My Teaching Experience

George Teaching a Meditation Class in 1998

[This is an impromptu discussion with George describing his meditation teaching in 2003. We wrote it down, and put it on our legacy website. We’ve taken the liberty to add some notes on the new developments since 2003.]

Meditation teaching is one of the things I do.

I like to do it and I think I do it well.

I’ve been teaching meditation for a relatively long time—since 1983. If you want to know a little more about my background, you can read all about me here.

My Early Meditation Teaching Experiences

I began teaching meditation in 1983, beginning with the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation. I have taught this class regularly from that time onwards. In 1999, I developed a professional workbook for this class, which participants in all my new classes receive. [If you've taken this class since 1999, you also receive a certificate of completion. It's really cool!]

In 1984 I taught a class called "A Consumer's Guide to Meditation" for Learning Annex. This was my first teaching experience at a public venue. I was surprised at the response to my ad—the four times I taught the class, I had a nice turn out.

In 1985, I started a new phase of my meditation teaching: I started giving Light Sittings. There is never any cost for Light Sittings. During these silent meditations, the Masters of the Mudrashram® meditate upon those present and send them the Light.

I resumed doing Light Sittings in 2000 at the request of students who have taken my Advanced Course. We had been doing them once monthly from 2000 to 2002, and my core group of students really liked them. In 2003, we moved to giving them twice monthly.

Initial Workshop Development and the Advanced Course

I've taught several workshops, too. Several I haven't done since I first taught them. These include:

  • The Raja-Vipassana Workshop, which I taught for almost one year in 1986
  • The Attunement Meditation Workshop in 1989
  • Meditation for Recovery at the Whole Life Expo in 1991
  • Flying: the Ultimate Spiritual Adventure in 1993

People always ask me about the Flying Workshop. They ask me, "do you teach people to levitate?" I tell them that you don't levitate with your physical body, but your consciousness, with what we call the attentional principle.

In this class and the Attunement Meditation workshop, your consciousness leaves the body and you go up to your Soul, what some people call the Higher Self. Up there, you learn to receive and minister the Light.

I taught the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation for the first time in 1987. I had one student!

I later captured a lot of what was taught in this free-wheeling, three-day class in the part two of the book, The Yoga of the Seven Mudras: Introducing the Mudrashram System of Integral Meditation. I worked on writing the book for the next year and one half after I taught the class.

[Both part one and part two of this manuscript have now been published as volumes of our Initiate's Library for our Intermediate and Advanced level completers.]

I taught the Advanced class again to members of what I call my core group, students who have been meditating with me regularly over the last two to three years, in 2000. This time, I wrote a workbook to go along with the class, and it was much more structured this time—taught this time over four Sundays.

After I did the Advanced class the first time, when I had completed my program in Alcohol Drug Counseling at UCLA Extension, I started weekly groups from 1987 to 1990 for "Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families." I drew upon a lot of the evocative exercises I learned in my classes at UCLA Extension, and pulled in some of the Psychosynthesis material I had gathered from my earlier studies.

These were powerful groups. People told me they really got a lot of benefit from them.

I got a lot of benefit, too, because I did the exercises along with every one else. This helped me work out a lot of the issues that I had growing up in a family where practically every one on my mother's side of the family was an alcoholic or a drug addict.

I got really involved in writing and didn't do a lot of teaching for the next few years. Let's see, I did some lectures at the Whole Life Expo during the late 1980s and early 1990s. I also gave a presentation at Babaji's Parliament of Yoga and World Religions in 1992. Here's the text of the talk.

How to Read Your Own Past Lives

Then in 1994, I came out with a fun workshop that combines some of my psychic stuff with meditation. It's called, How to Read Your Own Past Lives Workshop... [You can now take this course in a webinar format on-line in our Public Access Webinar area.]

  • You see, I'm a believer that you guys should cease your dependence on psychics to read for you.
  • You could do this by learning to develop your own metavisional abilities to a high degree.
  • So with practice, you could read your own past lives, visit your own dead relatives on the inner Planes, contact your own inner teachers without guided meditations or hypnosis, or do your own soul readings to discern your own spiritual evolution.
  • Metavisional means seeing with the inner eye of consciousness, what some people have referred to as opening the third eye. I don't think there should be any mystery about this. Every body should be able to do it.
  • Opening the third eye doesn't mean you become a cyclops. It simply means you learn to focus your attention on your attentional principle and then look from that perspective. It's not too hard to do with some practice.
  • Want to try it? This article will show you how: click here.
  • It's like you've been equipped with an internal crystal ball, but you've never learned to use it. With your inner seeing activated, your meditations will be technicolor!

OK, so where were we? From 1994 to 1997 I was in graduate school while working full time. As you can guess, I didn't do a lot of teaching during that period.

The Correspondence Course and Satsang Program

Then, I started work on my 50 lesson correspondence course for meditation for the next two and one half years. [George worked on the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course until 2006, when it was finally released, after nine years of work on this magnum opus.]

I spent so much time on this project, my friends began to think I was a mole. But the mole came out of his burrow again in 1999 at least once a month. That was when I started teaching the Satsang Program. [This course is now available in a home study version called the Satsang Program Home Study Course for those who have completed The Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the Accelerated Meditation Program. It has 16 compact disks and a workbook. We now have developed an on-line version of the course—it's in the Advanced Study area.]

New Workshop Development

When the first draft of the correspondence course was done, I resumed teaching meditation again in 2000. I had regular classes and taught two workshops: The Way of the Heart Workshop and the Karma Workshop. [These workshops have been recorded as webinars, and are available in the Intermediate and Advanced study areas on this website].

In June and July of 2002, I taught four new workshops for my most advanced meditation students. These workshops were

  1. The Agni Yoga Attunement Workshop
  2. The Psychic Powers Workshop
  3. The Kundalini Workshop
  4. The Raja Yoga Workshop

[These four workshops are also available in webinar version in the Intermediate and Advanced study areas on this website.]

In 2003 I taught my first professional workshop for psychologists and psychotherapists. It's called The Meditation for Therapists workshop.

I will continue to teach my core workshops and classes, and develop new ones. If what I teach interests you and resonates with your inner sense of truth, come join us!