Purchasing our Readings

We offer a variety of metavisional readings for your guidance, and to increase your understanding.

You may purchase any of our readings using Pay Pal, where you have the option of using your Pay Pal funds or using a credit card of your choice to pay for your readings on Pay Pal’s secure server.

You may also give a gift of any of our readings. Simply say in the Pay Pal comments “This is a gift for my friend, John Doe. His email is john.doe at gmail.com.”

We will contact your loved one, let them know you have given them a gift, and inform them what they need.

We will confirm to you when the reading has been done. Please see our gift certificate page for further details on giving gift certificates.

Reading Description Cost Purchase
Introductory Readings
Foot Reading $35.00

Tarot Card Reading $35.00

Basic Soul Reading $35.00

Triple Scan Reading
(All three

Specialized Soul Readings
Most Specialized Soul Readings require a Basic Soul Reading (BSR) first. If you have already had this reading, you will pay less for some of these readings. Those of you who have enrolled in the Accelerated Meditation Program or the Mudrashram Master Course in Meditation have gotten this reading, so you pay the discounted rate. Please do not request the discounted rate for readings if you have not first done a BSR—either as a stand alone BSR, as part of a triple scan, as part of one of these meditation classes, or as a part of a previous Specialized Soul Reading that included a BSR. if you are not sure if you have had a BSR or not, please contact us. The prices listed below reflect the prices without the BSR. The Karma Reading and the Meditation Technique Analysis Reading is the same rate, whether you have had a BSR or not.
Meditation Seed Thoughts Soul Reading $70.00


Higher Octaves Soul Reading $70.00


Meditation Technique Analysis Reading $70.00
Karma Reading


Relationship Compatibility Reading $105.00


Spiritual Teacher/Path Compatibility Reading $70.00


Soul Purpose Reading $70.00


Kundalini Syndrome Reading By Donation
Past Life Readings
Taped Whole Track Metavisional Past Life Reading $360.00

Taped Whole Track Intuitive Past Life Reading $270.00

Written Whole Track Intuitive Past Life Reading $270.00