Seven Patterns of Attentional Interface with the Ensouling Entity

By George A. Boyd ©2008

Excerpted from The Advanced Practice of Meditation

By placing the attention upon a particular spiritual essence the attentional principle, an ensouling entity, the spirit of one of the 12 domains, or a nucleus of identity, the meditator moves from association to union and finally to identification.

Identification with the attentional principle or an ensouling entity, spiritual essence, or a nucleus of identity leads to different perceptions of the inner and outer world (cosmos), path, and apparent purpose.

In different spiritual traditions, the attention is trained to associate with a targeted ensouling entity, nucleus of identity, or spirit on the Great Continuum of Consciousness. Depending on the spiritual teachings and philosophy of this group, the justification for doing the particular spiritual practices that they use is to accomplish (a) specific aim(s). These objectives of their meditation system may include:

  1. Union of attention with ensouling entity bring Gnosis and Realization (the Truth)
  2. Awareness of the ensouling entity upon a path of Light (the Way)
  3. Becoming aware of the gradations of the Path, discerning stages and landmarks (the Path)
  4. Becoming aware of the lighted zone awakened by the light and the zone of unconscious, marking the unawakened portion of the Path and its ultimate goal (the Purpose)
  5. Becoming aware of the vehicles of consciousness upon the path and the particular intelligences, abilities and virtues these vehicles of consciousness contain within them (the Plan)
  6. Becoming aware of the path of the spirit (Nada), the location of the spirit upon the Path, and the Nadamic tone associated with the ensouling entity’s station on the path (the Love)
  7. Expressing the gifts and powers of the Soul, by awakening the full potentials of the mind through the Kundalini Shakti (the Life)

Attentional Interface

When a meditation system targets an ensouling as its object of meditation, they may use alternate tracks to associate the attention with this ensouling entity. These seven patterns of attentional interface with the ensouling entity are shown below:

  1. Liberation of the ensouling entity
  2. Spiritual evolution of the ensouling entity to a place of Mastery and Empowerment
  3. Union of the attention with the ensouling entity and enjoying the peace and bliss of that state
  4. Developing the powers and abilities of the soul with an aim to gain mastery over the mind and body, and ultimately Supreme Nature and consciousness
  5. Discernment of the true nature of the Soul above elements that veil or obscure its realization, such as “Illusion,” “the mind,” the “ego,” or “karma”
  6. Opening the path of the Nada: advancing the spirit along this track to its ultimate union with the Divine in its source
  7. Awakening the power of the Kundalini Shakti to fix the attention in union with the ensouling entity; and receiving Shaktipat to advance the ensouling entity upon its Path.

Initiates and advanced disciples may select dominant patterns of relating to the ensouling entity. For example, Jesus’ statement, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” emphasizes the second, first, and seventh attentional tracks. The advanced disciple undergoing the Fourth Planetary Initiation, who becomes “the Way and the Path,” utilizes the second and third attentional tracks.

We encourage aspirants and disciples with each of these patterns of attentional interface with their ensouling entity. This will allow them to have the greatest attentional flexibility; and will permit them to adopt the appropriate stance to perform the variety of techniques that make up an Integral meditation system.

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