Reflections on the Context of Consciousness

By George A. Boyd © 2022

Q: I was listening to a talk where they referenced Dr. Roger Penrose’s theory about how consciousness arises out of the subatomic quantum field, and the brain operates like a quantum computer. Is this the basis of consciousness? Is consciousness only an epiphenomenon, an emergent property of the brain?

A: People interpret consciousness at the level where they perceive it.

  1. If you regard someone to be the body, the physical organism, the actions, emotions, and sensations of that body you can observe or measure are the evidence of consciousness. The field of behavioral psychology holds this view.
  2. If you regard someone is a network or system of cells, consciousness is the firing of neurons that underlie the observable actions, emotions, and sensation. Physiological psychology explains behavior, affect, and sensation from this platform.
  3. If you regard someone is the atomic matrix, the electrical activity of the body and brain is consciousness. Technological innovations such as Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Electroencephalography (EEG), and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) enable researchers to detect “brain waves” and the electrical activity of the living brain. Those who try to alter awareness using auditory and photic brain entrainment modalities tap this level.
  4. If you regard someone as a localized subatomic field within the universal subatomic field, you will look at consciousness as analogous as a quantum computer or a hologram. This is the perspective that Dr. Penrose and other physicists embrace.
  5. If you regard someone as an integrative node in the Information Aether, you witness consciousness as the dynamic acquisition of information (learning), information storage (memory), and manipulation of information (intelligence). Information that is no longer needed is jettisoned (forgetting). Cognitive psychology adopts this viewpoint.
  6. If you regard someone is a vortex on the Resonance Aether, you behold consciousness is the wave of the present time, through which you create, sustain, or transform the content of the mind. New Age, New Thought, and process meditation groups access this level.
  7. If you regard someone is the etheric body, you observe consciousness is directly linked to the life force. Movement of life energy in the fine mental channels (nadis) of the etheric body gives rise to thought and emotions; movement of life force in the somatic channels (meridians) governs physiological functions; and the integrative functions of the etheric body plexuses (chakras) coordinate and integrate behavior. Energy healers, Chinese medicine practitioners, and chiropractors work with this energy body and observe the linkage of consciousness and life force.
  8. If you regard someone as a magnetic center on the Desire Aether, where the Law of Attraction operates, you visualize that consciousness is the attentional principle. This essence can direct intention and thought to magnetize and manifest what you desire in your life. Spiritual coaches, metaphysical counselors, psychic teachers and channelers operate at this level.
  9. If you regard someone is the mental field or aura that encapsulates thought forms on the Thought Form Aether, you consider consciousness is the dynamic force that creates, sustains, and destroys thought forms—the attentional principle again appears as the agency that can directly interface with thought forms. Those who work at this level consider that each thought form embodies the desire seeds of karma. Humanistic and Transpersonal therapies that work with subpersonalities access this level.
  10. If you regard someone is the Self, you view consciousness is the expression of this core of the personality, which uses volition and intelligence to activate the faculties of the Metaconscious mind. These executive functions of the personality manage the issues of human life and create personal destiny. Humanistic and Existential therapies work at this level.
  11. If you regard someone is a Superconscious seed atom or nucleus of identity, consciousness appears as the activity of this essence through its form or vehicle of consciousness. Consciousness in this viewpoint is the embodiment and expression of an archetype. Transpersonal therapies that utilize the archetypes of the Superconscious mind, such as Jung’s Active Imagination and Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis interact with elements at this level.
  12. If you regard someone is the Soul, you envision consciousness resides innately in this essence. It is eternal and immortal (Sat), eternally conscious (Chit), and abides in bliss and power (Ananda). This consciousness is expressed through the faculties of the Soul’s essential vehicle, which in turn controls and operates the vehicles of the Superconscious mind (level 11) and connects with the Self (level 10). Planetary Adepts and Adept Masters view human beings in this perspective.
  13. If you regard someone is the spirit, you will see consciousness innately abides in this essence. Nadamic Masters and Sat Gurus of the Transcendental Sphere perceive consciousness at this level.
  14. If you view someone from our Integral meditation perspective, you observe consciousness inheres in the Soul (Pole One – level 12), the spirit (Pole Two – level 13), a nucleus of identity (Pole Three – level 11), the attentional principle (upper Pole Four – levels eight and nine), and the Self (lower Pole Four – level ten). This the way we view consciousness in Mudrashram®.

The relative awakening of individuals determines which of these perspectives they see. This limen of perspective only admits the content of the levels up to the stage of their spiritual development. Someone who adopts the subatomic perspective of level four can also view the content of levels one to three. However, the more subtle view of level five on the Information Aether, is outside their threshold of comprehension.

Using a transformational mantra keyed to the Soul transforms this veil, and those who practice this method can begin to comprehend those levels that are beyond his or her current threshold of conscious awareness. Those who open this veil over awareness to the Bridge Path can grasp all 14 levels.

Those who take our intermediate mediation classes, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the by-mail or online Accelerated Meditation Program learn a technique gradually part this veil and open up the perspectives of the grander vistas of consciousness. We invite those of you who wish to view these other levels learn how to catalyze your Soul’s unfoldment.

Perspectives on the Mighty I AM Presence

By George A. Boyd © 2022

Q: Why is it that people describe the Mighty I AM Presence differently? Some New Age teachers seem to equate it with the Higher Self, while others point to it as some kind of power center that you can tap into through decrees.

A: The Mighty I AM Presence is the nucleus of identity that is located in the right side of the chest of the Solar Angel, which is the form your Soul activates as it is taking the Second Planetary Initiation. This nucleus of identity is experienced differently on each of the Seven Rays:

First Ray – This views the Mighty I AM Presence as an all-accomplishing force—the Word in Manifestation—that has the power to dissolve evil and darkness, and to manifest whatever you decree. In the Bible, there is the story of the Roman centurion, who said to Jesus, “If you will only speak the Word…” he believed that this power in Jesus would fulfill his prayer.

Second Ray – From this viewpoint, the Mighty I AM Presence actively ministers to (1) your life, (2) your health, (3) your relationships, (4) your career and finances, (5) your duty, (6) your ministry, and (7) your service. In our Light Sittings, we call upon the Mighty I AM Presence to minister to those in attunement and treat these seven areas of their experience.

Third Ray – In this perspective, the Mighty I AM Presence appears as the inmost of three orders of being: (1) embodied being, comprising life and personality—the human Self controls this; (2) the Christ consciousness, which is experienced in the First Planetary Initiation; and (3) the Divine Solar Being, in the Second Planetary Initiation. This inmost aspect of being can be activated and unfolded through specific decrees that the Ascended Masters reveal. Several of the “I AM Movement” groups and the Church Universal and Triumphant approach the Mighty I AM Presence through this lens.

Fourth Ray – In this standpoint, there is no separation between the Mighty I AM Presence and its creation in human life. Those who embrace this mystical perspective experience a spontaneous manifestation of intention and desire through a series of mysterious coincidences and apparent miracles.

Fifth Ray – This point of view finds the Mighty I AM Presence is in the Hridaya center of the Solar Angel—on the right side of the chest. You activate the Solar Angel and its integration center, the Mighty I AM Presence, through placing your attention on this nucleus of identity and making your request; the Mighty I AM Presence speaks the Word concerning what you have brought to its inner altar of Light. This is the way that we describe the Mighty I AM Presence in the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course — our special training given to those who are undergoing the Second Planetary Initiation teaches our students to activate this essence using this method.

Sixth Ray – Those that adopt this perceptual frame only regard their Mighty I AM Presence in relationship to an Ascended Master, who overshadows it, teaches it, sends it Light and Grace, and unfolds it. Those who fully identity with this highly devotional relational spiritual dyad find that their Ascended Master progressively unfolds this nucleus of identity until it is established in the abode of the Ascended Masters—with the one who sends it the Light.

Seventh Ray – Here, the core of the Mighty I AM Presence is progressively revealed through a series of realizations, which bridge from egoic awareness to a state of ecstatic, detached illumination. Each higher state of consciousness is mirrored along this track; those that complete this opening of this corridor fuse into the Mighty I AM Presence. Those that reach this core realization may believe that they have reached the summit of spiritual attainment, and mistake their realizations for the actual attainment of exalted spiritual stations in higher octaves of being. This thread connecting the ego with the Mighty I AM Presence can be opened through Agni Yoga attunements—often coordinated with awakening the Kundalini—or through using mantras. Some groups in the New Age community look to this perceptual transformation as “the ascension;” this opening, however, does not unfold the Soul.

It is important to distinguish the Soul and Higher Self from the Mighty I AM Presence:

The Higher Self is the form through which the Soul expresses—we call this form, the Soul’s essential vehicle. This Higher Self takes a series of noumenal forms: it may appear as a Christ-like being, or a god or goddess.

The Soul is formless, dwelling in the Void beyond Creation; the Soul’s essential vehicle is its form in Creation, through which the Soul operates its vehicles of the Superconscious mind, and guides and aligns its human Self with the Soul’s Purpose.

The Mighty I AM Presence is a nucleus of identity, which is an integration center in the Superconscious mind. The Soul lines up with this nucleus of identity, when it takes the Second Planetary Initiation.

We teach our students who take one of our intermediate courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program how to unfold their Soul through each level of the Planetary Realm— and each higher level of the Continuum: Transplanetary, Cosmic, Supracosmic, and Transcendental. When they move through the Second Planetary Initiation, they activate their Mighty I AM Presence.

We invite you to join us on this inner journey of spiritual discovery and transformation. Schedule a complimentary spiritual discovery session with us to find out if one of our intermediate courses is right for you.