Illusions about Kundalini

By George A. Boyd © 2004

There are a variety of odd notions about what the kundalini is and does when it is aroused. This brief article was written to help the reader dispel these illusions, and perhaps more clearly understand this subject.


  1. Kundalini has nothing to do with sexual fluids or ojas. The kundalini is a fiery, Divine energy. It is not a fluid. It does not increase with the accumulation of semen in the male prostate, or ejaculatory and lubricating fluids in the female’s Bartholin’s glands. These fluids are a reservoir of prana, or life force, which people often confuse with the kundalini.
  2. Sexual tantra, which in some individuals can bring about a partial awakening of the kundalini, does not produce enlightenment. Sexual tantra (e.g., sustained sexual intercourse, karezza, or maithuna) can awaken some individual’s kundalini shakti into a Subplane of the Biophysical Universe. This is very ecstatic, but has nothing to do with enlightenment.

Enlightenment occurs when your attention becomes fixed on your ensouling entity and you discover its eternal nature. You do not need to have sex to achieve this state.

  1. The awakening of the kundalini does not automatically bring spiritual powers over nature (siddhis). Spiritual powers are chosen and anchored by the ensouling entity when the siddhi yantra that embodies them have been integrated into the vehicles of the Superconscious mind. They don’t automatically appear like magic.
  2. Kundalini raised up into Cosmic and Supracosmic Octaves, beyond an individual’s spiritual cutting edge, does produce deep Samadhi—but often creates many problems. When the energy of the kundalini is raised beyond your ensouling entity, the higher octave of your will cannot control this energy to bring it back down. If a Kundalini Master or Guru is not present to assist you to bring it back, you may be locked in Samadhi with the kundalini burning ever upward. Then your life becomes a total nightmare.

[Gopi Krishna describes his terrifying experiences in his book Living with Kundalini. For more information about Gopi Krishna, see

  1. The kundalini energy rises through all three channels—sushumna, ida and pingala—simultaneously. You will certainly run into problems if you try to tamper with nature’s wisdom and “balance” this energy, by moving the energy from one channel to another by healing attunements or breath techniques. The kundalini has been rising for thousands of years: it really knows what to do—you don’t have to help it.
  2. The kundalini, when it passes through unawakened aspects of an inner vehicle or unawakened band of the continuum produces emergence phenomena. This is not a sign of spiritual attainment: it is a catharsis of your unconscious mind. Without the ability to integrate this material, it has little therapeutic benefit.
  3. Keeping the kundalini raised will certainly keep you in a state of Samadhi, but it will seriously hamper your ability to function in your personality. Remember, when the kundalini rises, it shuts off the functioning of the personality. This means that you lose
  • your sense of identity and rootedness in your personal history (ego)
  • your ability to think and test reality (mental seed atom)
  • your ability to feel your emotions and relate to others as human beings (emotional seed atom)
  • your ability to move, and sense what is going on in your body (physical seed atom)
  • your ability to anchor your attention in the waking state so your personality functions seamlessly and automatically

Being able to produce this state of catatonia is extremely useful if you are planning to remain motionless without thought in a state of paralysis and suspended animation for long periods of time, so that birds can build nests in your hair or people can bury you alive. It is not a useful state if you are planning to work, study, or live any semblance of a normal life.

If you do not know what you are doing, please do not attempt to awaken the kundalini. Only an Adept, who has the power to both raise and lower the kundalini at will, is competent to guide you in its correct awakening.

If this energy has been aroused in you, either spontaneously, through your zealous seeking of initiation, or through your well-intentioned but misguided tampering, it can produce a kundalini emergency syndrome.

Please see our article on this topic, “Helpful Measures in Dealing with Kundalini Emergencies,” which also includes resource links. For a more thorough understanding of kundalini, also see our article, “Reflections on Kundalini Shakti.”