Reflections on Permission

By George A. Boyd ©2017

Aspirants and disciples are aware of their personal liberty and their ability to create what they intend, but they may not be clear about the role of permission in restraining or allowing action. This article will shed light on the role of permission in conation.

The three major activities of the Superconscious mind are to permit, to allow, and to create.

Permission enables your personality to carry out actions that you consciously and voluntarily choose and that you subconsciously desire. You experience absence of permission as an inner restraint that holds you back from carrying out that action.

Allowance enables the activity of destiny karma. Your Soul does not interfere in the enactment of the genetic and psychological patterns that make up your Pralabdha Karma.

Creation manifests a new thing, using the transpersonal will of your Soul, the intention of your attentional principle, or the wish of your spirit. These aspects that activate the powers of the Superconscious mind comprise your ministry and service.

Permission has a personal octave, which is embedded in the social matrix in which you live. It also has seven spiritual or transpersonal octaves. These are described below.

Personal Octave

  1. Social permission – Your parents, your teachers, your employers, your military commanders, police, government officials, and judges convey the social matrix of permission. Social authority, custom, and law hold this matrix in place. To realize their spiritual essence, aspirants and disciples must transcend this cultural veil.

Transpersonal Octaves

  1. Permission under coercion – When you are faced with unacceptable consequences if you said no to someone’s demand, you grant permission to yourself to carry out acts that you would not permit under normal circumstances. These extraordinary granting of permission occurs when you or your family is under threat of death, torture, or cruel punishment. Those, who use these criminal and sadistic means to illicit your coerced compliance, commonly operate in the Lower Astral Plane.
  2. Permission under liberty – In this type, you choose to fulfill your desires and dreams, and your Soul grants you permission to do so—indeed, helps you to manifest what you desire. This activity is characteristic of those who are journeying through the Probationary Path—from the Biophysical Universe to the top of the Wisdom Plane in the Planetary Realm.
  3. Permission under moral conviction or the guidance of wisdom – In this octave, your Soul begins to check and restrain your choices. It may direct you to choose options that are wise and prudent instead of acting on impulsive and reactive decisions. It may require you to do what is morally correct, as your religious belief system inculcates, instead of acting on your passions and desires. This type of permission typically begins to appear when your Soul undergoes the First Exoteric Planetary Initiation.
  4. Inspired permission – In this mode, you receive a command from a spiritual source—for example, from an angel, from God, from the Holy Spirit, or from an Ascended Master—as a vision or a voice that directs you to carry out an action. You receive permission from your Soul to carry out this action. You usually encounter these types of experiences during the Soul’s sojourn through the First Mesoteric, First Esoteric, and Second Planetary Initiations, although some individuals who engage in channeling in the Psychic Realm also experience this type of permission.
  5. Purposive permission – In this variety, your Soul unites with its Crown of Purpose and it directs your personality to carry out aspects of that purpose. Your Soul may guide your personality to study certain things, to acquire specific skills, to have particular experiences, and to connect with selected people to enable you to enact your Soul’s purpose. At this level, you become capable of genuine discipline, where you curtail your activities with an aim to accomplish an explicit personal or spiritual objective. This type of permission occurs wherever your Soul encounters its Crown of Purpose—this seems to be most common in individuals who are taking the Third Planetary Initiation and above.
  6. Divinized permission – This form appears in those who become Initiates—e.g., those who attain states of universal consciousness, dwell in the presence of the Divine, and receive Divine anointing and empowerment. Initiates channel the Divine Will to teach, minister, guide, or initiate others. They overshadow their personality through the aegis of the Divine Will, and give direction (Holy Yea), deny permission (Holy Nay), or postpone decisions until the appropriate time (Holy Wait).
  7. Dispensational permission – This special kind occurs when the Divine grants an Initiate permission to found a new lineage or to open up a band of the Great Continuum of Consciousness for spiritual colonization. When an Initiate begins a new lineage in the Supracosmic Sphere, the Divine bestows this kind of permission. The founding of the Mudrashram® lineage also was established under this kind of permission.

Much of the evil in the world arises from choices people make under coercion and out of fear. Most would rather obey than risk death, torture, or imprisonment. Those who use the methods of the Lower Astral force other people to obey them.

Many people are able to operate freely in the zone of permission under liberty to achieve their desires in several areas of their lives. Coaches, therapists, and self-help experts aim to empower people to activate this level of the mind, so that people can begin to fulfill their dreams.

Those who enter the Light Stream of the Planetary Initiations experience types three to five—permission under moral conviction or the guidance of wisdom, inspired permission, and purposive permission. In these varieties, the Soul begins to actively direct the personality and deny it from acting on its every whim and fancy.

Types six and seven are most rare. They are in the purview of those exceptional Souls who become Adepts and Initiates with their spiritual tradition. These individuals become instruments of the Omnific Power and Grace of the Divine, and actualize the Divine Will and Plan.

Aspirants and disciples will benefit from exploring these different levels of permission and noticing which of these are active in their lives. Understanding both your liberty and your constraint brings wisdom and discernment.

Notice, in which ways is your life governed by:

  • Social permission?
  • Coerced permission?
  • Permission under liberty?
  • Permission under wisdom or moral conviction?
  • Inspired permission?
  • Purposive permission?

What percentage of your life does each variety of permission influence?

Are any of these types of permission changeable? Could you, for example, change certain conditions in your life, so one of these types of permission would not influence you to the same degree?

Are certain permissions inflexible, e.g., you can’t change them?

Which of these permissions are you at liberty to modify? Which of these permissions must you accept?

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