The Fulcrum of Transformation

By George A. Boyd ©2018

Q: What transformation changes the ground perception of the way people see the world?

A: This is transformation that actually moves the Soul from one nodal point to another, and expands the Soul’s consciousness as a result.

You can locate the level at which this happens through examining the different types of transformation that you experience. For example, you experience:

  1. Physical transformation – you watch matter change from one form to another. You heat ice and it becomes water; heat it further and it becomes steam.
  2. Emotional transformation – You change your beliefs, your attitudes, and your emotions: this translates into behavior change.
  3. Life transformation – You find a way to attain your dreams through overcoming obstacles and/or doing something in a new way, and this allows you to do, be, and have what you have wanted.
  4. Perceptual transformation – You move your attention from its ground state and you look at the world and your life from a new perspective in which things you feel were not possible become possible.
  5. Cognitive transformation – You turn information and insights into a finished product: e.g., a report, an article, a book, a speech, a recording, a video, or a webinar, which you can share with others.
  6. Identity transformation – You experience yourself as the Soul and experience enlightenment; you merge with a nucleus of identity and experience rebirth. In this type of transformation, you realize that you are something greater than the ego.
  7. Spiritual essence transformation – You use a transformational technique that burns up the karmic accretions in your unconscious mind and allows your ensouling entity and your spirit to move closer to its Source. You spiritually evolve; you make conscious spiritual progress.

While both identity and spiritual essence transformation radically change the way you see the world, only spiritual essence transformation actually changes your state of intuitive knowledge, your capacity for love, and bestows new abilities. In identity transformation, you realize a higher essence within you, beyond the ego. In spiritual essence transformation, you unfold that essence and activate its dormant potentials.

We teach you how to achieve identity and spiritual essence transformation in our intermediate courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program. We encourage you to find examples of each type of transformation, so you can truly grasp what drives this core process of change—in the environment and within you.