Life Coaching Information

What the Life Coaching Program Covers

The Life Coaching Program is designed to empower you to take charge of your life and make changes that move you to your next level: greater efficiency, clarity, effectiveness, and satisfaction.

If you have not meditated before, we recommend that you study this course together with the Introduction to Meditation Program. This will give you greater clarity on what are the executive functions of your personality, and how these forms of your Metaconscious mind operate.

The course comprises 20 modules, each of which has study text,an assignment you will do, and a feedback sheet. You will send your assignments and feedback sheets to your coach in advance of your next coaching session.

There are eight 90-minute coaching sessions. You will schedule each session about three weeks apart. We’ve designed this course so you can complete it in 24 weeks.

Your Coaching Component

The coaching sessions include:

Coaching session


Modules Covered

What the Coaching Session goes over


1.5 hours


Assessment and Inventory


1.5 hours


Intuition, Imagination, and Commitment


1.5 hours


Commitment, Intellect, and Persona


1.5 hours


Planning, Volition, and Creating a New Life


1.5 hours


Using the Subconscious, Superconscious, and Discovering Your Purpose


1.5 hours


Accountability: Deadlines and Benchmarks


1.5 hours


Re-visioning, Life Mastery, and Service


1.5 hours


Course Review and Next Steps

What’s Included in the Course

There are 20 modules that aim to rehabilitate your full human functioning. These modules include:

Content of the Module


1.      Assessment: discovering where you are right now

Know where you are in your life

2.      Personal Inventory

Know your strengths and what motivates you

3.      Optimal life balance: what needs to be tweaked? Using your intuition

Knowing how to best use your time to have the most life satisfaction

4.      What do you dream? Using imagination.

Know how to use imagination to bring your dreams within reach

5.      What does it take to make those dreams come true? Developing commitment.

Activate your ability to do whatever it takes to reach your goal

6.      What are your obstacles? Solving problems with your intellect.

Accentuate your ability to solve problems and make optimum decisions

7.      How do you get in your own way? Examining beliefs and conscience.

Discover your true values and how to show up authentically

8.      Experimenting with new ways of being and doing through your Persona

Exercise your ability to role play living and doing your ideal life

9.      How do I get there? Identify the steps with your Concrete Mind and develop a doable plan.

Enhance your ability to set goals and enact your key life plans

10.   How do I make it happen? Empowering your will

Empower your will and strengthen your will power

11.   Taking ownership for creating your destiny. Operating as the Self.

Step into the captain’s chair and take ownership for your destiny

12.   Drawing upon your hidden resources: programming your Subconscious mind

Enlist your powerful Subconscious mind to help you realize your dreams

13.   Calling upon your inner allies: using the Superconscious mind

Draw upon the unlimited power of your Superconscious mind to manifest your dreams

14.   Discovering Purpose

Know the reason you are alive and connect with your Soul’s joy

15.   Setting deadlines for your goals and meeting them

Become effective and accomplish the goals you set for yourself on time

16.   Setting benchmarks for achievement and meeting them

Challenge yourself to continual improvement

17.   When I achieve all of my goals, what then? The art of re-visioning and re-creation

Create each new higher level of your experience and accelerate your personal growth

18.   Life mastery: identifying and overcoming the challenges of life

Overcoming each obstacles and achieving personal wins

19.   How may I serve? When you actualize your dreams, how will you give back?

Identify how you can make a difference in the lives of others and impact the world

20.   Complete review of the program — how can you optimize what you have learned?

Synthesize what you’ve learned and chart your course to implement this to have a more fulfilling and rewarding life

If you implement what you learn in this program, your life will not be the same. You will grow. You will expand your capability. You will function at a higher level.

What You Must Bring to This Course to Succeed

  1. Prioritize doing your assignments and feedback forms and submit them two days before your coaching session is scheduled.
  2. Show up for your coaching sessions on time and be present for the whole session.
  3. Remove distractions during your coaching session so you can completely focus and make progress.
  4. Use your coaching session as a catalyst to help you to change.
  5. Send your inner critic on a vacation. Be willing to experience new things, practice new things, and take new perspectives.
  6. Be willing to fail and make mistakes. It will take practice to enhance your skills to the level that they will fully serve you.
  7. Be open to receive feedback, and new information.
  8. Make a commitment and hold the unwavering intention that this program will change your life for the better, then make it so.

To enroll in this program, go to the sign up page.