The Four Rings of Light Ministry

By George A. Boyd ©2017

When a Mudrashram® Initiate or an accepted disciple gives a Light Sitting, the ministry of the Light expands through four zones:

  1. To the people present in the room – A Light Sitting can be called if there is even one person who asks the Swamis for the Light; this is set up in advance in a scheduled meeting, as we do in our Los Angeles Community Satsang Program. This Light Sitting can also be done as a webinar where there is auditory and visual contact with the Initiate or the advanced disciple authorized to do Light Sittings.
  2. To all Mudrashram® students, living or dead – The Light touches all students who have taken the Introduction to Meditation Course, the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation, Accelerated Meditation Program, or Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation—whether they have completed these programs or not, whether they are active in Mudrashram® or not, the Light will still bless them.
  3. To the community of seekers, who have sought our services – This includes those who have come for readings, consultations, webinars, or workshops, or those who have requested assistance with a Kundalini issue—the Light will bless them.
  4. To those for whom the people attending the Light Sitting extend the Light – This occurs in our Light Sittings when those present feel the suffering of others and send the Light to them (world ministry), and through intentional request, where those who are present, state or point out with the beam of intention those they wish the Initiate or advanced disciple to bless with the Light.

This circle of influence of the Light creates a force field of Grace, Light, Love, and Power that extends from the Initiates or those authorized to send the Light to those who receive it. This force field is the energetic “ashram” of our lineage, which is not limited by the physical presence of the Initiate or accepted disciple sending the Light.

Whenever the Mudrashram® Masters conjoin their Light and do the Light Sitting ministry, this force field is sent forth as waves of Grace through the Transcendental, Supracosmic, Cosmic, Transplanetary, Planetary, Subtle, and Personal [e.g., the Metaconscious, Subconscious, and Conscious levels of the mind of those receiving the Light] zones of the Consciousness to each individual in direct attunement—the Initiate or accepted disciple anchors a scintillating jet of the Light into the Soul of each on present, and those who call for the Light.

The complete Light Sitting has four parts:

  1. Reception of the Light – receiving the Light through all seven octaves [i.e., Transcendental through Personal]
  2. Performing Attunement Meditation – sending the Light to others throughout the world
  3. Opportunity for personal request – asking the Light be sent as a special blessing of the Light to those about whom participants feel concern
  4. Inspired discourse (satsang) – channeling a message from one of the Swamis sending the Light during the Light Sitting

An abbreviated Light Sitting consists only the Reception of the Light. These shortened Light Immersion sittings typify our ministry during our Community Satsang programs.

The Light Sitting has ten octaves of ministry, ranging from the most superficial to the most profound. These include:

  1. Blessing – the Light touches all centers within those receiving the Light and gently stirs them into activity
  2. Purification – the Light burns away impurities in the inner vehicles and etheric channels
  3. Healing – the Light overshadows the etheric body of the Soul and the Pranamayakosa and augments the healing activity of the individual’s life force
  4. Comfort – the Light enters the receptacle of the Moon Soul nucleus of identity and the core of human misery as the Holy Spirit, and ministers to the deep pain of the human heart
  5. Guidance – the Light awakens the Buddhic capsule of the individual, which bestows revelation, insight, understanding, and wisdom
  6. Empowerment – the Light activates an ability or power of the Superconscious mind, which enables the individual to recognize and operate the new ability
  7. Illumination – the Light raises the Kundalini Shakti of the individual to the ensouling entity, which brings about Illumination and Gnosis
  8. Karmic Transformation – the Light purifies, dissolves, transmutes, and integrates karmic material in the unconscious mind of the individual
  9. Spiritual Rapture – the Light actively moves the spirit in the channels of the Nada and brings it into alignment with the ensouling entity
  10. Initiation – the Light unfolds the ensouling entity and its aligned vehicles of consciousness to a new nodal point

Students who are actively studying, or who have completed the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation, Accelerated Meditation Program, or Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation, receive an invitation to the complete Light Sitting, which is presented via webinar. Our students receive the Light wherever they are in the world. The Initiate or accepted disciple who conducts the Light Sitting with those who attend the webinar guides participants to minster the Light throughout the world—this is our world Light ministry.

Those who cannot attend will get the same beneficial results listening to a recording of the webinar. Advanced students, who have developed sensitivity to the Light, can benefit from sitting during the period of the Light transmission, if they are unable to attend the webinar.

The Light Sitting is a special Grace from the Masters of the lineage. For those who attend, the Light may purify their inner vehicles, transmute their karma, uplift their spirit—and for those granted Initiation during the Light Sitting—unfold their Soul and its aligned vehicles of consciousness to a new nodal point, effectively accelerating their spiritual evolution. Those who wish to speed up their spiritual progress and receive direct contact with the Masters of the lineage, we cannot recommend attendance at Light Sittings highly enough.