More Reflections on the World Mind

By George A. Boyd ©2024

Q: You have referred to the World Mind in your recent writing. Could you spread some light on what this is?

A: We can distinguish the World Mind through the activity of those who operate within its sphere, and those that transcend it. We can characterize seven zones that make up the World Mind, and five that transcend it:

[We list these zones from the outermost to the innermost.]

Zone One – The realm of the haters and abusers: racists, White Supremacists, and terrorists; criminals and warlords

Zone Two – The realm of the true believers, whom lies and conspiracy theories seduce and lead astray

Zone Three – The realm of the skeptics, nihilists and narcissists, who have no moral compass, and who do whatever they need to obtain money, pleasure, fulfillment of every fantasy and desire, and to gain power over others

Zone Four – The realm of the people dedicated to a cause greater than themselves, who seek to improve the collective welfare and contribute to humanity

Zone Five – The realm of the creators and visionaries, who function as “thought leaders” and “influencers”

Zone Six – The realm of the thinkers and philosophers, who look at the problems of the world and attempt to find solutions

Zone Seven – The realm of the gatekeepers of consensual and accepted reality, who define the paradigms allowed within the aspect of the World Mind that shapes religion, culture, society, the legal canon, politics, and economics for a group of people

Zone Eight – The realm of those who transcend the World Mind, and regard it from the perspective of detachment and compassion

Zone Nine – The realm of the spiritual guides, who lead aspirants out of the World Mind to gain union with their spirit, a nucleus of identity, or an ensouling entity upon the Continuum beyond the World Mind

Zone Ten – The realm of the transformers, who unfold their spirit, nucleus of identity, and/or ensouling entity to actualize their spiritual potentials

Zone Eleven – The Adepts and Masters, who supervise the guides and transformers. And offer support to those who have broken out of the World Mind

Zone Twelve – The realm of those who have completed their Path and reached Liberation

The Mudrashram® teachings focus on those who have transcended the World Mind, guides them to unite with their spiritual essences, and trains the to be transformers of these spiritual essences. This ultimately leads them to become Initiates or Liberated Ones.

Those who are caught up in the drama of the World Mind often cannot see anything beyond the apparent limits of this collective mental field, and do not conceive of anything that transcends it. They are encapsulated in their scaffolds of belief; they are entrapped in their paradigm.

A few individuals have glimpsed what lies beyond the World Mind. Some have transcended it temporarily through ingesting psychedelic drugs, having an out-of-body-experience, or a “peak experience” in which they feel oneness with the cosmos. Some have risen out of the World Mind on a more sustained basis through mysticism and meditation practices.

Those who continue to maintain a strong identification with the content of one or more of the seven zones that make up the World Mind may find themselves drawn back into its mindset. This may limit the ability to transcend the World Mind.

Moreover, those that embrace the modes of hatred and criminality, conspiracy theories, and nihilism may actually create sufficient new karmic accretion to delay or even reverse their spiritual development beyond the World Mind.

We encourage you to meditate on the seven zones of the World Mind, and seek to glimpse what lies beyond its veil. This will have the effect of “de-hypnotizing” you from the thrall of the World Mind. This lets you enter the state of witnessing and detachment, which enables you to meditate.

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