Concerning Psychic Realm Attunements

By George A. Boyd ©2022

Q: What attunements are bestowed in the Psychic Realm? Can you describe them?

A: When aspirants reach the presence of the angels on the Heavenly Realms Subplane of the Psychic Realm—who stand before the reflection of the Planetary Hierarchy on this Subplane—those who are being trained in Psychic Realm ministry may be anointed to send one or more of nine Rays. These include the Seven Rays, plus two additional Rays that appear to be alternate expressions of the Sixth and Seventh Rays. These nine Rays are briefly described below:

  1. 1st Ray (ruby red) – This attunement activates will and courage.
  2. 2nd Ray (royal blue) – This attunement awakens the Soul’s unconditional love and compassion.
  3. 3rd Ray (golden yellow) – This attunement turns on the Soul’s intuition and discernment.
  4. 4th Ray (emerald green) – This attunement brings about the state of inner peace and harmony, and aligns those receiving this attunement with the Earth Mother.
  5. 5th Ray (coral orange) – This attunement stimulates reason and scientific inquiry. It leads those receiving this attunement to want to metaphysical research topics more and gain more evidence about them.
  6. 6th Ray (rose) – This attunement conveys love and comfort to those who are emotionally troubled.
  7. 6th Ray alternate (purple) – This attunement aligns those receiving it with the Law of Attraction. It guides them to create new conditions in their life to bring about fulfillment of desires, to experience greater prosperity, loving relationship, and personal success.
  8. 7th Ray (violet) – This attunement purifies the mind and allows the attention to rise up into union with the Soul.
  9. 7th Ray alternate (indigo) – This attunement reveals the mysteries, sparks revelation and inner discovery.

Training and empowerment to make attunements in the Psychic Realm primarily occurs on three Subplanes:

  • The Healing Subplane – aspirants are trained to do remote, radiative healing
  • The Heavenly Realms Subplane – aspirants are trained to channel one or more of these nine Rays
  • The Pleiadean Vortex Subplane – aspirants are trained to channel Light and inspiration from their activated “Star Seed,” the seed atom of the form on this band of the Psychic Realm

We point out that this training in attunements that occurs on the Psychic Realm are a first introduction to Light Work. You learn higher orders of attunement in the Planetary Realm during:

  • The First Exoteric Initiation (invoking the Holy Spirit through prayer, expressing the Gifts of the Spirit)
  • The First Mesoteric Initiation (sending the Holy Spirit through intention, anchoring it in the receptacle of the Moon Soul and sending it to the core of human misery and pain—this is the octave of emotional healing)
  • The Second Initiation (using the powerful decrees of the Mighty I AM Presence to break up limiting and negative thought forms and to create new life conditions)
  • The Third Initiation (reception of the inspired thought streams from the Adept Masters of the Planetary Hierarchy and radiating these out to the world; overshadowing the personality and directing it to carry out the Soul’s Purpose)
  • The Fourth Initiation (radiation of the illumined knowledge of the Buddhi, which purifies the mental impressions—this is the octave of mental healing)

Making attunements is part of the meditation system called Agni Yoga. We introduce this meditation style in our intermediate meditation programs, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and in the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program. We encourage you to learn the attunements relevant to your Soul’s ministry at each level of the Planetary Realm.

Evolution of Inner Work

By George A. Boyd © 2019

The ability to do sustained inner work on yourself requires that you first reach union with one of the immortal principles of consciousness within you—the attentional principle, the spirit, and the Soul. You learn this aspect of inner work in meditation.

While psychotherapeutic and hypnotic work requires your ability to isolate your attention and focus it, it does not require that you gain union with one of your immortal principles. The deeper integrative work of psychotherapy leads you to gain union with the Self and to activate its abilities—but excluding transpersonal psychotherapy modalities, activating your immortal essences is not required for these types of psychological intervention.

Inner work typically addresses physical symptoms, emotional issues, and mental problems. The deeper component required to do inner work may also require absorption and focusing of your attention, and experiencing union and identification with one or more of your immortal essences.

This ability to do inner work appears to progress through eleven stages.

  1. Fully embodied egoic stage – You experience physical symptoms, emotional issues, and mental problems, but you have no apparent means of resolving them. You may seek help at this stage, but it may be difficult initially for you to benefit from psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, or meditation, because you may have difficulties focusing your attention on your subjective experiences.
  2. Relaxation stage – You are able to release tension in your muscles. You may have some success letting go of pain in your body. You learn to relax. You may take up stress reduction modalities like Hatha Yoga or Tai Chi.

This ability to relax may take the edge off of your emotional issues, and may make your mental problems seem more manageable. After some practice of relaxation and stress release, you may be able to collect your attention and become established in the state of mindfulness.

  1. Cascade of thinking stage – You are able to process your physical symptoms, emotional issues, and mental problems using sustained attention to the selected levels of the Conscious mind where you can become aware of them arising in the present time.

These practices of monitoring the sensations, feelings, and thoughts arising in the present time are called Vipassana—Physical Vipassana monitors the sensations arising within your body awareness center; Emotional Vipassana, the emotions bubbling up in your feeling center; and Mental Vipassana, the thoughts surfacing in your mental center.

You are able to benefit from psychotherapy and hypnosis at this level. You may, however, experience difficulty moving beyond the cascade of body sensations, feelings, and thinking at this level, so you are unable to penetrate more deeply into the levels of your mind beyond these centers of the Conscious mind.

  1. Initial contemplation stage – You are able to move beyond the initial processing of your physical symptoms, emotional issues, and mental problems at these levels of your Conscious mind. You are able to consciously direct your attention along the thread of consciousness.

At this stage, you are able to focus your attention at discrete focal points and contemplate the contents arising. At this stage, you have your first experiences of meditative absorption. You are able to enter more profound states of hypnotic trance and clearer insight in psychotherapy at this stage.

  1. Inner awakening stage – As your attention continues to travel along the thread of consciousness, you encounter one of your immortal essences—your attentional principle, your spirit, or your Soul. After gaining union with this essence through repeated meditation sittings, you may eventually come to recognize this essence clearly and identify with it.

At this stage, you come to recognize your physical symptoms, emotional issues, and mental problems arise within the strata of the mind—but you discover that who you are, is separate from this content. You cease to identify yourself with illness, emotional complexes, and your problems—you have them, but you are not your physical symptoms, emotional issues, and mental problems.

  1. Transformational stage – At this level, you begin to travel through the inner Planes as your attentional principle; open the channels of the Nada as your spirit; and unfold your Soul through transformational meditation. You may learn a variety of techniques to work on your physical symptoms, emotional issues, and mental problems as your awakened spiritual essence.
  2. Illumination stage – At this level, you begin to activate your Illumined Mind. You experience a downpour of intuitive knowledge, which enables you to get to the core of your mental problems. You gain understanding, insight, and wisdom.
  3. Compassion stage – At this level, you acutely feel your own suffering and the suffering of others. You are empowered to send the Comforter to heal deep emotional pain and resolve emotional issues.
  4. Healing stage – At this level you have the ability to send the Light of Healing, which helps dissolve physical symptoms.
  5. Inner Guide stage – At this level, you gain the ability to lead the attention along the thread of consciousness to unite with the attention principle or the spirit, and to assist these essences travel along their pathways.
  6. Thaumaturge stage – At this level, you are able send attunements to unfold the Soul, and move it from nodal point to nodal point to Mastery and Liberation.

True meditation emerges at stage four. The ability to move your attention and contemplate is prerequisite to inner awakening.

You awaken your spiritual essences at stage five. This level marks the point where you shift from becoming identified with physical symptoms, emotional issues, and mental problems—and realize you are a conscious spiritual essence.

Conscious inner work becomes possible at stage six. At this point in your inner journey, you discover can work on your physical symptoms, emotional issues, and mental problems without relying upon others to guide you in working with them. You gain the ability to initiate process meditation to work on your emotional issues, to modify limiting and dysfunctional beliefs through affirmation, and to use autohypnosis to promote healthy behavioral change.

Stage six also marks the beginning of transcendence meditation, where you start to transform and awaken the powers of the Soul. When you embark on this deepest level of work, you actively accelerate your spiritual evolutionary potentials and ascend to Mastery and Liberation.

In stages seven through eleven, you become empowered to give attunements that resolve your physical symptoms, emotional issues, and mental problems; facilitate attentional absorption and awakening of your immortal essences; and support inner work and transformation.

We teach stage four in our introductory meditation class, the Introduction to Meditation Program. We review the technique of attentional movement and contemplation in our intermediate meditation classes‐the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and our by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program—and additionally teach you core stage five and six methods.

Access to stages seven though eleven of inner work, which enable you to utilize the higher levels of attunements, inner guidance—and ultimately, Thaumaturgy—occur as a result of transformational meditation. Transformation activates all of the dormant powers of your Soul and progressively leads you to spiritual Mastery.

Varieties of New Age Meditation

By George Boyd © 2019

Many “New Age” practitioners—guides, coaches, psychic readers, channelers, shamans, and visionaries—incorporate some type of meditation in their practice. These techniques variously purport to bring about “enlightenment,” produce healing, empower others to live up to their “true potential,” dissolve negative or limiting beliefs, remove blocks to true love and happiness, and to enable communion with guides and other denizens of the Astral Plane.

Seven major categories of meditation that these practitioners utilize include:

  1. Meditation that incorporates occult practices – These include summoning spirits; employing hypnosis to control other people; using tarot card decks designed by occult initiates; making use of amulets, charms, or crystals to bring good luck or ward off evil; applying essential oils to evoke certain powers or stimulate selected chakras; or intoning “spells” or magical incantations to manifest desired results.
  2. Meditations that incorporate shamanic elements – These include ingesting psychedelic drugs, such as ayahuasca, peyote, potent marijuana or hashish, or psilocybin mushrooms that enable people to enter altered states of consciousness and commune with spirits; cleansing the atmosphere with sweet grass, sage, or feathers; invoking the Earth Mother or kachinas; participating in sweat lodges; making offerings with a “sacred” pipe; going on “vision quests;” playing native instruments in invocational ceremonies, such as pan pipes, primitive flutes, native drums, or didgeridoos; transferring bad energy or illness to an egg or other object in healing sessions; or calling upon animal spirits or native American guides.
  3. Meditations that incorporate pseudo-scientific elements – These include meditations featuring purported “DNA restructuring” through attunements; setting up healing environments that employ frequency generators, like the Rife generator or “sound healing” chambers; employing brain entrainment technology with “photic” (visual) or “aural” (auditory) stimulation; entering places that produce sense deprivation, like “samadhi tanks;” promoting radical diets to promote weight loss and healing, including the foodless “breatharian” diet; and teaching others to manifest desires using the quantum field or enter into the “unified field” in meditation.
  4. Meditations that invoke inhabitants of the Psychic Realm – These meditations may call upon extraterrestrials or Masters of the Galactic Brotherhood; angels or archangels; “Ascended Masters;” sundry “channeled” entities; or pray to the Mother Father God at the top of the Psychic Realm.
  5. Meditations that channel energy – These meditations make attunement with the etheric body to promote healing; send the Light to work with material in the unconscious mind to bring about emotional release and remove limiting beliefs; and channeling spiritual energies from sundry Psychic Realm entities designed to instill new qualities in the aura.
  6. Meditations that lead attention into union with the “Higher Self” or Soul – These include meditations on the wave of the present time on the Akashic Records Subplane (the eternal now); varieties of “enlightenment” meditation that focus attention on the Soul; and “guided meditations” that take your attention on a hypnotic journey to meet the Soul within.
  7. Meditations targeted upon selected bands of the Abstract Mind Plane and Psychic Realm – These include training in visualization and autohypnosis; process meditation; meditation on the “present time” or eternal now; using evocative inquiry questions to promote change; affirmation; changing beliefs to positively influence the Law of Attraction; learning to activate your psychic powers; journeying to levels of the Psychic Realm where you can commune with departed spirits, angels, “Ascended Masters,” and extraterrestrials; activating and unfolding your “star seed;” communing with astral personality forms or receiving guidance from entities of the Psychic Realm through channeling; or traveling with a Psychic Guide to behold the flame of the Mother Father God at the top of the Psychic Realm.

We recommend that aspirants who are journeying through the Psychic Realm focus on learning radiative healing and alternative healing modalities, activating their native psychic powers required for their Soul’s mission, and mastering specific meditations that activate and provide access to the knowledge and abilities of each Subplane of the Abstract Mind Plane and Psychic Realm.

Syncretistic meditations that incorporate occult or shamanic practices may bring in energies or entities that are not benign from the Lower Astral Plane. We recommend that practitioners steer clear of these types of practices—substituting instead, meditations that tap into the Subplanes of the Abstract Mind Plane and Psychic Realm.

We suggest that you subject any pseudo-scientific-based meditations to critical analysis. Determine whether or not they produce the results they promise and whether their premises are valid or flawed.

We also caution those who come into the orbit of powerful Psychic Realm personalities and the entities they channel or embody. Our experience is that many seekers can become entranced and their lives controlled through these psychic cult leaders. There are a variety of Psychic Realm cults that have grown up around these charismatic channelers, healers, and visionaries.

Helpful Meditations to Use When Journeying through the Psychic Realm

Meditations that teach you how to channel energy; show you how to unite with your Higher Self or Soul; or train you in specific modalities for healing or working our issues in your unconscious mind may be good preparation for your future spiritual ministry in levels beyond the Psychic Realm.

It would also be valuable for you to get some context on where the Psychic Realm dwells on the Great Continuum of Consciousness; understanding that this is but one grade in the School of Life will go a long way in helping you properly appreciate what you are learning in the light of the “big picture” of your Soul’s Aeonic journey.

From this band of the Continuum, we predominantly teach meditations of type seven, meditations keyed to major levels of the Abstract Mind Plane in our intermediate meditation courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program. These meditations are important tools for work on personal issues and to augment the transcendence meditations that form the core of Integral meditation practice.

Mudrashram® Study Suggestions for the Psychic Realm

We suggest aspirants read our book, The Psychic Realm: Finding Safe Passage through the Worlds of Illusion to gain greater understanding of this mysterious realm.

You may also find our webinar training, “The Psychic Realm Series,” under the Public tab in the Public Webinar Access portion of our website will be helpful in gaining insight into some of the common experiences people have in this realm.

Those who are currently learning to develop their psychic powers may also find our “Psychic Powers Workshop” and “How to Read Your Own Past Lives,” under this same Public tab, to be useful.

Finally, we recommend that aspirants should know why they do certain practices, dispassionately evaluate their effectiveness, and the potential limitations or drawbacks of their use, and avoid employing methods that bring in unwanted influences, or result in enslavement or self-delusion.