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The Great Continuum of Consciousness

Development of the Great Continuum of Consciousness Map

Interview with George A. Boyd:The Great Continuum of Consciousness

New Maps of Consciousness: The Spiritual Cartography of George A. Boyd

Faiths of the Supracosmic Sphere

Maps of Consciousness of the Transcendental Sphere

The Significance of the Mudrashram® Work of Mapping the Great Continuum of Consciousness

Focal Points in Meditation

The Expansion of Human Knowledge: The Mudrashram® Contributions


Learning to be an Amphibian

How to start your own cult

The Gentle Art of Not Creating a Cult

Personality Disorders in Spiritual Teachers

How Spiritual Teachers Control the Attention of Their Students

Antidotes for Fundamentalism

Desperately Seeking Saviors

The Boyd Cult Scale

Avoiding Exploitation in the Disciplic Relationship

Phases of Involvement in a Religious Cult

Markers of Inappropriate Higher Octave Work

Identification with States of Consciousness

Avoiding Spiritual Manipulation

The Spiritual Belief Continuum

We Are Not Looking for True Believers

Anatomy of Fanaticism


The Entity will Now Speak

Psychic Visioning

The Psychic Realm and Psychic Powers

On Affinity

Personality Ray Characteristics

The Seven Rays and the Ego

The Tarot and Prediction of the Future

The Astral Body in the Subconscious Mind

Developing Inner Vision in Meditation

Clairvoyance and Clairaudience

Becoming a Past Life Reader

The Gentle Art of Creation

Attracting Your Soul Mate

Building the Armor of Light

A Discussion of Compatibility

Understanding Reincarnation


Ways by which People Overcome Karma

Reflections on Karma

Understanding Destiny

The Seven Faces of Destiny

Three Modes of Karma

Notes on Karma


Lecture on the Kundalini Shakti

On Bija Mantra

Levels of Thinking

Methods for Meditation


Tibetan Mantra

The Seven Chords of Jnana Yoga

On Kriya Yoga

A Brief Exposition on Raja Yoga

Effective Meditation

Symbolic Meditation

Communion with the Inner Guide

Taking Charge of Your Spiritual Evolution

About the Seven Rays

Major Categories of Meditation Techniques

The Role of Nada Yoga in Spiritual Development

Methods to Absorb the Attention in Meditation

Transcendental Functions

Uses of Mantra

Meditation on Inner Vehicles

Differences between Types of Mantras

The Five Fundamental Attunements

How Mantras Work

Layers of Symbolic Understanding

Use of Transformational Mantra as a Therapeutic Modality

Catalyzing Spiritual Breakthrough: External and Internal Methods

Reflections on Kundalini

Three Modes of Spirituality: the Path of Transformation

Right Use of the Power Aspect of the Soul

Attention's Role in Meditation

Stages of Concentration in Meditation

The Role of Pratyahara in Nada Yoga

Stages of Transformational Mantra Use

Meditation Objectives


Helpful Factors in Beginning a Meditation Practice

Stages of Inner Work

Notes for the Meditation Beginner

Becoming a Disciple

Assessing Spiritual Development

Content of Experiencing in Meditation



Stages of Experiencing in Meditation

Thinking About Discipleship

Avoiding Imbalance

On Getting Too Much Light

Grounding: Coming Back from Altered States of Consciousness

How to Stay Awake in Meditation

Stages of Inner Vision in Meditation

Sources of Guidance

What is Spiritual Evolution?

Barriers to Meditation

Illusions about Kundalini

Understanding Nodal Points and Nuclei Of Identity

The Subtle Anatomy of the Kundalini

The Cutting Edge of Spirituality

Kundalini Syndromes in Couples

The Mudrashram® Way

Understanding States of Identity

Vehicles of Consciousness

Keeping in Touch with your Essential Nature

Induced Kundalini Awakening

When Spirituality is Not Voluntary

Differences between Will and Intention


Thoughts on Transformation

Introducing the Chakra Model

Thoughts on Therapy

Imagery Techniques in Psychotherapy

Evocation in Psychotherapy and Spirituality

Layers of the Unconscious

A Comparison of Mainstream and Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Octaves of Counseling


Varieties of Present Time Experience

Process Meditation: A Discussion of Process Meditation

Dealing with Kundalini Emergencies

Training the Intuition in Psychotherapy

A Kundalini Arousal Scale

Working with Archetypes and Transpersonal Experience: The Dialog Method

Reflections on Correspondences

Personal and Transpersonal Projections


Conditioning in Religion

When the Doors of Love Close

Fundamentalist Conversion

On Christian Intolerance

Overcoming Religious Intolerance

The Four Stages of Religion


The Rebirth Experience

Shifting from Dogmatic Perspectives

Understanding Faith

Attentional Conditioning Factors

Impact of Religious Conversion

The Differences between Prayer and Meditation

Spirituality Confronts the Ego: Finding a Life-Affirming Approach

The Impact of Spiritual Ministry on Karma

When Prophecy Goes Haywire: Reflections on Another Failed Doomsday Prediction


When You Grow Up in a Dysfunctional Family

Stress Mastery

Abstinence from Drugs

How to Stop Smoking

Substance Use and Recovery

How to Get High Without Drugs

New Meditation Frontiers: An Interview with George A. Boyd

Adult Life Skills


There is Only the Dance

To Spend a Moment with a Butterfly

In Search of Ecstasy

Your Infinite Winds

Off the Wheel

The Mind of Perfect Faith


The Songs of Birds

Stand Alone In the Sun


Winter Prophecy

There is a River

Judy's poem


Can Meditation Enhance Learning?

The Role of Meditation in Learning and Study

How to Improve Your Study Skills

The Quest for Excellence

Mastery of Conceptual and Intellectual Skills

The Possibility of increasing Intelligence through Meditation


Your Success Notebook

On Conguent Vocation


Accepted Discipleship

The Form of the Disciple

The Role of Transformational Methods in Actualizing the Soul's Purpose

The Personal Octave of the Divine Will

The Parting of the Ways

Choice Points on the Path

Maps of Consciousness of the Transcendental Sphere

Getting Stuck on the Path

The Seven Octaves of Attuunement in the Planetary Realm

Guidelines for Successful Simran

The Axis of Being

Breaking Free of an Initiate's Control


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Focal Points in Meditation (Maps of Consciousness)

The Expansion of Human Knowledge: The Mudrashram® Contributions (Maps of Consciousness)

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