The Gifts of the Masters to Humanity

By George A. Boyd ©2006, 2021

Q: What are the gifts, the Masters—the Planetary Adepts, Cosmic Masters, Supracosmic Masters, and Transcendental Masters (Sat Gurus)— have bestowed upon humanity?

A: They have given us the tools for transformation and enlightenment. The five great gifts of the Masters to humanity are:

  1. The Cosmic Fire – the Light of Translation; was first revealed by Zoroaster via myth to humanity. It has existed for millennia, known only to a few Initiates.
  2. The Transformational Mantra – this draws down the Light of Spirit to transform the ensouling entity and its vehicles of consciousness. It gave the power of self-initiation to humanity.
  3. The opening of the Nadamic Path – this taught humanity how to free the spirit from the clutches of matter and guide it back to liberation.
  4. The awakening of the Kundalini Shakti – this taught humanity how to open the full potential of the mind.
  5. The ability to assume karma on behalf of others – the crucifixion of Jesus Christ typified this ability of an Initiate to assume karma for others

Methods one through four are methods that aspirants and disciples can invoke and utilize to bring about unfolding of their spiritual potentials.

We teach you about Divine Gifts one through four in our intermediate classes, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program:

  • In Mudrashram®, you access the Light of Translation through our Light Sittings and in the sitting for Guru Kripa in our intermediate classes.
  • We teach the transformational mantra keyed to your cutting edge of spirituality in the Mantra Yoga portion of these classes.
  • We teach you how to awaken your spiritual heart and travel in the spirit’s Path in the Nada Yoga part of these classes.
  • We teach those who take the Master Course how to safely awaken their Kundalini; those taking the Accelerated Meditation Program may opt to learn this technique under direct supervision.

Those who become Multiplane Masters in our tradition are shown how to access the fifth gift—to assume karma for others as a part of their ministry.

Q: How do the Masters work with the karma of humanity?

A: The Masters work with your inner forms filled with karma and impact them through a variety of methods. In the form that Masters inhabit, they can send the Light through each of their chakras to work with karma and alter the awareness of those with whom they make attunement:

Through the brain chakra, they send the Cosmic Fire (Light of Translation), which directly burns the karma in disciples’ forms. They may also activate and bestow a transformational mantra to enable the disciple to “self-initiate”—to voluntarily unfold their spiritual potentials.

At the point between the eyebrows, the Masters can know the nature of the karma within the disciple. The Master may impart techniques of contemplation, process meditation or Vipassana to enable the disciple to know the nature of this karma and to process it.

In their throat center, the Masters give inspired speech or Satsang. This inspires disciples to reflect, to think through, and to discern the karmic patterns operating within them, which enables them to understand how karma operates and gain insight into its nature.

Through their heart center, the Masters imbue the disciple with love and devotion. This inspires introspection, daily review, repentance from evil actions, and sparks a request to be forgiven for past sinful behavior—with the resolve to not repeat former mistakes.

Through their solar plexus center, the Masters inspire work on the astral level of karma. Methods of dialogue, listening, reflection, self-questioning, and other methods of psychotherapy and emotional healing help the personality to integrate this material. These psychotherapeutic techniques promote insight, catharsis, emotional release, and re-choosing.

Through the navel center, they interface with disciples’ etheric body. This inspires healing modalities such as body work, massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture. Which aims to clear energetic blockages and bring about emotional and physical release.

Through the base of the spine center, they activate the Kundalini Shakti of the disciple. This brings awareness of the content of disciples’ inner forms; the abilities in these forms are activated; and the forms are purified of their dross.

As you grow spiritually, you can become more aware of the activities of the Masters behind the scenes, as they bless and support humanity move into their true potential. One of the first markers of this enhanced contact with the Masters is when you encounter their form within you in meditation. We teach about how to meditate on the guide form in the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation.

What is the spirit?

By George A. Boyd © 2017

Q: What is the spirit? How is this different than the Soul? How does one meditate upon the spirit?

A: The spirit is the essence of love, purity, and devotion within you that you can contact using a specialized form of meditation called Nada Yoga. Groups that teach this mediation call this practice Surat Shabd Yoga, Udgit, movement of inner spiritual awareness, and soul travel.

In our mapping of the Great Continuum of Consciousness, we have identified 12 channels of the Nada, where you can contact the spirit. If you want to know about this, click on the tab on that article that says “Map Three – The Domains of the Individual spirit.” We recommend that you do the practice of Nada Yoga with your spiritual essence in the domain that is contiguous with your Higher Self or Soul.

In Integral meditation, we identify four poles of being.

Pole One contains the Soul and its Path back to its origin. This is your spiritual brain center. When you take this perspective, you see the Soul is on a Path—part of which it has opened, part of which is filled with darkness. At the very end of that Path, you see this inner seed, which is your calling—this represents completion of your Soul’s spiritual evolution in this level of the Continuum.

Pole Two contains your spirit and the channels that connect it with its origin in this domain. Most domains have two channels, but there is one that has only one channel, one that has three channels, and two that have four channels. The spirit opens these channels until it connects with the Divine Light from which it originated. When it reaches this stage, it is said to have reached salvation or spiritual liberation. This is the heart Path: the Path of love and devotion. From this perspective, it looks like your spirit is separated from its Divine Origin: it must open these channels of the Nada to go back there.

Pole Three contains your Soul’s vehicles of consciousness. Most groups that work on this Pole identify with an integration center in the Superconscious mind that we call a nucleus of identity. On this pole, you might tune into your intuitive stream, carry out spiritual ministry, awaken your awareness into this nucleus of identity to gain union with it, or express love to those who are established in this same stage of identification. This is the spiritual spine: each center or chakra along your spiritual spine represents a different vehicle of consciousness. From this perspective, you notice the track in which this nucleus of identity dwells is partially light, and partially dark—on your inner spiritual horizon, you see the form of the Divine from which this nucleus of identity came forth.

Pole Four contains your embodied life and its witness—your attention and your attentional principle. Your attentional principle is the aspect of you that is conscious and expresses through intention. Embodied life includes the vehicles of the personality, and the personal integration centers that control them—your ego and your Self. Your attention and the attentional principle are the keys to focusing upon the other three Poles and activating them. This is the “Third Eye” Path. From this perspective, there is a thread of consciousness that runs through every vehicle of consciousness along which your attention travels. You encounter your attentional principle, and travel with your attention conjoined with this conscious essence through the entire Continuum of Consciousness. This is the perspective that you see in the map of the Continuum of Consciousness, which encompasses every level of your mind—Conscious, Subconscious, Metaconscious, and Superconscious.

So, you will need to move your attention to Pole One to experience your Soul, and Pole Two to experience your spirit. We teach the methods for doing focusing your attention on the spiritual essences of Pole One and Pole Two in our intermediate classes, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program.

To know what your spirit is, you have to know where to focus on it and how to activate it. This is not a theory; it’s an experience. We show you how to do this in the Nada Yoga module of our intermediate courses.