name for this Nucleus of Identity Other Names Initiation Distinguishing Features
Moon Soul Christ Consciousness, Christ Child, Son of God, Bread which Comes down from Heaven, the New Birth, the White Stone First Planetary It appears as white disk with a central, hollowed-out receptacle, wherein the flame of the Holy Spirit dwells. It is located in the solar plexus center.
Solar Angel Mighty I AM Presence, Woman Clothed with the Son, Sun Soul, the Solar Man Second Planetary This resembles a white sun in which the glorified form of a man or woman can be seen to dwell. The mantra I AM reverberates from this inner sun. It is located in the sacred heart center (Hridaya) on the right side of the chest.
Manasic Vortex Son of Mind, Mental Soul Third Planetary This can be perceived as a clear vortex surrounded by colored rings of mind stuff. Thought forms and patterns for manifestation can be seen in some of these rings. It links together various octaves of mental functioning into to synchronized, purposeful activity. It is located in the thalamic center.
Illumined Mind The Raincloud of All Knowledge, the Augoiedes, the Golden Man, the Diamond Soul Fourth Planetary This looks like a brilliant golden sphere within a faceted, crystal-clear diamond. It radiates scintillating golden light in a great sphere. It is at times extremely bright. It is located in the cerebral center.
Cosmic Consciousness Atman, the Cosmic Child, the Brahmic Effulgence, the Cave-Dwelling One First Cosmic This presents as a small, black, stone-like sphere from which magnetic currents flow upward and outward. Divine Affirmations such as Tat Twam Asi or Aham Brahmasmi spontaneously resonate from this center. When the attention is united with this center, you feel that you dwell in the entire universe and the entire universe is in you. It is located in the navel center.
Cosmic Soul Awareness The Hidden One Second Cosmic This shows itself as black crown in which a flame is ever burning. It is located in the thalamic center.
Triune Center Kirtan Center Third Cosmic This manifests as three currents of energy surrounding an inner vortex. It is a very ecstatic center, in which you feel you are dancing. It is located in the thalamic center.
Avataric Consciousness Universal Consciousness Fourth Cosmic This is revealed as the topmost, golden gem in the pericarp of Buddha's crown. As it unfolds you will see it surrounded by rings of golden light. It is also located in the thalamic center.
God Consciousness God the Sevenfold Fifth Cosmic This appears as a blinding white sphere surrounded by rainbow-colored bands. The mantra I Am GOD may be heard arising from this center. It is also located in the thalamic center.
Supracosmic Essential Center Divine Name, Raam Nam, Krishna or Shiva dwelling in the heart Supracosmic This is a mantramic essence that takes various forms, depending on its level of development and the tradition from which it comes. It is a dazzling white seed that is located in the region of the heart. There is one essential center for each of the paths of the Supracosmic Sphere. These paths begin in the First Cosmic Initiation and culminate in reunion with the Supracosmic Soul.

Ensouling Entities

"The ensouling entity for the Subtle Realm we call the Soul Spark.

The ensouling entity for the Planetary Realm, we refer to as the Soul, which you may also find elsewhere in our books and teachings listed as the Higher Self, the Transpersonal Self, the God Immanent, or Gnosis.

The ensouling entity for the Transplanetary Realm, we label the Monad.

The ensouling entity for the Cosmic Sphere, we name the Astral Soul.

The ensouling entity for the Supracosmic Sphere, we call the Supracosmic Soul.

For the Bridge Path, we use the term, the Soul of the Bridge Path.

For each of the other seven Transcendental Paths, we simply call it T1, T2, etc.

The ensouling entity for T7 we also refer to as Satchitananda, or Brahma Vidya."

Differences between the Ensouling Entity and a Nucleus of Identity

If you trace the nodal points you have opened on the Path of the ensouling entity, you will find that essence within you.

A nucleus of identity will be found to occupy different inner forms, or vehicles, as it unfolds.

It normally will exist below and in correspondence with the ensouling entity directly above it when you take a particular Initiation.

For example, when you take the First Planetary Initiation, the Planetary Soul will normally activate the Moon Soul.

In some Christian religious sects, people learn to identify with the Moon Soul and "claim it by faith," even though their Planetary Soul has not opened on its path to this level.

By focusing their attention on this center, they believe they have undergone a "new birth."

They may even refer to themselves as "born again Christians" and relate to others from this new state of identity.

This "jumping ahead" on the path often results in great zeal and a desire to bring the whole world to their perspective of beholding the world from the vantage point of the Moon Soul. This, in our opinion, is inappropriate for the following reasons:

(1) The nucleus of identity is a center that integrates knowledge and understanding in an inner vehicle. It is not the primary essence of being.

We have our meditation students contemplate the ensouling entity at their cutting edge of spiritual evolution, and de-emphasize the nucleus of identity.

(2) Unfolding the Moon Soul or other nucleus of identity through Kriya Yoga or other transformational methods, or through invocation of the Spirit, introduces imbalances in the ordered alignment of the vehicles.

Moving from "glory to glory in Christ," as some sects seek, may move the Moon Soul out of alignment with the overshadowing Soul.

This nucleus of identity will naturally unfold in consonance with the overshadowing ensouling entity through the regular process of spiritual evolution.

(3) Not everyone's spiritual cutting edge is the First Planetary Initiation.

Trying to ask everyone to be Christian and relate to the world identified as the Moon Soul makes as much sense as telling everyone they all should be in second grade in school: Some people are not yet ready for second grade; others already passed second grade.

We have elsewhere discussed some of the problems that arise when nuclei of identity are treated as the primary focus of spirituality. See the pages in our Library on Religion and Cults to read more on this topic.

We invite you to contemplate your nuclei of identity to understand these centers of your Superconscious mind.

You may wish to notice if you have been using the word "Soul" to refer to a nucleus of identity.

Discovering your overshadowing Soul dwelling on the Path in a nodal point will help you differentiate between your ensouling entity and a nucleus of identity—this will help you gain discernment.

By George A. Boyd © 2004

Several of the terms we use are somewhat novel, and some aspirants have difficulty understanding what they mean. In this article, we will attempt to clarify the meaning of two key concepts we use, nodal points and nuclei of identity.

Most of the terms we use are defined in our glossary. But we will attempt to define several key terms at greater depth here so that their meanings become clear.

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