The Great Continuum of Consciousness

By George A. Boyd © 1999

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The Spectrum of Possible Human Consciousness

The Great Continuum of Consciousness (GCC) comprises the entire spectrum of possible human consciousness and spiritual experience. Much of our work from 1975 to present has been constructing an accurate mapping of the GCC.

This delineation of the entire spectrum of possible consciousness has subsequently been incorporated in the services we offer to the public. For example:

The GCC is mapped in its entirety and in great detail in the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course.

It is also described and explored in the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation, the Accelerated Meditation Program, and Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation.

Participants in the original Satsang Program meditationw were guided through the vehicles of consciousness for the first six bands of GCC: these meditations were recorded and are available today in the Satsang Program Home Study Course.

In presenting this map of consciousness here, I am indebted to those who have already entered into and mapped portions of the GCC.

I have been assisted in this great work by:

  • studying the Theosophical writers, who have detailed the higher strata of the Planetary Realm

  • Paramahansa Yogananda, who gave clear descriptions of the First Cosmic Initiation
  • my first Master Teacher, Maha Genii, who captured in lyrical poetry and wisdom teachings the higher Initiations in the Cosmic Sphere
  • Baba Muktananda, who intimately explored the cosmology of one of the Shiva Realms (Shiva 8) in the Supracosmic Sphere in his book, The Play of Consiousness
  • Sant Darshan Singh [and other Sant Mat teachers], who revealed the markers of the Second Transcendental Path
  • Avatar Meher Baba, who elucidated the levels of the Third Transcendental Path
  • The Urantia Book, which sketches the spiritual terrain of the Fourth Transcendental Path
  • Sri Paul Twitchell, who presented information about the strata of the Fifth Transcendental Paths in his book, The Spiritual Notebook

Upon this well-laid foundation, we have extended this exploration of the GCC from its roots in waking awareness to the origin of the Seventh Transcendental Path. After a brief description of the poles of spiritual development, which is relevant to understanding the perspective from which this map was constructed, we will give information about the strata of the GCC.

The Poles of Spiritual Development

We characterize spiritual development as occurring in four quadrants, or poles. The form of Integral meditation that we teach is predicated upon a balanced development along these four poles.

  • The first quadrant is the pole of Being. It refers to the current state of spiritual evolution of the ensouling entity. This entity has been variously called the Soul, Atma, God Immanent, or Divine Atom. When we unite our attention with this ensouling entity, we experience Gnosis, Soul Realization, or Enlightenment. It dwells at the pinnacle of the Superconscious mind, whose vehicles comprise the higher aspects of the third quadrant described below.
  • The second quadrant is the pole of individual spirit. It refers to the 12 domains through which the spiritual heart traverses in its journey to reunion with the Divine, traveling on the channels of the inner light and sound, the Nada.
  • The third quadrant is the pole of the vehicles of the ensouling entity, comprising the Conscious, Subconscious, Metaconscious, and Superconscious minds.
  • The fourth quadrant is the life and consciousness pole. This pole comprises the experience of working out karmic issues in our everyday lives and the exploration of the vehicle of consciousness by the attention and the attentional principle. Attention is key to our inner discovery in meditation: by selectively concentrating the attention on discrete loci within, we can become increasingly aware each of the quadrants within us. This pole is home to the attentional principle, the essence of consciousness itself, that we can learn to activate to grant full awareness of every realm of the GCC.

When we examine each of these four quadrants from their own unique perspective, we gain a different picture of the GCC.

  • From the standpoint of the pole of Being, we identify a specific nodal point that is its current stage of spiritual evolution. This is its state of Initiation, its station upon the Great Way.
  • From the vantage point of the individual spirit, the inner worlds comprise twelve domains through which the Nada resounds. The spirit travels through the inner channels of the Nada: this is the spiritual Path.
  • From the viewpoint of the vehicles of the ensouling entity, we characterize four fields of activity, the Conscious, Subconscious, Metaconscious, and Superconscious bands of the mind. These vehicles of the ensouling entity make up the microcosm of our personal and Transpersonal existence. But each of these vehicles exists upon the Planes of the Macrocosm, which is the Universal field of the GCC.
  • From the vista of the attentional principle, any discrete element of the other three poles can become a specific focal point for the attention, and a place where personal and spiritual inner work can be carried out.

We will present below three maps based on these perspectives.

The first will present the GCC from the viewpoint of the vehicles of consciousness that make up the bands of the Mind. This presents the map of the Planes. When you understand this fundamental topology of the inner worlds, you will be able to comprehend the other two maps that are based upon it. This is Map One – The Bands of the Mind.

The second will present the GCC from the standpoint of the pole of Being. In this perspective we identify the alternate possibilities of ensoulment. This is Map Two – The Possibilities of Ensoulment.

The third will present the GCC from the vantage point of the individual spirit. This details the ground and origin of each of the 12 domains. This is Map Three – the domains of the individual spirit.

Map One – The Bands of the Mind
The Conscious Mind

The Conscious mind comprises your normal waking state, and the following states of awareness directly above it:

State of Awareness Content
The waking state of awareness ground state of attention
Present time awareness current moment of human life
Sensory awareness awareness of the external environment through the five senses
Body awareness awareness of the sensations and physiological movement, such as breath, heartbeat and circulation
Emotional awareness awareness of feelings arising in the present time
Thinking awareness awareness of behavioral commands, analogical and logical thinking in the present time; the faculty of Reason
Ego awareness awareness of the state of identity of the Conscious mind, the ego: its reactions, its defenses, and its attitudes in the present time
Preconscious awareness awareness of material welling up into the Conscious mind from the Subconscious mind
Gate of the Subconscious also called the Etheric Veil, these inner gates keep the attention within the sphere of the Conscious mind

The Conscious Mind is the first of the bands of awareness that we experience. People who do not meditate do not pass beyond these inner gates and glimpse the other three bands of awareness. Conscious mind experience is present time-oriented (temporal), bound by the parameters of our sensory experience of the environment and our body (empirical), and identified with the body and life experiences in the body. It uses reason and analogy to arrive at truth.

The Conscious mind is the seat of the ego, which attempts to ensure survival of the body, its loved ones and its possessions. The ego, if unchecked by higher aspects of the Metaconscious mind such as Conscience and Will, uses any means, fair or foul, to achieve its desires.

The Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious mind consists of the following centers and vehicles that exist beyond the boundary of the Conscious mind:

State of Awareness Content
The Personal Unconscious The repository of life experiences, both readily recalled by the Conscious mind and those that are not readily recalled. This is also called the temporal track, and this zone has five major focal points (1) the present time in memory, (2) the first conscious memory, when you aware that you were the actor in your life, (3) the moment of birth, (4) the moment of conception, and (5) the atom of eternity, from which you are aboe to view your entire life as a detached observer from the viewpoint of your Soul. Your life narrative comprises the content focal points one and two; the personal unconscious consists of the contents of this level of the mind prior to your first conscious memory up to the moment of conception.
Seat of the Kundalini Shakti The energy of awareness. In its dormant state, it energizes the centers of the Conscious mind. When awakened, it brings energy and awareness into the vehicles of the Subconscious, Metaconscious, and Superconscious bands of the mind.
The Seven Chakras Centers of creative intelligence that organize experience. These appear as lotus flowers of varying numbers of petals that are aligned along the cerebrospinal axis. A detailed description of chakras of the Subconscious mind can be found in our article, Introducing the Chakra Model.
Pituitary Center Seat of the attentional principle.
Pineal Center Seat of the spirit and entrance to the inner current of light and sound (Nada).
The Astral Body Vehicle of so-called astral projection and clairvoyant seeing.
The Causal Body Repository of karmic impressions (sins, samskaras), which are effaced by meditation practice and living through
The Toruses of Purpose 13 "crowns" or toruses, which mirror the fulfillment of human destiny in your current life (crown 1) and your spiritual development in the 12 spiritual domains (crowns 2 to 13)
The 8-petalled lotus center Seat of the Guide – In Mudrashram®, one of our spiritual guides appears at this inner center.

We access the Subconscious mind through psychotherapy, hypnosis and meditation. It is the repository of the totality of our past experiences, and is our link with the higher bands of awareness, the Metaconscious and Superconscious bands of the mind.

The Metaconscious Mind

The Metaconscious mind is the seat of the Self, and your human personality. It checks the excesses of the ego, and operates through the creative centers of Subconscious mind to actualize your goals and dreams. The Metaconscious mind creates the vision of the future, whereas the Subconscious mind contains the repository of the past, and the Conscious mind, the experience of the present.

The Metaconscious mind is capable of abstract thinking, planning, and self-awareness. It includes the faculties of conscience, the adoption of social roles through the persona, and the ability to commit to long term goals over an extended period of time. It uses the force field of the etheric body to influence the Subconscious mind and the Conscious mind. It is the seat of human volition.

Centers of the Metaconscious Mind include:

State of Awareness Content
Etheric Vehicle This life force matrix underlies movement, sensation, activation of physiological processes, memory, and integrated functioning of all systems. The etheric body also contains the seed atoms of the ensouling entity for the Subtle/Planetary and for the higher spiritual realms.
Desire body The nuclei underlying strong attraction and aversion, this center magnetizes goal objects, and makes commitment and dedication possible.
Persona Social roles, humor, personification, adoption of imaginary roles (role play) are mediated by this center. This center allows you to play and have fun, as well as act appropriately when the situation requires it.
Conscience The moral values and ethical codes by which you correct your behavior.
Concrete Mind This aspect of the mind makes work possible. It is responsible for planning, scheduling, tracking steps for the accomplishment of goals, and recognizing when objectives have been reached.
Intellect This aspect of the mind makes abstract thinking possible. Whereas reason uses analogy (parable) and deductive reasoning, the intellect uses dialectical and inductive reasoning. The intellect solves problems using discrete strategies upon verbal, numerical, symbolic arrays, and upon models of the real world. It is the part of your mind that receives formal education. It permits communication of abstract concepts that are not tied to environmental objects, e.g., freedom, justice and love.
Intuition This aspect of the mind allows self-awareness. From this center, you can view the present time activity of each of your centers of consciousness in your Conscious, Subconscious, and Metaconscious minds. It allows you to monitor and "check in" with yourself.
Volition This is Will, the center where you have free choice about what you will do, be, and have in your life. It directs, controls, and permits activity in each of the vehicles of your Conscious, Subconscious and Metaconscious minds.
The Self The nucleus of your personality. It is a center of awareness, will, and joy.
Being The voidness of the Buddhists, the peace beyond understanding of the Christians, this is your ability to stop doing anything and just be. It is a state of complete peace and repose.

The Superconscious Mind, General Information

The Superconscious mind is multidimensional. Its inner vehicles allow you to enter, and operate in several spiritual Planes of the Great Continuum of Consciousness. It is the realm of spiritual experience, and development of dormant abilities and penetrating insight and intuition.

At the pinnacle of the Superconscious mind is your Higher Self or Soul. In your Higher Self, you contain an atom or spark of the Divine Life. When you experience your Higher Self, you sense the Presence of God within you.

The Superconscious mind is the realm of myriad spiritual worlds. In these inner worlds you will encounter the Universal Life, that we call God, or the Divine.

There are many dimensions within the Superconscious mind. Subtle, Planetary, Transplanetary, Cosmic, Supracosmic and Transcendental bands are the major divisions of the Great Continuum of Consciousness. Major landmarks of these bands are described below.

The Subtle Bands of the Superconscious Mind

The Lower Subtle Realm

Plane Content
Annamayakosa body of Nature, union with Nature
Pranamayakosa body of life force
Manomayakosa body of ideas
Vijnanamayakosa body of revelation
Anandamayakosa body of bliss
Subtle Astral dream time, primitive visions of heaven
Subtle Causal transmutation of karma, yantras
Mythological Bands cultural transmission of legends and life skills
Kumaras mastery of first spiritual domain
Golden Lotus integration center, linked to Kundalini Shakti
Temple of the Goddess place where individual current of Kundalini Shakti unites with the Transpersonal current of Kundalini Shakti, visions of the Mother Goddess

The Middle and Upper Subtle Realm

Plane Content
Subtle Physical (Asian Indian Civilization) The keynote of this band is Dharma, living righteously in harmony with Cosmic Law.
Subtle Etheric (Chinese Civilization) The keynote of this band is the Tao, which grants harmony with Heaven and Earth and mastery of the Life Force (chi).
Subtle Emotional (Greco-Roman Civilization) The keynote of this band is self-knowledge, and self-expression.
Subtle Mental (Persian-Mesopotamian Civilization). The keynote of this band is mastery of secular and sacred knowledge
Subtle Intellectual (Medieval and Renaissance European Civilization) The keynote of this band is establishing order and harmony within and without. It is also referred to as the Plane of the Three Forces.
Subtle Self (Tibetan Civilization) The keynote of this band is developing virtue and compassion towards all living beings. It is the abode of the White Lotus, where the mantra OM MANE PADME HUM resounds
Subtle Social (Modern Technological Civilization) The keynote of this band is mastery of information and technology. It utilizes weapons and control of information to enforce order in society. It views the world as a resource to be controlled and exploited. It emphasizes the gaining of power within society and the symbols of wealth and status. It demands others adopt its beliefs, values, and customs, and may suppress other cultures through conquest or colonization.
Lower Astral This is a realm of darkness, of hypnotic forces of temptation that drive human beings to addiction and enslavement. This realm contains the Magical Religions and Witchcraft, and the Occult Mystery Schools. It is a realm in which you see the throne of Satan. It is a Plane upon which the initiate must renounce all lower desires and temptations for power. It is a realm to be avoided!
Intellechy This is a reflection of the higher Planes above the Subtle realm. It is the seat of illumined knowledge.
Master of Evolution (Illuminati) Mastery of the second spiritual domain

The Subtle Realm, in its Lower, Middle, and Upper Divisions, is the interface between personality and the shaping forces of culture. This is a blending of individuality and expected conformity to the social nexus.

In the Lower Division, we see the development of myths and stories in primitive cultures. These give rise to creative and artistic expression, beliefs about the world and its origins, and the establishment of social customs or taboos. In these societies, we see the emergence of social roles within the tribe or village unit.

The Middle Division contains the major world civilizations that have shaped higher orders of social organizations. These civilizations were developed to govern the greater complexity of managing people and resources in cities, states and nations. They have spread their beliefs and practices through conquest and colonization, education, and indoctrination.

The Upper Subtle Realm consists of the dark realm of the Lower Astral Plane, the home of the Occult and Magical traditions; and the Subtle Illumined Mind (Intellechy), which transcends the Lower Astral Plane. At this level, you must renounce the temptations of the powerful magnetic currents of the Lower Astral; through this renunciation, you arrive at the serene shores of contemplation in the Subtle Illumined Mind.

The Subtle Realm is home to the Soul Spark, the free atom of ensoulment. As the Soul Spark unfolds within these realms, it gains new insights and abilities. The Soul Spark sublimates aspects of the personality into mythological forms; it expresses the mythic in the world of the personal, bringing meaning, value and a sense of collective belonging.

The great challenge of the Lower, Middle, and Upper Subtle Realm is freedom. Only cultural values and group pressures to conform to social rules restrain this impulse to be anything, to try anything, to become anything that fancy suggests.

The Planetary Bands of the Superconscious Mind
Plane Content
Biophysical Universe Culture and nature, tantric sexuality, Native American shamanic religion, origins of biological life, origins of the physical universe
Abstract Mind Plane Self-programming, Science, Art, Philosophy, Akashic Records, the Universal Mind, Masters of Mind
Psychic Realm Psychic powers, astrology and metaphysics, contact with UFOs and spirit guides, healing, visions of the afterlife
Wisdom Plane Working out karma, learning the great lessons of life, the 12 sages
1st Planetary Initiation (Exoteric) Judaism, Christianity, Democracy—religious and social movements—development of the moral will, ministry of faith, following established doctrine
1st Planetary Initiation (Mesoteric) Mystic visions of the Great Judge, Hell, Purgatory, Heaven, the Angels, the Saints, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the Being of God, ministry of the Holy Spirit
1st Planetary Initiation (esoteric) The 12 Mystery Schools, the Magus
2nd Planetary Initiation The Solar Angel, the higher mystery schools, the Ascended Masters, mastery of the 3rd spiritual domain, ministry of the spoken word
3rd Planetary Initiation The Manasic Plane, the New World Servers, building thought forms, ministry by concretized thought
4th Planetary Initiation The Buddhic Plane, "Rain Cloud of All Knowledge," ministry by radiation from the illumined mind
5th Planetary Initiation The Atmic or Soul Plane, realization of Soul beyond all vehicles, activation of Transpersonal Will, union with the Monad, Nirvana, the assumption of the mantle of the Adept

The Planetary Realm is the home of the spirituality of the West. It is based on the Planetary Soul, also called the Soul, Higher Self, the God Immanent, or the Transpersonal Self. Meditating on the Soul, you will feel the blissful three-part rhythm that Hindus have called the AUM vibration, Christians the Holy Ghost or AMEN. In the presence of the Soul, you will hear in the stillness the silent mantram, I AM GOD.

For most Westerners, the Planetary Realm is their spiritual cutting edge, the Octave of Being at which they are evolving spiritually to fulfill their Divine Purpose. Eastern religions, by contrast, largely focus their spiritual work on Cosmic, Supracosmic and Transcendental bands of the Great Continuum of Consciousness.

The Transplanetary Bands of the Superconscious Mind

These are the realms of the spiritual evolution of the Monad, the Third Octave of Being. This is the bridge from the Planetary Realm to the Cosmic Realm.

Plane Content
Ground State of the Monad The state of the Adept.
Monadic Plane The activity of the Seven Planetary Rays can be known here. Anupadaka is the classical name for this Plane.
Divine Mind Plane The Plan of Creation is mirrored in this silent spiritual ether. Adi is classical name for this Plane.
Planetary Hierarchy Ascending to this level, the Monad occupies an office of ministry in the Hierarchy of Light. Beings who dwell here are known as Adept Masters. This is the realm of the rose colored sun.
Solar Chain of Evolution The Monad ascends to seven higher Astral Planets in our Solar System into the Presence of the Solar Logos. This is the realm of the golden sun.
Pleiadean Chain of Evolution The Monad ascends through seven solar systems to its origin in the Pleiadean system. This is the origin of our Life Wave and the limit of human Monadic evolution. This is the realm of the blue sun.
Angelic Realm of Evolution This is the realm in which the "souls" of angels dwell. We can glimpse this realm of celestial beauty in meditation.
Realm of the Evolution of the Logoi These godlike beings rule over planets, solar systems, life waves ( a constellation of associated Solar Systems in which spiritual evolution takes place), galaxies, and metagalaxies. At the top of this realm is a being called Saguna Brahman, who rules over the Spiritual Evolutionary Plan for the entire Physical Universe. Like the Angelic realm, we don't actually dwell here, but we can view it in meditation.

The Cosmic Bands of the Superconscious Mind

This is the level of the Fourth Octave of Being, the Astral Soul. The Cosmic Sphere parallels the spiritual evolutionary pattern of the Planetary Realm by having five initiations, and is overshadowed by a Hierarchy of Masters.

Many Westerners are initiated by teachers who come from the top of the first band in this Sphere, who are called Yogi Preceptors. Because of the sublime beauty and mystery of this realm, some have come to regard it as the ultimate state of spiritual evolution, when in fact it is just a way station on the upward Path.

These Planes of the Cosmic Sphere are shown below:

Plane Content
1st Cosmic Initiation The abode of Cosmic Consciousness. There are a series of subplanes in this band, including the Cosmic Physical, the Cosmic Astral, the Cosmic Causal, the Cosmic Ideational, the Abode of Brahman, the Abode of the Yogi Preceptors and Ishwara (Lord of the Yogis), the Abode of the Divine Mother, the Abode of the Cosmic Creator and the Cosmic Cycle of Ages.
2nd Cosmic Initiation The Abode of Cosmic Soul Awareness. There are the subplanes of the personal and cultural unconscious, the Astral, Causal, Mental, Etheric and Soul Planes, the origin of the fourth domain, the Abode of the Light Masters, the Abode of the Liberated Saints, the Abode of the Cosmic Builders, and the Cosmic Tree of Life.
3rd Cosmic Initiation The abode of the Triune Center. There are subplanes of hell, purgatory and heaven worlds, and the abode of the Spiritual Guide.
4th Cosmic Initiation The abode of Avataric Consciousness. There are 49 states of Avataric Consciousness, mirroring development in higher realms. You view the working out of karma on this Plane. The Cosmic Buddha is seen meditating on this Plane. He becomes enlightened under the flowering tree that grants its fruits of wisdom and virtue to the Astral Soul.
5th Cosmic Initiation The Abode of God Consciousness. Here you witness the rainbow bands of spiritual evolution, and see the seven types of spiritualized form: Carnal, Intellectual, Psychic-Spiritual, the Illumined Adept, the Angelic, the Archangelic, and God-Consciousness-merged.
The Realm of the Cosmic Angels These are the messengers of the Cosmic Hierarchy.
The Cosmic Stellar Realm These stars represent aspects of the great work of transforming karma and completing the tasks of spiritual evolution. They shine brilliantly as they are purified.
The Cosmic Hierarchy The Abode of the Cosmic Masters.
Brahma Jyoti The top of the Cosmic Sphere. The origin of the Astral Soul.

The Supracosmic Bands of the Superconscious Mind

In the Supracosmic Sphere, the ensouling entity is called the Supracosmic Soul, the Fifth Octave of Being. In this realm there are 73 spiritual Paths arrayed in ten realms. Each Path seven Supracosmic Chakras, ruled over by a Guru (in different traditions, the Guru is given different titles, such as Murshid, Pir, Avatar, Siddha, Avadhuta, etc.). Your Supracosmic Soul is aligned with one of these 73 Paths—entering this realm, you will encounter this essence within the cosmological universe of one of these Paths.

Many of the religions of the world have their origin in the Supracosmic Sphere. The Hindu faiths of Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and the Divine Mother (Shaktaism) may all be found here. Many of the Buddhist sects arise from these Planes. The Wisdom religions of Adi Shankara, of LaoTse and KungTse (Confucius) stem from here. The Muslim, Zoroastrian, Jain, Sikh, and Ba'hai faiths have all have originated on these Planes.

Realm Content
Parameshwara One Supracosmic Path
Shiva Eight Supracosmic Paths
Buddha Eight Supracosmic Paths
Brahma Eight Supracosmic Paths
Shankara Eight Supracosmic Paths
Vishnu Eight Supracosmic Paths
Allah Eight Supracosmic Paths
Orzhmad Eight Supracosmic Paths
Wahi Guru Eight Supracosmic Paths
Omkara Eight Supracosmic Paths
Abode of the Supreme Guru The Guru of Gurus, the one Light sustaining all traditions.
Abode of other Lokas of Existence Mineral, Plant, Animal, Angelic, and Devonic (Logoic) kingdoms
The Supracosmic Lords of Karma The Beings who process the Adi, Sinchit, Kriyaman, and Pralabdha Karma for all living beings within the Supracosmic, Cosmic, and Planetary bands of the Great Continuum.
Liberation (Mahaparinirvana) The origin of the Supracosmic Soul.

The Transcendental Bands of the Superconscious Mind

This deepest realm is the abode of the ensouling entities of the Transcendental Sphere. Eight Paths pass into this highest Sphere.

Realm Content
The Bridge Path The Abode of the Soul of the Bridge Path, and of several of the Multiplane Masters of the Mudrashram® tradition dwell on the highest Planes of this realm.
Transcendental Path One (T1) The abode of the Subud teachings. The dwelling place of the Subud Master and the Sadhu.
Transcendental Path Two (T2) The abode of the Sant Mat teachings. The dwelling place of the Shabd Master and the Sant Sat Guru.
Transcendental Path Three (T3) The Abode of the Avatar and the Qutubiat of the five Perfect Masters. This path was popularized by Avatar Meher Baba.
Transcendental Path Four (T4) The abode of the Paradise Master. This Path is described in The Urantia Book.
Transcendental Path Five (T5) The Abode of the Mahanta or T5 Sat Guru. This path is described in the Eckankar® teachings.
Transcendental Path Six (T6) Little is known about this Path. Two of the teachers of the Mudrashram® tradition work in this realm. It is called the Path of the Rainbow-Translating Light. The original description of this realm was first described in our book, Your Life Never Ends.
Transcendental Path Seven (T7) The Path of Knowledge (Brahma Vidya). The ensouling entity of this realm is called Satchitananda. It is the highest state of consciousness.

Because the attention must be focused at the entrance of the Transcendental Sphere to enter these realms, it takes deep concentration and powerful devotion to make progress in these exalted realms. These paths require the deepest absorption in meditation, and utilize inner communion with the Sat Guru or Perfect Master, who guides and uplifts the spirit on these Planes.

Map Two - The Possibilities of Ensoulment
Ensouling Entity Realm of Functioning
Soul Spark Subtle Realm of the Superconscious mind
Soul Planetary Realm of the Superconscious mind
Monad Transplanetary Realm of the Superconscious mind
Astral Soul Cosmic Sphere of the Superconscious mind
Supracosmic Soul Supracosmic Sphere of the Superconscious mind
Soul of the Bridge Path Bridge Path of the Transcendental Sphere of the Superconscious mind
T1 First Path of the Transcendental Sphere of the Superconscious mind
T2 Second Path of the Transcendental Sphere of the Superconscious mind
T3 Third Path of the Transcendental Sphere of the Superconscious mind
T4 Fourth Path of the Transcendental Sphere of the Superconscious mind
T5 Fifth Path of the Transcendental Sphere of the Superconscious mind
T6 Sixth Path of the Transcendental Sphere of the Superconscious mind
T7 (Satchitananda) Seventh Path of the Transcendental Sphere of the Superconscious mind

Map Three - The Domains of the individual spirit

From the vantage point of the spirit, the inner world is structured into twelve domains. In these domains, the spirit dwells in a current of Divine Force flowing in the inner channels of the Nada. These domains and their channels are shown below. Each domain has two Nadamic channels, light and sound, except as noted.

Domains that have three Nadamic channels have an extra current referred to as nectar, ambrosia, or amrita—T5 is typical of this type.

Domains that have four Nadamic channels have the current of nectar, and an fourth channel that has been referred to as pranic vibration, holy breath, Holy Name, or Word. T6 and T7 have this configuration.

Domain 5, the Bridge Path, uniquely has only one channel, that of sound.

Domain Ground state Origin Number of Channels
1 Pineal Center, Subconscious mind Kumara Plane, Lower Subtle two
2 Subtle Physical Plane, Upper Subtle top of Upper Subtle two
3 Ground state of Soul, Biophysical Universe, Planetary top of 2nd Planetary Initiation two
4 3rd Planetary Initiation, Planetary Abode of the Light Master, top of the 2nd Cosmic Initiation two
5 3rd Cosmic Initiation top of the Bridge Path one
6 Ground state of T1 top of T1, the Sadhu or T1 Sat Guru two
7 Ground state of T2 top of T2, the Sant Sat Guru two
8 Ground state of T3 top of the 7th Plane of T3, the Brahmi Bhut two
9 Ground state of T4 Paradise Realm, the Paradise Master two
10 Ground state of T5 top of the 12th Plane, the Mahanta or T5 Sat Guru three
11 Ground state of T6 T6 Sat Guru four
12 Ground state of T7 Infinite Stage, T7 Sat Guru four