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Level 2 Mudrashram Advanced Course In Meditation (MACIM) Level 2 This is the on line version of MACIM (You must have have completed either the Mudrashram Course in Meditation or the Accelerated Meditation Program to take this course)
Completion of this level 2 program by passing the final exam will give you access to our level 2 completers module, which are materials designed for those who have completed MACIM. You must take and pass a final exam to be a completer of this program. If you already know you want this program, and you have read the information page about it, click on the button above to purchase it If you have already purchased this program, you can use this log in link to access your program
Ordering the level 2 program includes access to Level Two webinars and workshops, the Breakthrough Meditation Program, the Satsang Program Home Study Course, the Mudrashram Correspondence Course, and the Enhanced Mudrashram Correspondence Course

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