Relationship Compatibility

What Is A Relationship Compatibility Reading?

The Relationship Compatibility Reading compares the spiritual evolution, Ray type, karmic challenges and strengths of you and your partner.

It uncovers how your mutual attraction factors, core factors, and metaphysical factors impact your relationship.

What Will I Get from this Reading?

  • You will learn about the factors that attract you to your partner and facilitate your relationship, and the factors that present challenges.
  • It will help you assess if this is a life partner will be compatible for a long term relationship, or whether the challenging factors suggest a poor likelihood of you staying together.
  • It will identify how you are connected and compatible with your partner, and what could cause conflicts and difficulties.

When Do I Need this Reading?

  • When you are dating or involved with someone and you are thinking about whether or not someone is a suitable partner for a long-term relationship.
  • You are currently in relationship with someone and have noticed problems, and would like to get greater clarity on what is creating those difficulties.
  • You like someone, but before you invest the time and effort required for courtship and winning their heart, you want to know if they are compatible first.

Available In Person By Appointment By Mail Email Video (Skype or webinar)
About Your Photo Your picture should allow us to clearly see your eyes and face. There should be a space above your head. We prefer the photo should be from the chest up. Please no sunglasses! We need to see your eyes. Please note for this Reading, we need pictures for both people.
Mailing Your Photo? The photo should be wallet sized 2”x3” [5.4cm x 7.4cm] or above at the best resolution
Emailing your Photo? We prefer that you send us photos with 300 dpi in TIF or PNG format, but JPG is all right. Make the size of the photo small with high resolution. Try to keep the file size under 1.5 megabytes if possible.
If you have not had a Basic Soul Reading, that reading will be included with this Reading for both people. The Basic Soul Reading is a prerequisite for this Reading. [You have had a Basic Soul Reading if you enrolled in the Accelerated Meditation Program or the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation.]
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If either of you have a prior Basic Soul Reading, this will be updated and included with this Reading at no additional charge.

Both partners will need a Basic Soul Reading for this Reading. You will save money if you, your partner, or both of you have a Basic Soul Reading.


To Order the Relationship Compatibility Reading

By Mail Mail your check or money order payable to Mudrashram Institute in US dollars to Mudrashram, Post Office Box 1424, San Jacinto, CA 92581 • Enclose a picture • Please let us know what reading(s) you are requesting
Online Email your picture to