What the Heck Is Chakra Balancing?

By George A. Boyd ©2022

Q: I saw a psychic for a tarot card reading. She said I needed to “balance my chakras.” What the heck is that?

A: The idea of chakra balancing presumes that some chakras are overactive and others are underactive; therefore, using an attunement or laying on of crystals or stones is believed to rectify that imbalance.

There are a variety of viewpoints of the chakras:

  1. Chakras as evolutionary markers – Here, the chakras are seen as stages on the spiritual journey. Some Kundalini traditions attempt to open the chakras through mantras, breathing, and Kundalini meditations; this can lead to imbalances.
  2. Chakras as embodying qualities – Each chakra is assigned specific qualities in this approach. Focusing attention on the chakra is presumed to bring out that quality.
  3. Chakras are containers of knowledge and wisdom – In this viewpoint each petal of each chakra contains specific knowledge.
  4. Chakras as energetic vortices – In this perspective, chakras resonate at a particular frequency. These chakras are etheric energy centers that express through mental channels (nadis) and somatic channels (meridians). Blockages in these channels can lead to physical ailments and psychological issues; unblocking these channels can help remedy these conditions.
  5. Chakras are channels of innate abilities – In this view, the petals of each chakras express as discrete behavior and abilities. This is the vista we utilize in our study of the chakras of your form in the Subconscious mind in our article, “Boyd’s Model of the Chakras,” which is available in our online Library.
  6. Chakras enable receptivity to spiritual influences – Opening of the heart, throat, point between the eyebrows, and brain in this point of view are purported to open connections to the spiritual Planes; the solar plexus, navel, and base of the spine chakra are believed to be the seat of the carnal and egoic tendencies. The aim of spiritual practice in this outlook is to transcend these lower chakras and function exclusively from these higher chakras.
  7. Chakras are auric fields – These circuits of electric and magnetic energy influence the body and the universe. By changing the energies that you send out into the universe, you activate the Law of Attraction. Ostensibly, by changing these energy fields, you alter experience and personal destiny. The idea of chakra balancing appears to tap into this perspective.

We suggest that you study the chakras through each of these channels, so you can begin to understand the multi-faceted functions of these centers.

The Circle of Creation

By George A. Boyd © 2020

Q: What can someone create in their life? I have heard of the Law of Attraction: in what areas can this dynamic matrix influence my life?

A: Through marshaling your intention, will, and desire, and focusing them one-pointedly on an objective you wish to manifest in your life, you set up the possibility of creation—to make what you intend happen. You can create at 12 major levels. Nine are in the external world; three are in the internal world of your mind:

  1. You make a change in your behavior and life conditions
  2. You make a change in your relationships with your family and friends; this may also include attracting a life partner, lover, or spouse
  3. You make a change in your workplace—this milieu can be a military, academic, government, artistic, scientific, religious, or business environment
  4. You make a change in your community—your city, town, or village
  5. You make a change in your county or district
  6. You make a change in your state or province
  7. You make a change in your nation
  8. You make a change in the international arena
  9. You make a change to the earth that affects the human, animal, plant, Moneran, and mineral kingdoms
  10. You use your attentional principle, spirit, or ensouling entity to work on the issue within your mind and to guide others to do the same, so you are able to engage in conscious work on yourself and facilitate inner work in others
  11. You use your attentional principle, spirit, or ensouling entity to bring about spiritual transformation and you progressively journey to Mastery and Liberation
  12. Upon reaching the platform of Mastery, you awaken others to transform their spiritual potentials and travel to Mastery and Liberation

Most people apply their ability to manifest in the external world: they change their life and the world around them. Those who have learned to meditate focus on the last three aspects of change, which transcend the Law of Attraction.

To focus your creation, it is helpful to answer the following questions:

  • What needs to be changed?
  • What will you change about that?
  • How will you change it?
  • Who will you enlist to change it with you?
  • How will you know the change was successful? What outcome will mark for you that you have created what you intended?
  • What will you change next?

We teach meditation methods in our intermediate mediation courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program that enable you to work on internal change at levels 10 and 11.

Q: Could you elaborate on making a change in my behavior and life conditions in level one?

A: This zone comprises your life matrix. Your life matrix consists of:

  1. Your body – your appearance and your health
  2. Your emotions – your ability to cope with the events of your life
  3. Your mind – your ability to learn and remember; this is your capacity to learn new skills and knowledge
  4. Your issues – the areas of your life that are causing problems and unhappiness
  5. Your resources – the successes you’ve had in your life that you can draw upon to achieve what you want; this band also contains your financial reserves and the skills you have that enable you to earn or access money
  6. Your vision – your visualization of what you want your life to be like; what you wish to do, be, and have in your life
  7. Reality – Your intuition about where you are in your life right now and what needs to change to get you to where you want to be; this includes a realistic evaluation of what obstacles you must surmount to reach your goals

You might use the Law of Attraction in this level to improve your health, augment your ability to cope, facilitate your ability to learn key skills and knowledge to enhance your life, or increase your income and wealth. You could use the Law of Attraction to work on your issues and transform them, draw upon your resources to make your dreams that you visualize come true. You could also call upon the Law of Attraction to help you surmount your apparent obstacles and achieve what you have desired.

The key to this manifestation is clearly visualizing what you want and realizing that this condition you desire exists now; it is only a matter of allowing yourself to transform and change to be able to accept and live this new reality.

The Thought Form Ether

By George A. Boyd ©2008

Q: What is the thought form ether? What does it contain?

A: The thought form ether can be discovered through meditation on the psychic eye, in the center of the forehead in your form on the Psychic Realm. Contemplation of this center reveals the following levels of the mind and consciousness:

  1. The chemical ether – this comprises the molecular, atomic, and subatomic strata of matter
  2. The information ether – this consists of the digital and analog information that processes through the human brain and in computers, and is exchanged between individuals
  3. The resonance ether – this is the space and silence beyond information that is its container. This resonance ether is purported to retain the vibrations of every event, every thought, every emotion, and every action, and makes up what is called the Akashic Records or Akashic Ether.
  4. The life force ether – this level reveals the movement of the life force (Prana, Chi) through subtle channels in the etheric body. These channels are called nadis and meridians; the places where these channels come together are called chakras. Learning to channel this living force confers the ability to heal others.
  5. The desire ether – this level contains the impressions of desire (attraction), dislike (repulsion), and equanimity (neutrality). By focusing your desire and commitment to achieve something you want, you activate the Law of Attraction, which brings fulfillment of what you desire. Certain patterns of thinking and believing may paradoxically block or repulse what you desire; programs that purport to teach you how to activate the Law of Attraction work on countering these negative patterns to release what you desire.
  6. The thought form ether – this level holds your ideas and thoughts, which appear as animated forms. You can learn to make these thought forms do things for you, and augment your creativity as you tap this realm of possibilities.
  7. The consciousness ether – this level appears like a stream of thoughts and impressions arising from the voidness of consciousness. Those who do mindfulness meditation or Vipassana appear to enter this level of the mind.
  8. The archetypal ether – this level portrays your vehicles of consciousness of the personal and transpersonal bands of your mind as archetypal forms. You enter the collective unconscious realm of myths—heroes and gods—when you enter this band.
  9. The Divine essence – when you are able to fully open the psychic eye, you penetrate to the core of perception available through this center, and you can behold the essence of the Soul, or higher Self. This enables you to behold the inner “God atom” that dwells in each individual.

The thought form ether appears to contain several strata in which you progressively encounter “thoughts as things.”

  1. Idea – here the thought appears as a bubble in the thought form ether. It forms networks with other ideas through association. This stratum appears to parallel the neuro-electrical association webs of the physical brain.
  2. Name – at this level, you give a name, description, and attribution to an idea. By doing this, you objectify the idea, and place it within the container of language.
  3. Form or pattern – at this stratum, you engage your faculty of perception, and you group the idea with other similar ideas to form categories or schemas. You distinguish the idea from others through finding similarities or differences, and you can tease out complex interrelationships with other ideas.
  4. Quality – at this band of the thought form ether, you behold the idea with your subtle senses. You note the idea’s shape, color, sound, smell, taste, texture, shape, and feeling. You may begin to note that some ideas are static, but others appear to be animated and kinetic. You can behold thought forms in this way during the state of hypnosis, astral projection, or intoxication with psychoactive drugs.
  5. Suggestion – when you reach this stratum, you encounter the thought forms as if they were containers of your desires and wishes. They take on the forms of subpersonalities, with which you can dialog and gather information about emotional issues or problems. Systems of psychotherapy that use imagery to interface with the unconscious mind tap this level of the thought form ether.
  6. Creation and destruction – at this level, you discover that thought forms attract certain circumstances and outcomes. You discover that you can create a thought form to bring about a particular outcome, you can sustain a thought form that is producing a result in your life, or you can dissolve a thought form that is producing unwanted consequences.
  7. Discernment – when you reach this deepest level of the thought form ether, you can begin to locate where thought forms dwell. You locate them in a particular vehicle of consciousness, in a conscious or unconscious zone of the mind, or clinging to the energy fields around people’s bodies (aura). You may locate them dimensionally relative to the top of a Subplane or Plane, or identify where they dwell on the Great Continuum of Consciousness. When you activate this faculty of the mind, you discover that certain thought forms are contained within archetypes at different levels of the Continuum, and you can differentiate which thought forms cluster with these archetypes.

[For example, you discover that different types of thought forms arise in the Mystery Schools of the First Esoteric Initiation than in the Psychic Realm.] Thought forms appear in this discernment matrix from the system of chakras in the Subconscious mind to the abode of the Lords of Mind in the Third Planetary Initiation.

Academic education appears to access the first three levels of the thought form ether through the intellect. This enables students to recognize ideas and their associations, to work with them through language, to categorize them, to compare and contrast them, and utilize other intellectual strategies to manipulate them.

Hypnosis, psychotherapy, or meditation trains you to visualize thought forms through your subtle senses, interface with them through suggestion and dialog, and ultimately, learn to create useful thought forms or destroy ones that bring about unwanted emotions and behavior. We teach several suggestion, insight, and dialog methods in our intermediate courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the online and by-mail Accelerated Meditation Program.

Though deepest meditation on this ether, you will be able to discern where these thought forms dwell on the Continuum, and you can use them to recognize what band of the Continuum you are visiting.

The Wish for Instant Gratification

By George A. Boyd © 2012

Many people believe that it is sufficient only to wish for something and it will appear instantly.

Perhaps watching cartoons has influenced them; perhaps they interpreted the Law of Attraction, widely disseminated in New Age circles, as only requiring an idle wish, with no action or follow-up.

If it were, as they believed, then we would likely be seeing products like:

  • Instant love drops – immediately brings your Soul Mate to you upon application
  • Instant money drops – immediately brings you millions of dollars upon application
  • Mind glue – keeps your attention fixed on inner focal points; keeps it from wandering in meditation
  • Instant Enlightenment drops – immediately grants you full Buddhahood upon ingestion
  • Instant vision collyrium – immediately grants full and complete inner vision, when one drop is placed on the center of your forehead [on the location of the “third eye”]
  • Instant hearing balm – immediately grants the hearing of celestial music and the voice of the Soul, the Master, and God, when placed on the top of the ears and massaged in
  • Instant devotion drops – immediately makes you fall in love with God, and makes you want to dedicate your life to Him

We regret to announce that no products like these are currently available, so meditators will

  1. have to practice meditation for a sustained period to make breakthroughs in their ability to concentrate, to see and hear within, to gain complete dedication to serving and loving God, and to make progress to the point where they are genuinely illumined and empowered
  2. need to take constructive and effective action towards the goals of finding a compatible mate and earning their livelihood.

While seeding the higher Mind through affirmation, visualization, and faith is a powerful adjunct to human planning and action, it cannot replace it.

While apparent miracles can and do happen as a result of this activation of the Plenum, aspirants must not presume that they only need wish, and things will occur. Any “treatment” must also be accompanied by commitment, effort, and action to be successful.