Meditation on the Departed

Meditation on the Departed: Is It Possible and Verifiable?

By George A. Boyd ©2017

[Our special thanks to DB for submitting these questions.]

Q: “Current family conditions are shaped by past events, but the “why” often remains opaque becoming yet more veiled as loved ones leave the earthly scene. Sadly, the dust of time invariably obscures family history leaving questions unanswered, issues open, a lack of resolution and understanding. Can a verifiable, scientific approach be drawn to teach students methodologies for reaching “across the divide?”

A: To contact an individual on the Higher Planes after their death requires that the person who is doing the reading have the ability to clearly perceive the attentional principle, spirit, and Soul of the individual.

A scientific approach requires that there is an empirical verification for the subject matter that is studied: there alas, are no instruments to reliably detect the three conscious principles within a human being. We can however, follow scientific rigor in approaching this topic.

We would first have you examine the layers at which you interface with the dead:

  1. Neurological – At this level, we can detect certain clusters of nerve cells fire when you are thinking about your departed loved one.
  2. Memory – During the period directly after the death of your loved one, as you process your grief, these memories arise unbidden through the preconscious doorway.
  3. Astral imagination – As you travel in your astral body in the state of dreams or hypnosis, you may encounter dream images constructed from your wishes and hopes. You may find that these “thought forms” may speak with you, advise you, or have discussions with you. Since you create these thought forms from distilling your experience with your departed loved one over your lifetime, this creation is your perception of the loved one. [Psychotherapy may have you interact with these thought forms of your loved ones to help you integrate your experience with them during your life, and clear your feelings about them after their passing.]
  4. Contact with their spirit – if you are in a silent place in the presence of your loved one’s cremains or grave, you may tap into the silent etheric bridge that connects the atomic residue of your loved one’s former body with their spirit through the Akashic Aether. Those who visit cemeteries, where there is the chance to commune with their spirit, may distinctly sense the presence of their spiritual heart, and may actually receive answers when you ask your loved one questions.
  5. Visit on the Higher Planes – When you are able to travel in full consciousness as your attentional principle, you may visit the actual astral environment in which they dwell. Here your attentional principle, clothed in its astral or causal covering, encounters your loved one’s attentional principle, in their astral or causal covering. You may witness the environment in which they dwell (astral world) and the objects in that environment. You may witness the inhabitants on this astral planet who may come into your perception. You can distinctly see your loved one’s form. You can hear your loved one’s voice. You can feel his or her emotions palpably. [This is the level at which you do a departed loved ones reading.]
  6. Contact with your loved one’s Soul – at this level, you can see out-pictured, the likely scenario for your loved one’s next incarnation. You can even get details about that future life at this level: gender, physical location where incarnation will occur, and some keynotes of the future life, including potential career and any issues they will work on. [This is also included in a departed loved one’s reading.]
  7. Contact with the Jet of Divine Spirit above the Soul – Attunement through this center allows advanced disciples and Initiates to lift individuals who are “earthbound” into the Light and up into the presence of the Soul. Highly advanced disciples who have made significant progress outside of the cutting edge of spirituality may utilize this attunement to lift the attentional principle into the presence of the nucleus of identity, spirit, or ensouling entity that is developed at this Higher Octave of Being.

Those who have developed their ability to see clearly with their attentional principle can be trained to access levels five and six, which allows you to both commune with your loved one on the higher Planes and also to envision their future incarnation.

You will need to identify the Plane on which your loved one’s attentional principle dwells, and take the Seventh Ray Raja Yoga pathway to travel to the dimensional world in which they dwell.[We train you in traveling as your attentional principle on each of the Seven Ray pathways in our Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation. You become eligible to take this class after completing one of our intermediate meditation programs, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program.]

Q: “Are there methods to ensure that one is contacting the intended [individual]?”

A: If you are able to genuinely silence the projective stream from the unconscious, while you are in communion with your loved one, you can receive clear and cogent answers. You must be able to recognize your loved one’s Soul and spirit to ensure that you are not visiting some one else’s departed relative.

Q: “[How might we know if their] answers are legitimate?”

A: You must be able to discern the difference between the thought form at the astral imagination stage and the actual presence of your loved one’s attentional principle, spirit, and Soul. If you are able to contact your loved one in their actual immortal essence, your experience will be genuine and unmistakable.

Q: “What preemptive steps are necessary to ensure safety—that we don’t draw unwanted [spiritual entities] to us that then insist upon staying?”

A: If your loved one dwells in the Subtle Realm, it will be important for you to create the Armor of Light to protect you against the negative thought streams of the Lower Astral. If you do opt to travel to commune with your loved one, you must not allow yourself to enter a state of passivity or a trance state, which can open the doorway to potential possession scenarios or encounter with entities that may have nefarious intentions.

Q: “Is it advisable? Is it of wide enough interest? Is it better to leave our ancestors [rest in peace]?”

A: The interest in these readings is widespread, and there are many who ostensibly provide them—with varying levels of accuracy and validity. Many of these readings are products of the reader’s lively astral imagination, and probably do not actually contact one of the three immortal essences of their clients’ departed loved ones.

Q: When is it appropriate to do these readings?

A: If you have the requisite inner metavisional clarity, you can do these readings to help yourself finish your grief work and clear any unfinished business or unspoken communications that you have not been able to resolve with your loved one. Only if you have been given the service of doing these readings for others should you attempt to do them for others. Recognize that as a reader, someone who does not know your client’s loved one, you may misinterpret what you are told or shown, and you may unwittingly provide information that is incorrect by misunderstanding the context of a communication you receive.

It is best that you establish your own contact with departed loved ones, as you know them best, and would not introduce the same error as a reader who does this reading for you.

We suggest that you let the departed have their experience unmolested: your only rationale for making contact at all will be for you to finish your grief work. If you do not have the clarity of inner vision to do a reading on your departed loved one, you can work with a skilled psychotherapist or hypnotherapist who can help you work out your issues at the level of the astral thought forms, or you can have a silent dialog with your departed loved ones at the cemetery or shrine where they are interred or their cremains are kept.

Concerning Psychic Realm Attunements

By George A. Boyd ©2022

Q: What attunements are bestowed in the Psychic Realm? Can you describe them?

A: When aspirants reach the presence of the angels on the Heavenly Realms Subplane of the Psychic Realm—who stand before the reflection of the Planetary Hierarchy on this Subplane—those who are being trained in Psychic Realm ministry may be anointed to send one or more of nine Rays. These include the Seven Rays, plus two additional Rays that appear to be alternate expressions of the Sixth and Seventh Rays. These nine Rays are briefly described below:

  1. 1st Ray (ruby red) – This attunement activates will and courage.
  2. 2nd Ray (royal blue) – This attunement awakens the Soul’s unconditional love and compassion.
  3. 3rd Ray (golden yellow) – This attunement turns on the Soul’s intuition and discernment.
  4. 4th Ray (emerald green) – This attunement brings about the state of inner peace and harmony, and aligns those receiving this attunement with the Earth Mother.
  5. 5th Ray (coral orange) – This attunement stimulates reason and scientific inquiry. It leads those receiving this attunement to want to metaphysical research topics more and gain more evidence about them.
  6. 6th Ray (rose) – This attunement conveys love and comfort to those who are emotionally troubled.
  7. 6th Ray alternate (purple) – This attunement aligns those receiving it with the Law of Attraction. It guides them to create new conditions in their life to bring about fulfillment of desires, to experience greater prosperity, loving relationship, and personal success.
  8. 7th Ray (violet) – This attunement purifies the mind and allows the attention to rise up into union with the Soul.
  9. 7th Ray alternate (indigo) – This attunement reveals the mysteries, sparks revelation and inner discovery.

Training and empowerment to make attunements in the Psychic Realm primarily occurs on three Subplanes:

  • The Healing Subplane – aspirants are trained to do remote, radiative healing
  • The Heavenly Realms Subplane – aspirants are trained to channel one or more of these nine Rays
  • The Pleiadean Vortex Subplane – aspirants are trained to channel Light and inspiration from their activated “Star Seed,” the seed atom of the form on this band of the Psychic Realm

We point out that this training in attunements that occurs on the Psychic Realm are a first introduction to Light Work. You learn higher orders of attunement in the Planetary Realm during:

  • The First Exoteric Initiation (invoking the Holy Spirit through prayer, expressing the Gifts of the Spirit)
  • The First Mesoteric Initiation (sending the Holy Spirit through intention, anchoring it in the receptacle of the Moon Soul and sending it to the core of human misery and pain—this is the octave of emotional healing)
  • The Second Initiation (using the powerful decrees of the Mighty I AM Presence to break up limiting and negative thought forms and to create new life conditions)
  • The Third Initiation (reception of the inspired thought streams from the Adept Masters of the Planetary Hierarchy and radiating these out to the world; overshadowing the personality and directing it to carry out the Soul’s Purpose)
  • The Fourth Initiation (radiation of the illumined knowledge of the Buddhi, which purifies the mental impressions—this is the octave of mental healing)

Making attunements is part of the meditation system called Agni Yoga. We introduce this meditation style in our intermediate meditation programs, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and in the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program. We encourage you to learn the attunements relevant to your Soul’s ministry at each level of the Planetary Realm.

What the Heck Is Chakra Balancing?

By George A. Boyd ©2022

Q: I saw a psychic for a tarot card reading. She said I needed to “balance my chakras.” What the heck is that?

A: The idea of chakra balancing presumes that some chakras are overactive and others are underactive; therefore, using an attunement or laying on of crystals or stones is believed to rectify that imbalance.

There are a variety of viewpoints of the chakras:

  1. Chakras as evolutionary markers – Here, the chakras are seen as stages on the spiritual journey. Some Kundalini traditions attempt to open the chakras through mantras, breathing, and Kundalini meditations; this can lead to imbalances.
  2. Chakras as embodying qualities – Each chakra is assigned specific qualities in this approach. Focusing attention on the chakra is presumed to bring out that quality.
  3. Chakras are containers of knowledge and wisdom – In this viewpoint each petal of each chakra contains specific knowledge.
  4. Chakras as energetic vortices – In this perspective, chakras resonate at a particular frequency. These chakras are etheric energy centers that express through mental channels (nadis) and somatic channels (meridians). Blockages in these channels can lead to physical ailments and psychological issues; unblocking these channels can help remedy these conditions.
  5. Chakras are channels of innate abilities – In this view, the petals of each chakras express as discrete behavior and abilities. This is the vista we utilize in our study of the chakras of your form in the Subconscious mind in our article, “Boyd’s Model of the Chakras,” which is available in our online Library.
  6. Chakras enable receptivity to spiritual influences – Opening of the heart, throat, point between the eyebrows, and brain in this point of view are purported to open connections to the spiritual Planes; the solar plexus, navel, and base of the spine chakra are believed to be the seat of the carnal and egoic tendencies. The aim of spiritual practice in this outlook is to transcend these lower chakras and function exclusively from these higher chakras.
  7. Chakras are auric fields – These circuits of electric and magnetic energy influence the body and the universe. By changing the energies that you send out into the universe, you activate the Law of Attraction. Ostensibly, by changing these energy fields, you alter experience and personal destiny. The idea of chakra balancing appears to tap into this perspective.

We suggest that you study the chakras through each of these channels, so you can begin to understand the multi-faceted functions of these centers.

Reflections on Ceremonial Magic

By George A. Boyd ©2022

Q: I’ve heard the Seventh Ray is referred to as the Ray of Ceremonial Magic? Is this like what stage magicians do?

A: Ceremonial magic is based on the idea that repetition of a rite intensifies its power and influence. Repetition appears in your life, in the levels of your mind, and in the spiritual Planes. Here are some examples:

  1. Repetition of behavior leads to habit.
  2. Repetition or rehearsal of information leads to rote learning.
  3. Repetition of emotionalized messages you receive from others that you take in (introjection) colors your feelings about your worthiness and your self-esteem.
  4. Repetition of intentional suggestions (affirmations) produces belief change and initiates the possibility of change in your life conditions.
  5. Repetition of spiritual rituals and ceremonies builds up a powerful resonance in the Aethers.
  6. Repetition of mantras and spiritual songs focuses the attention on a discrete band of the Great Continuum of Consciousness and builds up the resonance upon a track or Path of Light on the inner Planes.
  7. Repetition of the orderly ministry of the Hierarchy of Light to humanity brings about progressive enactment of the Divine Plan on Earth.

An example of (5) is the Catholic Mass, which has been performed in much the same way for centuries, and has become a powerful vessel of Grace. The Kumbha Mela, held every four years in India, generates a dynamic spiritual force that uplifts millions of people.

As for (6), most spiritual groups have developed mantras, chants, or spiritual songs that bring their followers’ attention in to communion with the archetypes and spiritual beings upon their Path. Some of these chants, like Om Namah Shivaya, have been repeated for millennia, and they have acquired great power and spiritual magnetism.

Repetition type (7) is exemplified by the ministry of the Hierarchy every two hours during the Brahma Mahurta—the hours of two to four AM in each of the twelve zones of the world—this touches the spiritual essence in each being and can stir this essence to awaken and actualize its spiritual potentials; this Divine suffusion also conveys the silent whisper of the Divine Will, which can lead each being to discover their Soul Purpose.

This powerful effect of ritual can be seen in many areas of life:

  • Initiation rituals introduce people to a spiritual Path or membership in a religion.
  • Government rituals create order in society.
  • Religious rituals sustain faith; enhance participation in worship and prayer ceremonies; and cement identification as a member of that religion.
  • Healing rituals build up strong healing vortices where people can recover from physical and emotional illness; some locales are known for miraculous healing for some people.
  • Scientific rituals employ rigorous scientific protocols with careful testing methods that yield reliable and verifiable results.
  • Meditation and prayer rituals lead to reformation of character, inner transformation, and spiritual progress.
  • The ritual of work leads to progress in business and the creation of wealth for individuals, companies, and society.

We encourage you to investigate the role that repetition and ritual play in your life, and how they improve your life, enhance your awareness, promote growth and progress, and create order and harmony within you. The Seventh Ray is a very powerful influence on humanity: we urge you to meditate upon it to understand it better and apply its energies to augment your life and your spirituality, and bring fulfillment of your Soul Purpose.

Progressive Operation of Astral Perception

By George A. Boyd © 2021

Q : How do we know the astral senses are working? Are there markers?

A: When your astral senses are engaged, there are twelve major markers. The capstone of this mastery over the astral body is the thirteenth, which is the ability to drop the astral body into the Light that creates it and be able to re-manifest it again. These markers can be listed as follows:

  1. Perceiving a sparkling edge to perception
  2. Perceiving floating colors in the air
  3. Perceiving a field of light beneath the appearance of objects; this stage may also bring the perception of auras or energy fields around objects
  4. Perceiving thought forms or ideas in the field of light; these thought forms may be seen to have a discrete size and features; some of these thought forms may be animated; some may interface and speak to you
  5. Ability to manipulate the size and spatial orientation of a thought form or idea
  6. Ability to combine and juxtapose thought forms to create a novel object
  7. Ability to dissolve or disappear a thought form
  8. Ability to become aware of distant physical or an astral locale
  9. Ability to notice objects and their movement of distant physical or astral locales
  10. Ability to notice the forms of those who are in astral locales and recognize what this form is
  11. Ability to engage in telepathic dialog with the inhabitants of these astral locales and with beings on the inner Planes of Light; ability to commune with a guide
  12. Ability to move through any of the 49 hypnotic channels and give suggestion at each level
  13. Ability to drop your astral body into the Light that made it and re-manifest it again

Markers one to three appear with the dawning of astral projection. Some people first encounter this when they ingest psychedelic drugs.

Markers four to seven herald the emergence of creative visualization. Artists, architects, and game designers frequently have this ability operating in them. Those of you who are developing your creative gifts may benefit from our “On Creation” public webinar series.

Markers eight through eleven are associated with the operation of clairvoyance and telepathy. Those who are trained in the Psychic Arts can learn to activate these levels of astral activity. Those of you who are working on development of your psychic abilities may enjoy our public webinar, the Psychic Powers Workshop.

Marker twelve engages the astral body in the inner work of healing, behavioral and cognitive change, and deep insight. We introduce the first 36 levels of these hypnotic strata in our intermediate meditation courses—the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program.

We encourage you to master the art of directing the astral body through autohypnosis to assist you in performing inner work, as appropriate to augment personality functioning, to implement positive change, and to explore the deep strata beyond the personality that grants knowledge of the Superconscious mind.