Concerning the Expressions of Realization

By George A. Boyd © 2021

Q: What are the ways we can know someone is a Realized Soul?

A: There are several expressions of a Realized Soul:

  1. Identity, declaring one is Realized
  2. Expression of Grace and Virtue (giving blessings)
  3. Using powers and Attunements to uplift, enlighten, and transform others; manifesting the inner guide form
  4. Giving teaching or Satsang
  5. Exemplifying service to others
  6. Sending love to awaken the spirit
  7. Giving Shaktipat to awaken other’s Kundalini

The presence of these expressions in an individual does not necessarily indicate that he or she is a Realized Soul, as those who are aspirants and disciples may have the ability to express in one or more of these capacities. Those who are genuinely Realized typically dwell in the Presence of the Divine, and have purified their nature to allow the presence of their spiritual essence to radiate out.

Stages of the Path where someone might experience Realization include:

  • Wave of consciousness on the Akashic Aether – you gain realization of the nature of the Soul
  • Fifth Planetary Initiation – the Soul realizes its nature above all coverings
  • Planetary Adept – the Soul is liberated in the Nirvanic Flame, and you awaken as the Monad
  • Brahman Realization – Cosmic consciousness opens the seven chakras of the Cosmic Man or Woman and realizes oneness with Brahman
  • Fifth Cosmic Initiation – the Astral Soul liberates each of its nuclei of identity of the Cosmic Sphere and realizes its own nature above all coverings
  • Supracosmic Path Realization – an individual transforms their Supracosmic Seed Atom to the level where it fuses with the Supracosmic Soul
  • Transcendental Path Realization – On the Bridge Path and T1 through T7, the spirit opens the Path to the stage where the ensouling entity awakens on its own Plane, above the worlds of mind, energy, and matter.
  • Brahma Vidya – When you experience liberation of an ensouling entity or the spirit, you glimpse the presence of Satchitananda, which is the source of the Alaya. In this experience of Nirbikalpa Samadhi, you realize this eternal and infinite consciousness within you.

You would need to ascertain that someone expressing these characteristics of a Realized Soul was in fact established in one of these states of Realization. This requires the ability to read the ensouling entities of others to identify where they are on the Path and whether they have attained one of these states of realization.

We teach the art of Soul Reading to our students who complete the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation. Those that master this skill can genuinely tell whether someone is truly Realized, or whether they may be deluding themselves into believing they are Realized, when they are not.

We suggest that among those who claim to be enlightened, all that glitters is not gold. You need to gain the inner discernment to recognize whether someone is Realized or not.