Open Stacks

Introducing Our New Article Forum

What Is Open Stacks?

Our original website was up on the Internet since 2001. Over this time, we have monitored the articles that you, our site visitors, liked the best, and requested most often.

These articles are here on the Open Stacks Forum. No sign in, no passwords—here for you to read without restrictions.

A few of you are more serious students, and want to research our articles and our teachings. The articles that are on this page, plus these other articles we have put in our Library area. If you want to read these articles, we ask that you get your free library access here.

What’s in the Open Stacks?

Here’s the list of articles that are on Open Stacks. Just click on the link and read!

Serving You Better

Our aim is to serve you better, as you visit our website. Those of you read our Open Stacks articles—you will have the opportunity to learn more about the area of interest that is represented by the article.

If you liked an article about meditation, and you want to learn more about meditation, we will give you the opportunity to learn about our other supportive resources that are related to meditation—books, webinars, courses, and other articles on that topic.

Many of you who visited our legacy website, said you liked the article, but didn’t know what next step to take. Well, we heard you, and we aim to make it simple for you to read articles, but also to study more with us—if this is what you wish to do.

In the ensuing years since our legacy website was put up, we have gathered a plethora of resources to help you make your next step of growth and discovery—personally and spiritually.

For example, for those of you sign up for access to our Library, there are now over a hundred video shorts, where George answers seeker’s questions; plus there are complete free webinars there, too.

Enjoy your Open Stacks—and let us know if we’ve overlooked an article in the Library that you think should be here in Open Stacks.