Reflections on Ceremonial Magic

By George A. Boyd ©2022

Q: I’ve heard the Seventh Ray is referred to as the Ray of Ceremonial Magic? Is this like what stage magicians do?

A: Ceremonial magic is based on the idea that repetition of a rite intensifies its power and influence. Repetition appears in your life, in the levels of your mind, and in the spiritual Planes. Here are some examples:

  1. Repetition of behavior leads to habit.
  2. Repetition or rehearsal of information leads to rote learning.
  3. Repetition of emotionalized messages you receive from others that you take in (introjection) colors your feelings about your worthiness and your self-esteem.
  4. Repetition of intentional suggestions (affirmations) produces belief change and initiates the possibility of change in your life conditions.
  5. Repetition of spiritual rituals and ceremonies builds up a powerful resonance in the Aethers.
  6. Repetition of mantras and spiritual songs focuses the attention on a discrete band of the Great Continuum of Consciousness and builds up the resonance upon a track or Path of Light on the inner Planes.
  7. Repetition of the orderly ministry of the Hierarchy of Light to humanity brings about progressive enactment of the Divine Plan on Earth.

An example of (5) is the Catholic Mass, which has been performed in much the same way for centuries, and has become a powerful vessel of Grace. The Kumbha Mela, held every four years in India, generates a dynamic spiritual force that uplifts millions of people.

As for (6), most spiritual groups have developed mantras, chants, or spiritual songs that bring their followers’ attention in to communion with the archetypes and spiritual beings upon their Path. Some of these chants, like Om Namah Shivaya, have been repeated for millennia, and they have acquired great power and spiritual magnetism.

Repetition type (7) is exemplified by the ministry of the Hierarchy every two hours during the Brahma Mahurta—the hours of two to four AM in each of the twelve zones of the world—this touches the spiritual essence in each being and can stir this essence to awaken and actualize its spiritual potentials; this Divine suffusion also conveys the silent whisper of the Divine Will, which can lead each being to discover their Soul Purpose.

This powerful effect of ritual can be seen in many areas of life:

  • Initiation rituals introduce people to a spiritual Path or membership in a religion.
  • Government rituals create order in society.
  • Religious rituals sustain faith; enhance participation in worship and prayer ceremonies; and cement identification as a member of that religion.
  • Healing rituals build up strong healing vortices where people can recover from physical and emotional illness; some locales are known for miraculous healing for some people.
  • Scientific rituals employ rigorous scientific protocols with careful testing methods that yield reliable and verifiable results.
  • Meditation and prayer rituals lead to reformation of character, inner transformation, and spiritual progress.
  • The ritual of work leads to progress in business and the creation of wealth for individuals, companies, and society.

We encourage you to investigate the role that repetition and ritual play in your life, and how they improve your life, enhance your awareness, promote growth and progress, and create order and harmony within you. The Seventh Ray is a very powerful influence on humanity: we urge you to meditate upon it to understand it better and apply its energies to augment your life and your spirituality, and bring fulfillment of your Soul Purpose.

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