Purchasing our Attunements

We offer two attunements for your guidance, and to provide spiritual illumination and transformation.

You may purchase any attunement using Pay Pal, where you have the option of using your Pay Pal funds or using a credit card of your choice to pay for your readings on Pay Pal’s secure server.

You may also give a gift of any of our attunements. Simply say in the Pay Pal comments “This is a gift for my friend, John Doe. His email is john.doe at gmail.com.”

We will contact your loved one, let them know you have given them a gift, and inform them what they need. We will confirm to you when the attunement has been done.

Please see our gift certificate page for further details on giving gift certificates.

Attunement Description Cost Purchase
Soul Attunement with Guidance Channeling $70.00
Guidance Channeling for specific questions $70.00