Tarot Card

What Is A Tarot Card Reading?

This reading examines current issues impacting your personality as mirrored in the Tarot cards. You will receive an interpretation of the meaning of these powerfully evocative cards and explore these meanings more deeply together with the reader.

What Will I Get from this Reading?

  1. You will get a new perspective on current issues in your life.
  2. You will be able to get additional information to help you make a decision.
  3. You will get a synthetic vision that will help you understand a current issue.

When Do I Need this Reading?

  • When you are trying to gain more understanding about an area of your life in which you have been having difficulty.
  • When you are making a decision and want to get another perspective to confirm your judgment.
  • When you want a global picture of where you are in your life.
Available In Person By Appointment By Mail Email Video (Skype or webinar)
Note: If you order this Reading with the Basic Soul Reading and the Foot Reading, you get all three Readings for only $70—a 33% discount. This is like getting one Reading for free!

This called is the Triple Scan Reading. This is recommended for those of you who want to get a full picture of your aura, your current issues, and the state of your Soul’s evolution.
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Order the Triple Scan Reading!


To Order the Tarot Card Reading

By Mail Mail your check or money order payable to Mudrashram Institute in US dollars to Mudrashram, Post Office Box 1424, San Jacinto, CA 92581 • Please let us know what reading you are requesting • We will schedule an appointment or video session to do your reading.
Online Email us at George@mudrashram.com
and let us know you want a Tarot Card Reading