Stages of Experience of Transformation

By George A. Boyd ©2021

Q: I have been doing a transformational technique, a mantra given me by my Guru. I’m not sure it is working. How can I tell whether I’m making progress or not?

A: The way we measure progress of a transformational technique is whether it moves a spiritual essence towards its source. Depending on the transformational technique you have received, it might move a nucleus of identity or an ensouling entity.

Your experience of opening to the next stable point along the Path of this spiritual essence may take a variety of forms:

  1. Muscle relaxation – one of the first things you may feel is your muscles let go of their tension.
  2. Emotional release – when this stage dawns, as your muscles release, you will also discharge emotions that were repressed into the unconscious mind. You may process and release old patterns of reacting.
  3. Revelation – when you open to this stage, you may receive intuitive guidance or revelation when your spiritual essence moves to a new nodal point.
  4. Kinesthesia – at this stage, you distinctly feel that something inside of you is moving. This leads you to surmise something is happening, but you can’t verify what is occurring.
  5. Downpour – when your meditation progresses to this stage, you will actually feel the downpour of the Spirit, which burns away your karma behind your spiritual essence and moves this essence to a successive nodal point. This is the level at which you are first able to verify whether transformation is taking place or not.
  6. Beholding the Light – when you reach this stage, you will behold the Light with your attentional principle. You will witness the Light burning karma and unfolding your spiritual essence as it occurs. At this level, you can confirm transformation is taking place.
  7. Sending the Light – at this deepest level, you are able to send an attunement and actively unfold the spiritual essence of your Path. This is called the Power of Translation. At this level, you can consciously generate transformation, so you know that it is taking place, because your attunement causes it.

As your meditation experience progresses through stages one to three—generating physical, emotional, or cognitive change—you cannot be certain your transformational method is genuinely moving your spiritual essence along its track, or whether these are just by-products of the relaxed, alert state of awareness native to meditation.

Stage four marks the level when you feel something is happening at a level deeper than your personality, but you can’t verify it.

Stages five through seven are where you actually can verify your transformational technique is working to move your spiritual essence along its track—you feel it, see it, and ultimately, are able to produce it.

In Mudrashram®, we include Raja Yoga meditation in our program, which enables you to go within to levels where you can feel and see the Light of the Spirit unfolding your spiritual evolutionary potentials. You learn these techniques in our intermediate meditation courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program.

In this same class, we teach a transformational mantra that unfolds your ensouling entity at the cutting edge of spirituality. We call this mantra, the Alayic Divine Name or the Quintessence Mantra.

We encourage you to commune with your spiritual essence while you are doing your transformational method. This will enable you to reach stages five and six, where you can feel and see transformation taking place in real time.

Enlightenment Revisited

Enlightenment Revisited: What the Gurus Aren’t Telling You

By George A. Boyd © 2017

There are a number of spiritual teachers, who are showing their students how to unite with the Higher Self, and proclaiming this the state of Enlightenment. Some go as far to say this is “an evolutionary state of consciousness,” but fail to show methods to actually evolve this spiritual essence—e.g., to move it to progressive nodal points along the track of its development. Others proclaim this is “the highest state,” the Summum Bonum of spirituality.

While union of the attention with the Higher Self (Soul, or Atma) is a necessary achievement to advance to discipleship with a spiritual Master, it is not a state of consciousness to you have to continuously maintain, as some of these teachers advocate. In fact, those who keep their attention merged in this essence can develop feelings of grandiosity and omnipotence, delusional beliefs that they are possessed with super powers [that they are unable to demonstrate], and dissociation and detachment from their actual human feelings and experience—among other issues.

There are a number of techniques that people use to unite attention with this essence. These include [this is just a small sampling of the many methods that can be used to gain attentional union with the Higher Self]:

  1. Remembrance – Remembering the nature of the Higher Self and then focusing attention upon it.
  2. Attunement – Drawing down a beam of Light from the Higher Self and guiding the attentional principle with conjoined attention into union with it.
  3. Direct Projection – Using intention to move the attentional principle with conjoined attention along one of the Seven Ray tracks up into the presence of the Higher Self.
  4. Astral Projection – Placing attention into the astral body and directing the astral body through suggestion or “guided meditation” to unite the attention with the Higher Self. [This only works for those whose Soul dwells below the top of the Psychic Realm.]
  5. Breaking through the Shadow – Through monitoring present time experience at the level of the ego—after processing through the I AM statements, life narrative, mandala of defenses, and the issues embedded in the personal unconscious that make up the Shadow—attention breaks through the unconscious mind and unites with the Higher Self.
  6. Breathing into the Higher Self – Through breathing into the Higher Self, awareness opens and unites with this essence
  7. Awakening the Kundalini – Utilizing a mantra on the breath [or other methods that rouse this energy into activity], the Kundalini can be drawn upwards to unite with the Higher Self, awakening awareness as it rises. The upward current of this energy rising commonly absorbs the attention and lifts it into the state of union.
  8. Contemplation of the Soul’s Reflections – Contemplating any of the Soul’s reflected seed atoms in its vehicles of consciousness (Atma Dhyan) leads to remembrance and union with the Soul on its own Plane (Adi Atma Dhyan)
  9. Centering mantra – Repeating a mantra [keyed to the resonance of the Soul] with the attention can unite attention with the Higher Self.
  10. Resonance Homing – Being in the presence of a group of people whose attention is united with their Higher Self can bring remembrance of the Soul, and facilitate moving attention to the same state of consciousness. Resonance homing acts like a tuning fork: a number of people all attuned to the same frequency draws out that frequency in you.
  11. Chanting – Chanting selected mantras that are anchored in the Cosmic, Supracosmic, or Transcendental can sometimes lift attention into union with the Higher Self.
  12. Contemplating the Wave of the Present Time – Lifting attention into union with the wave of the present time on the Akashic Aether can connect attention with the thought stream of intuition, the stream of unconditional love, and the higher volitional stream that come from the Soul. Dropping into any of these streams will draw the attention into union with the Higher Self.
  13. Remembering the Atom of Divinity within the Soul – Through employing the mantra, “I am God,” attention becomes absorbed into union with the Divine Atom within the Soul. This brings about Gnosis.
  14. Divine Attunement – When an Initiate [Spiritual Master] sends a beam of Light to the Soul, this attunement can awaken awareness and lift attention into union with it.
  15. Evocative Ascent Metaphors – Through adopting analogies like riding in an elevator, moving to a particular step on a ladder, or climbing to the summit of a mountain, attention can be elevated to the level of the Soul.
  16. Dialog and union methods – Through approaching the Soul, and then asking questions to an archetype that represents the Soul, the attentional principle with conjoined attention can receive answers to questions and then rise up into union with the Higher Self. The Soul can appear in a variety of forms, such as an inner star or sun, a wise old man or woman, or a god or goddess.
  17. Spontaneous Awakening – This occurs when the Soul reveals itself to the personality and the attention. It commonly takes the form of a peak experience, where the Soul lifts the attention into union with its true nature, via guiding or awakening the Kundalini.
  18. Listening to the Vehicular Resonances – Through absorbing attention into current of inner sound, which reverberates through the inner vehicles of consciousness (Swarupa Shabda), it can be moved up into the presence of the Soul, which is hears as an unmistakable vibratory resonance.
  19. Watching the Radiant Light Stream – Through absorbing attention into current of inner light, which radiates through the inner vehicles of consciousness (Swarupa Jyoti), it can be raised into the presence of the Soul, which it beholds as an sun of fiery light.
  20. Bathing in the Water of Life – Through absorbing attention into current of nectar, which flows through the inner vehicles of consciousness (Swarupa Amrita), it can be raised into the presence of the Soul, which it experiences as an eternal wellspring of the Water of Life.

While your attention is completely absorbed in union with the Higher Self, it experiences the state of enlightened mind. This state is ecstatic, and makes you feel all-powerful and omnipresent, but this state does not evolve the Soul, nor does it magically solve the problems and issues that beset the personality.

A genuine transformational method does evolve the Soul; it actualizes the dormant potentials that are part of the Soul’s destiny. Merely keeping the attention fixed in the state of enlightenment does not achieve those ends—though you float in bliss, you do not move one millimeter closer to fulfillment of your intrinsic Soul Purpose.

While those that teach methods to enter the state of enlightened mind give their students a great boon, not showing them how to actually evolve and complete their Soul’s Aeonic mission is a disservice.

We teach several of these methods in our intermediate meditation courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the online and by-mail Accelerated Meditation Program. We describe and train you in many more of these methods in the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation and our intermediate and advanced webinars. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with several of these methods that can reliably move your attention into this state and master using them.