Tricks of the Mind

Tricks of the Mind: Things that Appear to Be
the Highest State of Consciousness, but Aren’t

By George A. Boyd © 2022

Q: Why do people believe that they have reached the highest state of consciousness, when they haven’t?

A: There are several elements at play here that make individuals stop at a certain level and not go beyond it:

  1. Their technique does not allow progress beyond a certain point. For example, those that unfold the Supracosmic seed atom on a Supracosmic Path can only develop it to the origin of that seed atom in the brain chakra on that Path.
  2. They reach the Presence of the Divine in their cosmology. For example, a Christian monastic that practices the Jesus Prayer unfolds his or her Moon Soul nucleus of identity into the Presence of the Father God in the First Mesoteric Initiation, and assumes the form of the saint in the Courts of the Lord. They are devoted to this form of God; believe this form of the Divine is the only True God; and consequently, they have no desire to go to any higher level.
  3. They do not see any higher level because of the inherent curvature of inner space on the Continuum. For example, Yogis who unite their attention with their cosmic consciousness see Brahman, at the brain center of the Cosmic Man or Woman as the highest state of consciousness, which they believe confers Supreme Self Realization, Enlightenment, God Realization, or Nirbikalpa Samadhi. When they move beyond Brahman into the Void, which is experienced as a Great Ocean of Peace (Shanti Desh), they see their Path reveals a new segment that connects with the Hridaya chakra, where their inner Yogi Preceptor dwells and the Lord of the Yogis oversees that inner throne of Mastery.
  4. They become identified with a vehicular seed atom, a nucleus of identity, a spirit, or an ensouling entity, and can only view the inner Planes from that perspective. For example, those who practice the Taoist microcosmic circulation technique become identified with the seed atom on the Subtle Etheric Subplane; those that practice the Merkaba method become identified with their seed atom on the fifth Subplane of the Psychic Realm (the Star Seed). Those that practice selected decrees or use attunements to open the inner track that connects with the Mighty I AM Presence become identified with this nucleus of identity. Those that practice a mantra to remember their spirit (simran) become identified with the spirit. Those that awaken Kundalini to the presence of an ensouling entity, receive attunements to unite their attention with it, or practice sustained contemplation of that ensouling entity become identified with it.
  5. The map of consciousness they utilize does not describe anything beyond that particular segment of the Path. For example, Baba Muktananda describes the cosmology of the Supracosmic portion of the Shiva 8 Path in his book, The Play of Consciousness, but only that Path. Sant Mat Masters use maps of consciousness to describe the Path of the spirit on the Second Transcendental Path (T2), but do not describe anything beyond; the Eckankar™ Masters similarly employ maps of consciousness to describe only T5.
  6. Their belief in and devotion to a form of God or to a spiritual Master makes them not want to go to any higher world, even if they know about these higher levels. For example, Mahara, the wife of my first spiritual teacher, Maha Genii Turriziani, only aspired to reach to the Cosmic Hierarchy where Maha Genii dwells.
  7. They are locked into an altered state of consciousness, where they see their spiritual teacher as the highest Initiate or the World Savior. For example, in many religious cults, members learn to keep their attention in an altered state of consciousness, where they see their cult leader on the inner horizon of the mind, which appears to them to be the highest level. Those experiencing Kundalini syndromes may be involuntarily fixed in a higher spiritual essence, such as their cosmic consciousness or a Supracosmic seed atom; they behold the Initiate who awakened this essence at the apparent summit of spiritual development.

The Mudrashram® Multiplane Masters brought to the world a complete mapping of the levels of the mind—Conscious, Subconscious, Metaconscious, and Superconscious—in their groundbreaking Mudrashram® Correspondence Course. From the standpoint of an Adi Sat Guru, every Path is visible from its beginning to its origin—and the root teacher of the Mudrashram® lineage is established in the Infinite Stage (Param Moksha Desh), which views the Great Continuum of Consciousness in its entirety.

Because of the Mudrashram® Masters’ comprehensive map, they can identify when individuals become locked into the limited perspective of a particular Plane, a band of the Continuum, or an isolated Path. The Mudrashram® Masters lead individuals to complete that segment of their spiritual development, and take up the Great Work of finishing their spiritual development in the Subtle, Planetary, Transplanetary, Cosmic, Supracosmic, and Transcendental levels of the Continuum, and ultimately guide them to reach the Infinite Stage.

These tricks of the mind are on full display on the Bridge Path, when the Soul of the Bridge Path reaches the causal ring that surrounds the Light of Liberation from Birth and Death: here wave after wave of entities appear before the inner eye of the Soul of the Bridge Path announcing, “Oh Lanoo, you have now reached the Highest Stage… you have now reached the Light of Liberation… you are now freed from birth and death…” in an attempt to have the Soul of the Bridge Path stop its upward journey to the True Light that genuinely bestows freedom from birth and death.

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