The Wish for Instant Gratification

By George A. Boyd © 2012

Many people believe that it is sufficient only to wish for something and it will appear instantly.

Perhaps watching cartoons has influenced them; perhaps they interpreted the Law of Attraction, widely disseminated in New Age circles, as only requiring an idle wish, with no action or follow-up.

If it were, as they believed, then we would likely be seeing products like:

  • Instant love drops – immediately brings your Soul Mate to you upon application
  • Instant money drops – immediately brings you millions of dollars upon application
  • Mind glue – keeps your attention fixed on inner focal points; keeps it from wandering in meditation
  • Instant Enlightenment drops – immediately grants you full Buddhahood upon ingestion
  • Instant vision collyrium – immediately grants full and complete inner vision, when one drop is placed on the center of your forehead [on the location of the “third eye”]
  • Instant hearing balm – immediately grants the hearing of celestial music and the voice of the Soul, the Master, and God, when placed on the top of the ears and massaged in
  • Instant devotion drops – immediately makes you fall in love with God, and makes you want to dedicate your life to Him

We regret to announce that no products like these are currently available, so meditators will

  1. have to practice meditation for a sustained period to make breakthroughs in their ability to concentrate, to see and hear within, to gain complete dedication to serving and loving God, and to make progress to the point where they are genuinely illumined and empowered
  2. need to take constructive and effective action towards the goals of finding a compatible mate and earning their livelihood.

While seeding the higher Mind through affirmation, visualization, and faith is a powerful adjunct to human planning and action, it cannot replace it.

While apparent miracles can and do happen as a result of this activation of the Plenum, aspirants must not presume that they only need wish, and things will occur. Any “treatment” must also be accompanied by commitment, effort, and action to be successful.

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