New Year’s Meditation 2020

Look Back

What did you do? (What was your actual experience?)


What did you achieve? (What goals did you accomplish?)


What did you learn? (How did you expand your abilities and knowledge?)


Who did you love and serve? (How did you expand or sustain your circle of friendships?)


What did you create? (How did you express your Soul’s gifts?)


What did you discover?(What personal insights did you have? What key spiritual insights did you have?)


How did you grow and evolve? (What new personal milestones did you reach? What new nodal points did you open?)


Look Forward

In what ways will you improve yourself physically? (Health, home environment, acquisitions of things to enhance your productivity and enjoyment of your life?)


In what ways will you improve yourself emotionally? (Resolve emotional issues; care for your family; nurture your key relationships?)


In what ways will you improve yourself mentally? (Acquire new knowledge, learn new skills, and enhance your professional confidence and expertise?)


In what ways will you improve yourself socially? (How will you involve yourself in the social, cultural, and civic life in the world around you?)


In what ways will you improve yourself personally? (How will you better live your values to achieve integrity? How will you enhance your productivity and effectiveness in your career and finances? How will you move closer to full persona actualization?)


In what ways will you improve yourself spiritually? (What spiritual progress do you intend to make? What new insights, new virtue and compassion, and spiritual abilities do you intend to actualize?


In what ways will you improve the world? (How will you make a difference in the lives of others? How will you serve others?)


Gratitude for What Is

(Write down what makes you feel grateful)

Notice the good things about your body and your health.


Notice the good things about your circle of friends and your relationships.


Notice the good things you have learned and the positive career experiences you have had.


Notice what you have created and how your skills and abilities have grown.


Notice the insights and realizations you have had and how this has shaped you to become the person you are today.


Notice where you are today on the spiritual path.


Notice the gratitude you feel for the good things that are with you now.

Decision and Holding Yourself Accountable

Knowing all of this about what has happened, and where you are now, what will you create for your year ahead? Which are priorities that you must get done?


How will you ensure this is done?



What do you pray concerning these things? Pray it now.


What do you affirm concerning these things? Affirm it now.


And what will you resolve concerning these things? Resolve it now.


Visualize what you aim to achieve in your personal life. See yourself achieve each goal.


Notice what you aspire to achieve in your spiritual life. Commit yourself to achieve this station on the Path.


Anchor this with your word of power: “And so may it be.”


Realize that what you seek already exists now in its fullness in Eternity, and acknowledge, “And so it is.”