What Happens to Vehicles of Consciousness When the Soul is Liberated?

By George A. Boyd ©2023

Vehicles of consciousness typically align with the Soul and are tuned up as it evolves. But they are not necessarily liberated when it drops into the Nirvanic Flame. Several scenarios exist for what happens when the Soul becomes liberated in the Planetary Realm:

  1. All vehicles of consciousness are liberated at death – one must undergo the Pratyeka Buddha process to do this.

  2. Selected vehicles of consciousness are liberated – Adept Masters and empowered Adepts drop certain vehicles of consciousness that are not relevant to their ministry.
  3. Alignment of vehicles of consciousness with a form of service – individuals who liberate their Soul may align their vehicles with a nodal point where they can carry out a selected ministry via activating the vehicles of consciousness through Attunement. For example, an individual who has liberated the Soul might align his or her vehicles of consciousness with the 14th nodal point of the New World Servers Subplane on the Manasic Plane to carry out work as a group leader.
  4. Alignment of vehicles of consciousness with a stage of development within Planetary Creation that mirrors their station at Cosmic, Supracosmic, or Transcendental levels of development. For example, a Bhakti Yoga Preceptor who dwells on the First Cosmic Initiation might align his vehicles of consciousness with the form of the Saint to express Divine Love in the Planetary Realm
  5. A Master who elects to take the Sixth Initiation may tune up the vehicles of his or her personality to animate an immortal form in full consciousness – this stage of development is called the Ascension. [We write about the Ascension in depth in our Initiates Library volume, Discoveries on the Path. This book is available to those students who have completed the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation.]

Two other vehicle alignments are observed when the Soul is not liberated:

  1. Vehicles of consciousness line up with the Soul up to its establishment in its Crown of Purpose – this is normal vehicular development for those who have a Crown of Purpose.
  2. Selected vehicles of consciousness are tuned up out of alignment with the Soul – this appears in groups that identify with a vehicular seed atom or a nucleus of identity and transform it outside the axis of being, and move it beyond the Soul, so it is no longer controlled by the Soul’s transpersonal will.

We discourage aspirants from doing transformational work that misaligns vehicles of consciousness and moves vehicular seed atoms or nuclei of identity off of the axis of being—in the Subtle, Planetary, Transplanetary, Cosmic, Supracosmic, or Transcendental Bands of the Continuum.

We refer you to our articles available on our Open Stacks page to learn more about what spiritual imbalance is and how to avoid it: “The Cutting Edge of Spirituality,” “On Avoiding Imbalance from Spiritual Practice,” and “What is the Axis of Being?

Those of you who do not know whether you have a Crown of Purpose or not may benefit from a Soul Purpose Reading, which can identify whether this is present and where this Crown of Purpose dwells in the Continuum of Consciousness.

The Seven Distortions of the Psychic Realm

By George A. Boyd ©2017

Q: What are some of the challenges aspirants face in the Psychic Realm?

A: The Psychic Realm is called the world of illusion. Seven major misrepresentations of perception and knowing contaminate the spiritual teachings that come from the Psychic Realm.

These illusions distort the Soul’s clear vision and lead to misapprehension of the working of the laws of the mind, and promote irrational thinking and false beliefs. These seven distortions are briefly described below.

  1. Solipsism – In this view, only the Self and its mental content is real, and is the only creative force. This ignores the natural events of the world, the actions of other people, and spiritual agencies that operate independently of the Self as causative factors. This leads aspirants to profound narcissistic absorption, and creates genuine distress when their efforts at creation do not bear immediate fruit or when others do not acquiesce to their every whim.
  2. Amorality – In this perspective, there is no good or evil, only undifferentiated Oneness. This leads the aspirants who experience this distortion to abide in peace and sublime detachment. Holding this point of view suppresses their ability to act on truth, to stand up for what is right and just, and to honor your values and integrity. [We are reminded that if anything is fine, and there is no good or evil, then criminals will rule and anarchy will prevail.]
  3. Omnipotence – From this standpoint, it appears that whatever aspirants intend or wish will magically and miraculously manifest. This leads to unrealistic notions about the Laws of the Universal Mind, the Law of Attraction, and the purported “motivations of the universe”—that they only exist to instantly fulfill their every desire. If this instant manifestation does not occur, then aspirants blame their thoughts and emotions, which they believe are in some manner blocking or hindering these beneficent forces.
  4. Present time absorption – In this distortion, aspirants keep their attention focused on the “eternal now.” By keeping their attention fixed in this altered state of consciousness, they neglect the adoption of appropriate orientation to their temporal experience. They abandon the immediacy of the experienced present in the Conscious mind; shun the storehouse of lived experience in the reservoir of memory in their Subconscious mind; and neglect the future orientation of Metaconscious mind that enables them to plan and set goals. These other three temporal orientations play important roles in adult functioning and in promoting personal growth—continuously abiding in the perspective of the eternal can effectively shut down personal functioning.
  5. Magical and paranoid thinking – When aspirants operate from this mindset, they run the risk of generating irrational thinking through transcending grounded awareness, suppressing reason and reality testing, and re-identifying as a spiritual essence. Belief in conspiracy theories, spiritual fantasies, and the content of unfounded channeled messages readily promote paranoia and delusion in those who do not take the time to examine these warped ideas to discover in what ways they introduce distortion and untruth.
  6. Glamour – This distortion occurs when aspirants misunderstand the phenomena of the Psychic Realm, and they tend to over-value, exaggerate, and idealize the content that comes from this band of the Continuum. Glamour also idealizes and makes people larger than life—actors and sports stars become “celebrities,” famous and gifted people are viewed as infallible gods and goddesses.
  7. Warped notions of transformation and ascension – In this distortion, aspirants come to believe that the misalignment of one of their vehicles of consciousness in the Psychic Realm is “ascension.” They use Kriya-like practices such as the Merkaba method to create “transformation,” which creates spiritual imbalance, and generates perceptual illusions and cognitive delusions. Some who perform these unbalancing practices come to believe they are “the Christ” or a “Master,” even though their Soul’s spiritual evolution is far below the station in which the Masters genuinely dwell.

We encourage aspirants to examine themselves to determine whether any of these distorted viewpoints are operating in them, and to root them out.

Aspirants will benefit from reading our book, The Psychic Realm: Finding Safe Passage through the Worlds of Illusion for guidance on how to combat these illusions.

If you have been exposed to the charismatic and visionary teachers that dwell in this realm, or channeled teachings that arise from this Band of the Continuum, it is likely you have been exposed to one or more of these distortions. We suggest that it will be valuable for you to remain vigilant, as it is very easy to slip into these seductive mindsets that abandon reason and personal responsibility, and promote irrationality and delusion.

On Spiritual Boundaries

By George A. Boyd © 2017

Q: Are there spiritual boundaries?

A: Boundaries at the personal level are mediated through trust and disclosure; spiritual boundaries are constructed from ethical considerations and discernment. There are seven major spiritual boundaries.

  1. Non-injury – Non-injury means not forcing your will on another, not causing injury in thought, word, and deed. Lack of observance of this principle demarks those who work in the Lower Astral, the so-called Occult traditions, in contrast to those who work beyond the Lower Astral.
  2. Group cohesiveness – This is recognizing that certain individuals are a member of a group based on adherence to certain beliefs, doctrines, and practices. This differentiates one group from another.
  3. Plenum content discernment – This is an ability to recognize the content of the inner Planes and to discern the themes that make up a Subplane, and the collection of themes that constitute a Plane. This is primary spiritual discernment. [We teach this in a series of webinars on this topic available to intermediate students.]
  4. Vehicular content discernment – This is the ability to recognize the content of your inner vehicles of consciousness of the Conscious, Subconscious, Metaconscious, and Superconscious mind, and perceive those vehicles embedded in the matrix of the unconscious mind. This is secondary spiritual discernment. [We train you to cultivate this type of discernment in the Introduction to Meditation course, and in the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course.]
  5. Conscious essence discernment – This enables you to behold and recognize your attention, your ego, your attentional principle, your Self, your spirit, your nuclei of identity, and your Soul, both within yourself and in others. [We introduce you to personal identification centers (ego and Self), attention, and Soul in the Introduction to Meditation course. We go deeper into this examination in our intermediate courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program, where you learn about the attentional principle and the spirit. You study nuclei of identity in the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation.]
  6. Spiritual relationship discernment – This enables you to detect the attunements or energetic connections that identify someone as a disciple of a spiritual teacher. Spiritual teachers of other traditions, who recognize these energetic markers, do not work with these disciples, recognizing they are under the supervision and responsible stewardship of another Initiate. This allows individuals to develop spiritually in an orderly way on the Path.

We note that not observing this rule leads to a kind of spiritual promiscuity, where disciples of one tradition are subject to the ministry and influence of other traditions. This can result in a number of untoward consequences, including:

  • Developing imbalances in spiritual vehicles
  • Intuitive bifurcation – opening streams of intuition on more than one octave of the Continuum, or for more than one spiritual Path
  • Cognitive confusion – not knowing which worldview, beliefs, or values espoused by different teachings is correct
  • Emotional conflict – this leads to conflicted loyalties and wavering commitment
  • Behavioral inhibition – when you do not know which set of beliefs or guidelines to follow, this leads to passivity and immobility—you cannot move forward in your life if you don’t know which way to go is correct
  1. Discernment of the Divine Will – this enables you to know which conative impulse arises from the different octaves of your mind, and which emanates from the Divine. Those who operate outside the circle of Planetary Initiation, on the Probationary Path—comprising the Biophysical Universe, Abstract Mind Plane, Psychic Realm, and Wisdom Plane in the Planetary Realm—and in the Subtle Realm, their own choice largely governs what their lives become. When you enter the stream of the Planetary Initiations, you begin to become conscious of the Divine Will. Those who contemplate the Moon Soul or Christ Child nucleus of identity can hear the whispering of the Divine Will, even before their Soul has taken the First Planetary Initiation.

Initiates, who draw into the Presence of the Divine, receive direct communication of the Divine Will. They are immersed in it. It is clearly transmitted to them.

Those stages of spiritual Mastery where the Divine Will can be known directly include:

  1. Adepts and Adept Masters (Planetary Hierarchy)
  2. Yogi Preceptors (Zone of Mastery in the First Cosmic Initiation)
  3. Light Masters (Zone of Mastery in the Second Cosmic Initiation)
  4. Cosmic Masters (Cosmic Hierarchy)
  5. Supracosmic Master or Guru (Mastery of one Supracosmic Path under the aegis of the Supreme Guru)
  6. Transcendental Path Master or Sat Guru (Mastery of one Transcendental Path and becoming an emissary and conduit for the Grace and Power of the Divine at that level)
  7. Multiplane Master or Adi Sat Guru (Mastery of the six other octaves of Mastery, with the ability to know the Divine Will and minister at each of these levels)

Occult Adepts, who operate in the Lower Astral Plane, are emissaries of the Dark Force, called Kal or Satan. They operate outside of the Divine Will; they are responsive to the will of the Being who embodies the Dark Force. Their activity constructs and holds in place the maelstrom of collective evil that we call the Lower Astral Plane.

It is a primary task for beginning aspirants to gain discernment of the first two types of spiritual boundaries. Advanced aspirants and disciples need to develop discernment for the remaining five.

You need to develop your ability to discern these spiritual boundaries within your self and others, respect group identification and established spiritual relationships, and endeavor to follow the Divine Will that leads you to completion of your Soul Purpose and fulfillment of your spiritual destiny.