Path Compatibility

What Is A Spiritual Path Compatibility Reading?

The Spiritual Path Compatibility Reading, formerly called the Spiritual Teacher or Spiritual Teaching Compatibility Reading, describes your spiritual cutting edge and techniques appropriate for your balanced spiritual development at this level.

It discloses your current (or prospective) spiritual teacher’s Path, his or her octaves of Mastery, and the impact upon you if you develop yourself in this Path.

What Will I Get from this Reading?

  • You will identify what is your cutting edge of spirituality, and you will learn what progress you have made so far in this path that you have requested we evaluate for you [if you have already been initiated].
  • You will identify the outcomes of your involvement in this Path, including potential future stages of Mastery, and whether this Path poses risks for interference with personality functioning or kundalini syndromes.
  • You can determine if your current development in this Path has introduced imbalances, and whether these are contributing to personality issues or energetic anomalies you are now experiencing.

When Do I Need this Reading?

  • When you want to know if you are on the right spiritual path.
  • If you are evaluating a spiritual Path for whether or not you should take Initiation.
  • If you are currently on a spiritual Path and you have been experiencing issues like:

    • Difficulty in staying focused on daily tasks, making decisions, and or solving problems using your rational mind
    • Dissociative experiences where you feel your body and your life are unreal
    • Rapidly shifting from states of spiritual ecstasy and joy to feeling trapped and limited
    • Concern that your spiritual leader is beginning to take control of all aspects of directing your life
  • If you want to know where your spiritual Path will ultimately lead you and what state you will attain through following this Path to its culmination
  • You wish to identify what is your cutting edge of spirituality and whether your current Path is aligned with it or not

Available In Person By Appointment By Mail Email Video (Skype or webinar)
About Your Photo Your picture should allow us to clearly see your eyes and face. There should be a space above your head. We prefer the photo should be from the chest up. Please no sunglasses! We need to see your eyes.

We also need a picture of the teacher for the path you wish us to evaluate, and a website—if one is available—to help us identify the lineage and their track of spiritual development

Mailing Your Photo? The photo should be wallet sized 2”x3” [5.4cm x 7.4cm] or above at the best resolution.
Emailing your Photo? We prefer that you send us photos with 300 dpi in TIF or PNG format, but JPG is all right. Make the size of the photo small with high resolution. Try to keep the file size under 1.5 megabytes if possible.
If you have not had a Basic Soul Reading, that reading will be included with this reading. The Basic Soul Reading is a prerequisite for this Reading. [You have had a Basic Soul Reading if you enrolled in the Accelerated Meditation Program or the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation.]

If you have a prior Basic Soul Reading, this will be updated and included with this Reading at no additional charge.


To Order the Path Compatibility Reading

By Mail Mail your check or money order payable to Mudrashram Institute in US dollars to Mudrashram, Post Office Box 1424, San Jacinto, CA 92581 • Enclose a picture • Please let us know what reading(s) you are requesting.
Online Email your picture to