Perspectives on Purpose

By George A. Boyd © 2017

Q: When I try to tune into what is my purpose, I get conflicting voices that each tell me something else. How do I discern my true Soul Purpose?

A: As we have discussed in the Purpose Workshop, there are several orders of purpose. You have to penetrate to the core, where you can ascertain your Soul’s genuine purpose. We recommend that you take this workshop, which you can purchase from our Public Webinars page on our website, to help you tease out what is the Soul’s purpose from the other levels that each play a “purposive role” in the expression and concretization of your Soul’s Great Work.

As an example of some of these perspectives of purpose, let us consider what purpose looks like from several different vantage points.

  1. Ego – From the standpoint of the ego, purpose looks like survival of the body and fulfillment of desires and needs
  2. Self – From the viewpoint of the Self, purpose appears to be the creation and completion of goals that promote career success, personal fulfillment and growth. For individuals who take the Third Planetary Initiation, this purpose changes, and takes the form of carrying out the directives of the Higher Self.
  3. Life (Expressed Soul Purpose) – Life is seen in this view as the expression of the Soul’s gifts, its love, and its wisdom in everyday living—in relationships, in career, and as its active ministry and service to others.
  4. Spiritual Destiny (Intrinsic Soul Purpose) – This is the track of the Soul’s development plan, which comes into view in the higher unconscious behind the Soul. It aims for completion of spiritual evolution, with the actualization of all spiritual and personal potentials.
  5. Mastery – This takes the form of service to other living beings from a universal platform: to uplift their awareness into the state of enlightenment and Realization, initiate them into spiritual practices, empower them to use their abilities and gifts, guide them on the inner Planes, teach them about their spiritual laws and the content of the Path, counsel them, heal them, purify them with the Divine Light, and actively transform their Souls along their track of spiritual evolution.

You discover your expressed Soul Purpose through dialog with your Soul. You discover your spiritual destiny through meditating on the higher unconscious behind your Soul to discern the track your Soul must travel, and the nodes of ministry and mastery that are embedded on that Path—the thrones, stars, crowns, wheels, and forms that become visible as the Soul transmutes and integrates the karmic accretions that veil them.

Those who complete one of our intermediate meditation classes, the in person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program are eligible to take the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation, where we guide you along the track of your Soul’s spiritual destiny, and show you that pathway behind each higher octave of being and point out its stage of culmination—the state of Liberation.

Those who have difficulties visualizing the content of their higher unconscious may opt to obtain a Soul Purpose Reading from us. In this reading, we can give you the details on the discrete stations on the Path ahead of you where the Soul has been given a form of service, and reveal to you where they are on the Path ahead of you.

How Do I Know My Life’s Purpose?

By George A. Boyd ©2017

Q: How do I know my Soul’s purpose for this life?

A: There are two type of purpose: Extrinsic (Expressed) Soul Purpose and Intrinsic (Innate) Soul Purpose.

Your Intrinsic Soul Purpose includes the tasks your Soul has come to accomplish on its Aeonic spiritual journey. These are shown as archetypes in your higher unconscious behind your Soul. We do a reading called a Soul Purpose Reading to find these archetypes to you and to show you what your Soul is called to uniquely bring forth as its service and ministry to humanity and the other Kingdoms of Nature.

Your Extrinsic Soul Purpose isn’t something someone reads for you; rather, your own Soul reveals it to you. It is that aspect of your Soul’s Aeonic Mission that is expressed in your current life. Some of the ways you discover your Soul’s Expressed Purpose include:

  1. You are led to read certain books. These books just jump out at you. You feel fascinated and have to read them. They reveal to you key ideas that construct the core philosophy of your life, show you the way forward for your career, and help you resolve pressing problems that are obstacles to you moving forward.
  2. You experience fascination with a particular academic subject or topic. For example, you might read a college catalog, and you feel a strong desire to take certain classes, to explore certain majors, or study a subject in greater depth.
  3. You discover your artistic gifts. After exposure to different art forms, you find one that speaks to you and you want to practice it more. With further practice, you expand your talent and become proficient in that art form.
  4. You happen upon your authentic career. You find a career that is interesting, enjoyable, and truly engages your faculties. You feel you are making a difference. You want to go to work each day to move forward with this project in which you are engaged.
  5. You uncover the facets of your Soul’s ministry. These are helping modalities that you feel called to learn and use to help others. They include healing, counseling, therapy, doing readings, teaching, guiding, or initiating. In these modalities, your Soul is directly expressing its gifts in you after preparing your personality through education and training to be its instrument.
  6. You are shown you need to take initiation into a spiritual Path. You may have a strong attraction to a spiritual teaching if you were initiated into it in a past life. You may be called to embark on a new spiritual Path you have never experienced if it is part of your Soul’s spiritual destiny and helps you express its Soul Purpose.
  7. You are guided to carry out discrete sequences of actions that actualize your Soul’s Purpose. Here you concretize the aspects of the archetypes of your Soul’s inner work that appear as thrones, stars, and your Crown of Purpose in your higher unconscious. Your Soul directs you and you follow its guidance to complete aspects of development that enable your Soul to express its work. For example, if your Soul’s work was to be a chief executive officer, you would need to learn and practice each of the aspects of that role—leadership, strategic planning, management, selecting optimal staff, communicating, accounting, and controlling business outcomes to actually function as a CEO.

We encourage you to think about those moments in your life when your Soul pointed you in a particular direction, led you to explore and study certain topics, or gave you the conviction that a particular course of action was the correct next step. By the time your Soul takes the Third Planetary Initiation, it begins to develop a posture of more clearly directing your personality to work on its core service and mission.

For those of you who want to explore the different levels of purpose in greater depth, we recommend you take The Purpose Workshop, which everyone can take without any prerequisites in the Public Webinar section of our website. Go to the Public Webinar Access Page and click on the Public Webinars tab to see the list of available webinars. You will be asked to sign in—if you are not yet a member, you will be asked to register to create a membership page for you—and then you can view it in your membership area.

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