On Becoming a Spiritual Guide

By George A. Boyd © 2017

Q – How do you learn to become a spiritual guide?

A – There are different ways you can meditate:

  • You can absorb your attention into an energetic stream (Laya).
  • You can concentrate your attention on a focal point within a vehicle of consciousness, a nodal point along the path of the Soul, or a Nadamic tone on the path of the spirit (Dharana).
  • Once your attention is focused there, you can contemplate the content arising in your awareness at the focal point, the nodal point, or the Nadamic tone (Dhyana).
  • You can listen to the verbal and intuitive downpour of the Soul listening in the verbal intuitive channel of the Soul, which identifies stages of the path, intuits correspondences on different Planes of Light, and gives teachings to guide the personality.
  • You can focus your attention on your spirit, and travel with it as it opens the channels of the Nada (Udgit).

As you contemplate your vehicles of consciousness, over time you will begin to differentiate the demarcation between the conscious and unconscious portion of the mind, viewing it as a form embedded in the unconscious.

You will identify the seed atom or focal point within your vehicles.

You will witness the intelligence and volition that operate within your vehicles, and sense the qualities that emanate from them.

You will discern the integrating and energizing centers, or chakras, that organize the operations of these vehicles.

As you study your vehicles of consciousness, you will begin to sense the shells of energy and consciousness that surround your Soul that interpenetrate the physical body—the etheric, the astral, the causal, the mental, and the higher mental body—and the Soul’s essential body.

When you become more advanced in these practices, you will build a clear inner map of the portion of the Great Continuum of Consciousness that you have traversed, and you will gain the ability to guide others through the levels you have opened:

First, you will cognize discrete inner landmarks. You will do this through identifying the stable visual images, Nadamic tones, colors, and sense of the quality and energy for a selected nodal point on the Path. For example, for Trikuti, the three mountains center on the Second Transcendental Path, you might see three mountains, hear a sound like a drum, see colors of what resembles an orange-red sun, and feel the energy of great peace combined with great compassion.

Next, you will label this landmark. You give that landmark a name, “This is Trikuti.” You might wish to add a short description as to why it is a significant point on the Continuum, so you might additionally add, “It is the top of the Causal Plane, the origin of the casual covering of the spirit, and the place where the spirit first transcends the realm of the Negative Power, Kal Purusha.”

You will then remember the sequence of key landmarks along a particular segment of the Great Continuum of Consciousness. You will build an inner map for this level. You will then guide your own attention through that segment, and then guide the attention of other people through that segment.

As your inner Mastery grows with your Soul’s expanding consciousness, you will be able to guide others through entire regions of the Great Continuum of Consciousness.

Eventually, you will recognize and be able to guide others through all levels of the Continuum depicted in A Mudrashram® Reader: Understanding Integral Meditation.

This map can also be viewed on our web site in our article, The Great Continuum of Consciousness.

For those who wish to gain the requisite inner clarity and discernment to be able to guide others, we recommend that study of the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course. This course enables you to develop the detailed knowledge and make the fine distinctions that allow you to guide others through the inner worlds of dimension.

Those that advance in our meditation training to the level where they can teach the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation, after taking Teacher Training Two, learn how to manifest the inner guide form.

It is not easy to become a guide, but if you persevere in meditations, you will reach the inner state of discernment where you can act as a guide for others.

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