Premature Opening of Inner Channels

By George A. Boyd © 2022

Q: People seem to create imbalances of different types through opening channels along their axis of being, which moves some aspect of their nature out of alignment. You have discussed this relative imbalance and its consequences in the article, “The Cutting Edge of Spirituality.” When can you safely open these channels and when should you leave them alone?

A: When meditation is done in an Integral way, which means that no aspect of being migrates off of the axis of being out of alignment with the ensouling entity at the cutting edge of spirituality, these channels open in their natural order and sequence.

The problems arise when people create misalignments through:

  • Moving a seed atom and its vehicle of consciousness
  • Moving a nucleus of identity and its vehicle of consciousness
  • Moving an ensouling entity and its vehicles of consciousness

As these essences move, they create an energetic channel behind them. The longer the distance this essence migrates from the axis of being, the more energy is released in this channel.

This heightened energy may produce the ability to access higher aspects of love with the emergence of compassion and virtue; higher aspects of wisdom that appear at that deeper strata of the mind; and higher aspects of power, which appear as the ability to access supernormal powers or siddhis.

When certain individuals reached the highest level of development along these pathways of imbalance—and they discovered the enhancement of love, wisdom, and power that accompanies this opening—they promulgated the techniques that enabled others to open these channels and gave teachings to explain what typically occurs as meditation students progress on this Path.

Theoretically, any center along the axis of being can be moved off the axis to open the channels behind it. The more common places where this imbalance is engineered are at the following locations:

  1. Seed atom of the Subtle Etheric Subplane – employed in Taoist meditation groups through techniques such as microcosmic circulation
  2. Seed atom of the Fifth Subplane of the Psychic Realm – used in New Age groups of the Psychic Realm, often generated through the Merkaba method
  3. Moon Soul nucleus of identity of the First Planetary Initiation – activated in Christian and Jewish monastic and mystical sects, and certain of the Mystery Schools through mantras, specialized breathing, or attunements
  4. Solar Angel nucleus of identity of the Second Planetary Initiation – this is awakened in “I AM Movement” groups, who disseminate mantra-like decrees and attunements.
  5. Cosmic Consciousness nucleus of identity of the First Cosmic Initiation – Yogi Preceptors unfold this essence through mantras, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini, and attunements.
  6. Cosmic Soul Awareness nucleus of identity of the Second Cosmic Initiation – Light Masters move this essence through imparting the “five secret names” —mantras keyed to open the track through its vehicles of the Second Cosmic Initiation and to move the Cosmic Soul Awareness through the 22 worlds of God—and making attunements.
  7. Astral Soul (the ensouling entity of the Cosmic Sphere) – The teachers of the Risen Christ Ashram Foundation—George’s first teacher, Maha Genii Turriziani, was the founder of this organization—channel the “Light of Translation,” an attunement that unfolds the Astral Soul directly, and can also be directed to other essences of consciousness to align them with the Astral Soul.
  8. Seed atom of one of the active Supracosmic Paths – Advanced Disciples and Supracosmic Masters activate and develop the Supracosmic seed atom of those who embrace their Path through mantras, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini, and attunements.
  9. Ensouling entity of the Transcendental Paths (T1 to T5 and T7) – Sat Gurus transform the Transcendental ensouling entity upon their Path through Nada Yoga and attunements.

As these imbalances increase, they move through a series of states where:

  1. You experience relaxation and pleasure, as you lower everyday stress.
  2. You dredge up deep issues from the unconscious mind and process them.
  3. You experience inner struggle, during which your identification is transferred from the ego and the Self to the spiritual essence you are developing.
  4. You become fully identified with the spiritual essence—you realize it.
  5. You begin to channel the love, wisdom, and power of this spiritual essence.
  6. You gain the requisite Mastery and empowerment to awaken and unfold this essence in others.
  7. In some cases, your initial activity will be to remove the veil over this essence and open a track that unites with it. Once you have united with it, then you will unfold it on its track, out of alignment with the axis of being. Mantras, or contemplation of successive stages of the track connecting with this essence—often accompanied by attunements—are typically employed to open the channel through which attention can gain stable union with the essence.

    When you achieve stable union, it becomes easy for your attention to unite with this essence. Examples of methods that are used to unite attention with some of these spiritual essences are:

    • Moon Soul nucleus of identity – contemplation of the mystery of Jesus’ death and resurrection, confession of sins, or ecstatic identification with the Moon Soul through receiving the Holy Spirit
    • Solar Angel nucleus of identity – use of centering decrees, attunements that open the track to the Solar Angel
    • Cosmic Consciousness nucleus of identity – awakening Kundalini through Shaktipat, direct contemplation of cosmic consciousness [vide Jaggi Vasudev’s Sambhavi mudra], use of specialized breathing, and centering mantras to unite attention with Cosmic Consciousness, attunements, and chanting
    • Cosmic Soul Awareness – opening the tracks to Cosmic Soul Awareness through the repetition of the five “secret names,” riding the current of the Nada into the presence of Cosmic Soul Awareness, chanting, and attunements
    • Astral Soul – awakening Kundalini through Shaktipat, centering mantra, and attunements
    • Supracosmic seed atom – chanting, repetition of targeted mantras, use of specialized breathing, contemplation of the essence, and attunements
    • Transcendental ensouling entity – contemplative mantras to remember the spirit, opening the channels of the Nada, and attunements

    Safe opening of these channels occurs when you unfold your ensouling entity at the cutting edge of spirituality with co-resonant development—where higher octaves of being are moved in synchrony with the ensouling entity at the cutting edge. You can activate this type of unfoldment through repetition of the Alayic Divine Name, or through achieving attunements that unfold each aspect of being along the axis of being, as the Mudrashram® Masters impart in our Light Sittings.

    The aspects of the Continuum you do not develop during your initial unfoldment of your innate spiritual evolutionary pathway can be revisited when you become a Multiplane Master: at this stage, you can isolate and develop that essence to become integrated into your mantle of eternal Mastery through Bodhisattva Projects. You could, for example, develop the Supracosmic seed atoms to Liberation on each Path of the Supracosmic Sphere—those that reach the upper reaches of the seventh stage of spiritual development on the teacher empowerment track in Mudrashram® are introduced to the infinite possibilities of Multiplane Mastery.

    We encourage you to understand the difference between integral development that does not deviate from axis of being and the other varieties of spiritual development that do. If you can avoid opening channels prematurely, you can avoid spiritual imbalance.

What Is Integral Alignment?

By George A. Boyd ©2021

Q: How is your approach to spirituality different than the what is taught in New Age, Judeo-Christian, I AM Movement, Yogi Preceptor, and Supracosmic Guru Paths?

A: There are three aspects that condition spiritual perception:

  1. Identification with a spiritual essence
  2. The apparent path or track along which this essence develops
  3. The vision of the Source of this essence, which is the perception of the Divine in this spiritual tradition

In the Paths you mention, there is a fundamental difference in the spiritual alignment for their orientation to the apparent Divine Source and the spiritual alignment we utilize in Mudrashram®. To understand this, you may wish to imagine there is a spiritual body that contains each of these groups as centers:

Brain center – This center contains the seed atom of a Supracosmic Path, which is your identity state when you take initiation into a Supracosmic Path. This Supracosmic seed is what we call a nucleus of identity.

Point between the eyebrows – This center reveals the God Consciousness nucleus of identity of the Fifth Cosmic Initiation. My first spiritual teacher, Maha Genii Turriziani, who was a Cosmic Master, revealed this center to me. Most spiritual groups along this alignment typically do not work with this center.

Medulla – This center aligns you with the Cosmic Soul Awareness in the Second Cosmic Initiation. Light Masters activate this center.

Throat – This center awakens when a Yogi Preceptor from one of the nine platforms of Mastery in the First Cosmic Initiation unites your attention with your Cosmic Consciousness nucleus of identity. This track leads through the seven centers of Cosmic Man or Woman—you discover Brahman at the brain center of this Cosmic Body when your Cosmic Consciousness unfolds along its track.

Heart – This center is the seat of your Solar Angel nucleus of identity of the Second Planetary Initiation. I AM movement groups train you to focus your attention upon this spiritual essence and activate it through using a decree or power affirmation.

Solar plexus – This center holds the Moon Soul [also called the Christ Child] nucleus of identity of the First Planetary Initiation. Judeo-Christian traditions train you to focus upon this center and to identify with it. It envisions the Heavenly Father God as the spiritual Source, which has begotten the Moon Soul. Mystic sects of Judaism and Christianity employ transformational methods to move the Moon Soul upon its track closer to the Divine, as He is conceived in these traditions.

Navel – Some New Age groups anchored in the Psychic Realm teach people to identify with their Star Seed, which is the seed atom of your form in the fifth Subplane of this band of the Continuum. Some teachers in this realm show you how to unfold this essence, which leads to union with a form of Mastery in the Galactic Brotherhood/Sisterhood along one of twelve star pathways.

Base of the Spine – This center reveals the wave of consciousness on the Akashic Records Subplane on the Abstract Mind Plane. This center allows you to tap into the Soul’s “thought and intention” that interface with your human life through this center. There are a variety of methods that groups established in the three highest Subplanes of the Abstract Mind Plan—the Akashic Records Subplane, the Dynamic Creation Subplane, and the Universal Mind Subplane—utilize to lift your attention into union with this center. Discovery of this center enables people to realize that the Soul can create what it visualizes and intends in human life. This leads to a type of enlightenment and empowerment experience of the “eternal now,” where people come to believe they can manifest whatever they desire through aligning with the Universal Mind or Law of Attraction. Some New Age teachers will use this as a portal to guide people’s attention into union with their form on the Psychic Realm.

The Supracosmic seed atom of one of the Supracosmic Paths becomes the orienting center of Paths aligned with the axis of non-Integral alignment. A subtle current of energy runs from the Supracosmic seed atom to the wave of consciousness of the present time on the Akashic Ether; focusing on any of the spiritual essences in the centers of this form taps into this energy stream.

The Integral meditation approach we teach in Mudrashram® is instead founded upon the axis of being that runs from Satchitananda, the ensouling entity of the seventh Transcendental Path, to the lowest center in the Infraconscious mind—which we call the Wheel of Time center—below the waking state of consciousness, where attention dwells in its ground state. You can visualize the body in which the Mudrashram® system of Integral meditation does its spiritual work has the following centers:

Hridaya (sacred heart center) – This contains the Quintessence mantra or Alayic Divine Name through which the Divine Spirit flows to unfold the ensouling entity on the cutting edge of spirituality in synchrony with each other center along this axis of being.

Brain – This is the seat of Satchitananda, which is called the Infinite Consciousness. This is the polestar around which all spiritual development is integrated. It is the seat of the energy of ensoulment and sentience, which we refer to as the Alaya.

Eye in the middle of the forehead – This is the center where you encounter the Soul of the Bridge Path, which unfolds during the seventh stage of spiritual development in Mudrashram®. It is the “Master Soul” within that integrates the love, wisdom, and ability you gain as you develop each octave of being in the stage one through six of spiritual development.

Point between the eyebrows – You work at this level in the Mudrashram® system of Integral meditation during the sixth stage of spirituality. One of the ensouling entities from the First to the Fifth Transcendental Path moves along with the ensouling entity at the cutting edge of spirituality—we call this spiritual essence that moves in synchrony with your spiritual development, your aligned Transcendental ensouling entity.

Medulla – This is the fifth stage of spirituality in Mudrashram®. This level of spiritual work unfolds your Supracosmic Soul and its aligned Supracosmic seed atom to Liberation. Since many people have written into their spiritual destiny that they must open only one Supracosmic Path, Mudrashram® disciples commonly find that this process of development of this ensouling entity occurs in the background while they unfold at their cutting edge of spirituality, and find to their joy that this essence has been Liberated—when this is the case, they can skip directly from work in the Cosmic Sphere to the Transcendental Sphere.

Throat – This is the Path of unfoldment of the Astral Soul in the Cosmic Sphere, which is the fourth stage of spirituality in Mudrashram®. This ensouling entity becomes your new cutting edge of spirituality when you have completed your spiritual development in the Subtle, Planetary, and Subtle bands of the Continuum.

Heart – This is the track of unfoldment of the Monad in the Transplanetary Realm. This is the third stage of spirituality in Mudrashram®. It leads the Monad through the Planetary Hierarchy to the Planetary Logos; through the Solar Chain to the Solar Logos; and through the seven solar systems of our Monadic Life Wave to the Pleiadean Logos, from which the Monad originated.

Solar Plexus – This is the pathway through the Planetary Realm on which the Planetary Soul evolves, culminating in its opening this track to the Nirvanic Flame. This is the second stage of spiritual development in Mudrashram®.

Navel – This is the corridor through which the Soul Spark, the ensouling entity of the Subtle Realm, travels in its journey of reunion with the Soul. This is the first stage of spiritual development in Mudrashram®. Not everyone starts here; most Mudrashram® students have already moved their cutting edge of spirituality into the Planetary Realm, as they have already completed the Subtle arc of their spiritual evolution.

Base of the spine – This is the locus of your Human Self. This is the zone in which you develop your human potential through using the executive functions of your personality—volition, personal intuition, intellect, concrete mind, conscience, persona, and commitment. Mudrashram® does not neglect this aspect of human nature, but puts into place programs to study its function, such as the Life Coaching, Dysfunctional Family Recovery Coaching, Cult Recovery Coaching, and Addiction Recovery Program to overcome the key life issues that hold people back from being able to enter the portals of the seven stages of their spiritual development.

Top of the feet – This is where your ego dwells, which is the integration center of your Conscious mind. This aspect of your nature is embedded in your human life, and experiences the unfoldment of your life moment to moment. The ego has a functional side, and a “dark side,” which is called the personal unconscious or Shadow. We do not demonize the ego in Mudrashram®, but teach you to train this aspect of your nature to be more responsive to the working out of your Soul’s purpose, and to cooperate with your higher nature instead of resisting it. This is the zone of practical meditation—we have designed a course, the Foundations of Practical Meditation, to help people who are learning to work with their ego to make it more functional and sensitive to the intimations of the deeper Self.

You learn how to open to your cutting edge ensouling entity and transform it, where it dwells in one of the seven stages of spirituality, in our Intermediate meditation courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program.

Differences between Non-Integral and Integral Approaches

When we compare and contrast these two approaches, we find the following differences:

  1. Non-integral alignment is anchored in centers in the higher Planes. It seeks to manifest in human life through the Aethers. Integral alignment is grounded in your physical body, and manifests in your life and your behavior.
  2. Non-integral approaches train their students to identify with nuclei of identity or with seed atoms in selected vehicles of consciousness. This perceptual frame creates a sense of separation and detachment from human life, so that those on these non-integral Paths may regard their personality and ego as alien, unreal, or even as evil. Some types of non-integral spiritual development may lead to states of dissociation, derealization, and depersonalization. In the Integral approach, the connection is maintained between the ensouling entity at the cutting edge of spirituality and your human life, so there is no sense of separation; this perspective holds that human life is the instrument through which the Soul expresses in the world.
  3. Non-integral approaches may project utopian or apocalyptic scenarios upon the world. They may visualize ideal societies, if everyone becomes aligned with their spiritual perspective. They may believe in doomsday visions such as the Last Judgment or Divine Punishment of those who do not believe and follow the dictates of their doctrine. Integral approaches focus on constructive action in your life and environment. They hold that rather than project on the world your wishes and fears, it is more productive to improve your personality and your life so you can become a finer instrument for the Soul’s expression.
  4. In some non-Integral Paths, they may awaken the Kundalini to fix your attention in a nucleus of identity. If Kundalini remains fixed in this center, it may generate Kundalini syndromes that disrupt your ability to function in the personality. In Integral Paths, Kundalini is never raised beyond the cutting edge of spirituality, and it is lowered immediately after it activates and enlivens the vehicles of consciousness of your ensouling entity.
  5. Non-integral Paths may utilize transformational methods to unfold a vehicular seed atom or a nucleus of identity with an aim to gain enlightenment and wisdom, love and virtues, and spiritual powers that can be accessed as this essence moves along its track to its apparent origin. This generates imbalance, as this essence is moved off of the innate axis of being. Integral Paths unfold the cutting edge ensouling entity in synchrony with each other center along the axis of being. As a result, no imbalance is generated; no center is moved off the axis of being.
  6. In non-integral Paths, they invoke the form of God and the Masters apparent on the inner horizon of their cosmology, which is perceptible to the spiritual essence with which they identify and unfold. In Integral Paths, invocation is performed through your Supervising Initiate, who connects your ensouling entity with its Source, and steps down that Divine energy to minister to the ensouling entity, the spirit, and the attentional principle.
  7. In non-integral Paths, their outreach to others seeks to bring these aspirants to identify with the nucleus of identity or vehicular seed atom of their Path that they cultivate and transform it along its track. Awakening the spirit is typically not done in these Paths. In Integral Paths, the aspirant is introduced to their ensouling entity at the cutting edge of spirituality. They are trained to unfold this ensouling entity and its vehicles, and to concurrently open the Nadamic Path of the spirit in alignment with the Soul. Integral Paths develop all four Poles of Being in synchrony.

Those who wish to learn about doing Integral spiritual work at the cutting edge of spirituality can do so in one of our Intermediate meditation programs. Those who wish a greater understanding of spiritual development in non-integral Paths will benefit from reading Religions, Cults, and Terrorism: What the Heck Are We Doing?

Q: How is your approach to spirituality different than the teachings of the Sat Gurus of the Transcendental Sphere?

A: Sat Gurus of the Transcendental Sphere teach their disciples to awaken the spirit on their Path and unfold the Transcendental ensouling entity of that Path. These teachers are able to awaken the spirit on one of the Transcendental Paths, but not others. In these Paths, the spirit opening the tracks of the Nada is the key method of transformation.

These teachers who work on individual Transcendental Paths dwell on the first though fifth and seventh Transcendental Paths. These include Subud (T1), Sant Mat (T2), Avatar Meher Baba (T3), the Paradise Path (T4), Eckankar™ (T5), and Brahma Vidya (T7).

Similar to non-integral Paths, they develop the spirit and ensouling entity outside the cutting edge of spirituality. Unlike the other non-integral Paths, they rarely activate the Kundalini.

During the sixth and seventh stage of spirituality in Mudrashram®, you progressively develop and liberate the spirit and ensouling entities on the Bridge Path and T1 to T7—so you do not simply develop the spirit and ensouling entity upon a single Transcendental Path, you develop and ultimately liberate all of them.