On Alchemy

By George A. Boyd © 1992

While with the knowledge of modern physics, it is quite possible to change lead into gold, this process will do little, if anything, to transform a human being inwardly: to create a golden, virtuous character, to produce a mind that has wisdom, to awaken the nuggets of genius and illumination, to unfold the treasures of the Soul and spirit.

The alchemy that we seek is an internal one, one that does not require cyclotrons, but instead requires the reception of a subtler form of energy that arises from the very funs of Being. These particular types of alchemy are described below.

  1. Physical – The transformation of one element into another—or into an isotopic variation—by increasing or decreasing the proton or neutron ratios within individual atoms
  2. Astral – The transformation of the subtle form with which you identify yourself
  3. Causal – The dissolution by burning upon the inner fire of karmic issues, transforming ignorance into wisdom
  4. Buddhic – Removing the veil of nescience that covers the Soul, granting discrimination (viveka) of the highest degree
  5. Atmic – The transformation of the Soul into its evolutionary potentials through the process of initiation
  6. Spiritual – The opening of the channels of the Nada and purifying the inner vehicles
  7. Transcendental – The ability of the anointed and empowered Adept, who by channeling the Light-Fire of Spirit, brings about the internal alchemy of types 2 through 6 in the aspirants and disciples to whom he or she ministers.

We are each called to be alchemists, but this does not require the reading of arcane texts, the construction of an elaborate chemical apparatus, the boiling of strange colored solids and liquids, and the bubbling of ethereal elixirs in subliming glass.

The homunculus we seek to create will never know a womb of glass: its abode is the human heart. The real homunculus or new man, the real philosopher’s stone is none other than the Soul enlightened and illumined by the Divine Spirit. And by this inner fire, the gross and unconscious karmic elements that adhere to the inner vehicles are heated, dissolved, vaporized, and transformed into their essence—a new virtue, a new ability, a new intuitive truth revealed to the Soul.

Alchemy does not happen only once in the Soul. It is an ongoing event. It happens again and again, until the hidden Purpose that the Divine has hidden in the Soul is fulfilled and fully manifested. So if you understand what alchemy truly is, you can learn how to become an inner alchemist—by learning the art of transformational meditation and discovering how to receive the Light that illumines, transforms, purifies, and frees.

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