Selections from George’s Poetry

George wrote his first poem when he was 13 years old. He recalls it was a limerick, inspired by reading Ogden Nash.

He tells us that he also enjoyed reading Japanese haiku at this time, and experimented with writing poems in this style..

In his most prolific period of composing poems from 1978 to 1980, George wrote seven volumes of poetry. During this period, he founded the RAND Poetry Club at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California. He edited three volumes of Pearls:The Journal of the RAND Poetry Club.

Some of George’s poems have appeared in poetry anthologies. He was recognized for his work by inclusion in the 1992 edition of Who’s Who in Poetry.

Influences on George’s Work

We glimpse the multi-hued threads of George’s mystic journey in his poetry. He teaches us of realms of mystery and wonder. He conveys profound spiritual insights. He shares the joy and anguish of the spiritual path.

As we wend our way through the turns of his verse, we find themes that have come from his spiritual studies with the Master Maha Genii, Satguru Balyogeshwar Paramahansa, and Sant Darshan Singh.

Our Selections

George has written a lot of poetry. We have started our collection on this web site with a few of his poems, which you may access by clicking on the links to your left.

We plan to add to this collection over time. We hope that you enjoy these poems.

Poetry opens the inner doorway of the imagination.